Can you feel it?

04/03/2009 | By More

Some music to go with the post.

Anyhow, one important aspect of your activity on the market is to try and feel a market. A bit of an odd thing to say but it’s pretty important to know if you are doing the right thing. I know what markets should act like and how they should feel and this is one of things I discuss when I do a talk. If a market does not feel right or seems to behaving in a strange manner I immediately pull my stakes back down and try and work them back up. It’s no good charging into a market if it isn’t responding in the manner you expect.

You can put some science into it. I can forecast how much money is likely to be traded on a race many hours before it has started, I also talk about this at my course. This gives you some measure of whether the market is acting normally. Last week, lots of people emailed me to point out some strange behaviour in the markets which I also noticed. I suspect this was somebody experimenting in the markets. The net result was positive for everybody except the source of this activity I suspect. Things seem to have returned to normal now, but it shows that if you get a good feel for the markets then you can take advantage of these aberrations.


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