Liverpool at it again

15/03/2009 | By More

If there is one recurring theme of football betting is has to be never to bet against Liverpool. Endlessly famously for the impossible comeback in Turin, Liverpool seem to constantly pull the rabbit out of the hat at the least likely moment.

Mid week they cost me some money by defeating Real Madrid 4-0. It’s not that I didn’t expect them to win, I just didn’t figure it would be by four goals! Yesterday they humbled the seemingly impervious Man Utd 4-1 at Old Trafford. No amount of stats or research would have thrown up that result for you. Mid week they were priced for a smidgen over 2 goals for the match with a slight advantage over Real. Yesterday was a similar scenario but in reverse, i.e. in favour of Man U, similar result! On this occasion I didn’t do anything, given the result midweek and the the extra day Liverpool had to recover.

I think this does show why a succesfull strategy on football really turns out to be a numbers game. While these results are ‘odd’ from a statistical perspective a delve through the records confirms that the world hasn’t suddenly changed it just that these sorts of results stick out more. That said, I’ll still reserve my right not to bet against Liverpool.


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