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I applied some Oil to my horse trading fingers yesterday in an attempt to stop them from going rusty. With all the cancellations recently, I’ve traded other sports and also spent a lot of time testing a new version of Bet Angel. I’m always constantly pushing forward with more research, analysis and work on the market as well. However, I was really keen to do something on horse racing front. I tend to dislike just one meeting during the day, but with two yesterday I felt my chances of getting something out of the market were pretty good. I was a bit rusty and over aggressive at times but it all worked out well in the end, despite pulling in my worst result of the day on the last race!

The prospects for decent days racing look very thin on the ground at the moment. It’s a shame, but there isn’t much we can do about it. Expect perhaps, cross our fingers and hope for better weather. In the meantime have a break, play in the snow with the kids or spend time working on new things. All those things will pay rewards in the future for sure, even if you can’t see it now. While I have half an eye on the weather I am also very focused on the Australian Open Tennis which starts on the 18th January. It could be a real tonic for traders after such a barren start to the year. Sunday night brings the final of the BDO darts, so that is often good trading fodder.

I hope you are bearing up well and don’t forget to keep your chin up. Winter can be desperate at times, but in summer you feel you are overloaded. So use the time wisely while you have the chance.

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