Bit of a Kop out

17/04/2010 | By More

No surprise to see Tom Hicks and George Gillett exit stage left at Liverpool. Struggling to refinance their debt they have to find a viable exit, but it’s a terrible time to sell. Liverpool are heading for a poor season and the attractiveness of the club must have been dented by their lack of success, not only this season but in prior seasons also. For the amount of wages they pay they really should be performing better, but I am sure that the constant chatter in the background about everything other than football hasn’t helped.

The problem Liverpool face is that money talks big time in football now and if they can’t get any success this season they will have less to spend next year, unless they find a massive benefactor. If they spend less, the correlation of money to success is so high in this division that they will continue to struggle. When I did some research on the funding of clubs the correlation of wage bill to league position was staggering. It has proved a very reliable predictor this year in the promotion and relegation markets. It’s a sad fact, but unless Liverpool find success or a billionaire with loose pockets , they could find themselves slipping out of the big four bracket for some time. The only solace is that thanks to the recession and tighter FIFA rules it’s unlikely that many new Chelsea’s or Man City’s will appear in the next few years to supplant the incumbents. It’s going to be an interesting end to the season, one which start to determine next season before it’s even started.

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