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I can now finally explain my ‘very satisfying‘ comment from a little while back.

Under duress from my wife and kids, this year we decided to have some ‘time off’ in August. I usually holiday in the winter when the sporting schedule is very quiet, but this year we took a summer ‘holiday’ as well. With the summer sporting schedule in full flow, it would prove very costly financially to just take time off; the winter is the time to do this. So it was a ‘working’ week. At first this sounds a bit odd, but not when you put a few pieces together.

Most sports events don’t start till later in the day in the summer and go into the evening. So that leaves the morning and early afternoon to spend time with the family, not just on holiday of course, but throughout the summer holidays. When the evening is over there is plenty of time there also, so there is only a small section of the day when you are incommunicado. On holiday, early mornings would be spent out and about at different locations and down the beach, before returning for the afternoon session. As the evening set in we would invite some people round; sit on the patio, eat drink and be merry, while we watched the ships float past. It was idyllic. It made me think again about making some lifestyle choices. I have been determined my whole life not to relive the same year again and again and promised I would treat myself given the chance. I have often failed to do so!

It took some planning, as we need to find a nice place to stay but one that also had decent broadband and a satellite access. We found the right place though and it was perfect! It was a dream to work in such a fantastic environment. I enjoyed it so much I am sure it will be a regular activity going forward. I am very lucky to be able to earn a living this way! Here are some images of my temporary set up and the view in both directions.

The office - 01 - Copy

The office - 02 - CopyThe office - 03 - Copy

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