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29/11/2011 | By More

I had a nose around the footy markets this evening and noted that Man City were around 2.30’s. Wasn’t completely sure that this was what I expected so checked back at recent Man City matches at these prices away from home. In fact I couldn’t find any this year but last year there were three. City won these 2-0, 4-1 and 3-1 respectively.

If we widen the net to include matches between 2.20-2.50 you capture a wider sample including City’s 5-1 away win at Spurs. The data hints that City don’t try really hard against teams they are expected to win against but up their game against higher profile teams.

Of course it’s the Carling cup, so a lot of what happens tonight rests on how important either team feels the competition is, but City also have strength in depth. I’ll be out watching footy tonight, so wont get the chance to trade it manually; but will keep and eye on things and doing some automated stuff while I’m out.

Good luck if you are getting involved. Carling Cup can be a bit of a gamble sometimes.

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