The appeal of Tennis trading

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Some decent matches this week at the Australian Open, it’s been a good opening week. Don’t forget to use Tennis Trader!!

There are two key aspects of Tennis trading that should interest you if you haven’t traded tennis before.

(1) No pre-defined length of match

I was active on the Kvitova vs Robson match, which eventually ran into the start of the racing. This is always a problem with Tennis. Being a competitive match, both players fought hard to slog out a result and it eventually took three hours to find a winner. This characteristic can be a pain, a sport with no end, with the potential to go on for infinity. This is most problematic in the Summer when, last year, we had Euro 2012, Wimbledon and Royal Ascot all at once!

(2) Plenty of chance to profit

However, the same characteristic actually leads to a much more favourable situation. The ability to profit regardless of your start point. This occurs in a competitive match where the lead swaps places throughout the match and this is helped by a sport with no defined end. The lead can swop a lot in this case.

The final match score was as win for Robson – 2-6 6-3 11-9

The following graphic, using data I collected by linking Bet Angel to a spreadsheet, shows you when you would have been profitable from a single position at the off. You would have profited on Kvitova (above the line) and Robson (below the line). The practical upshot is you had masses of chances to either profit or avoid a loss in this match regardless of whether you backed or laid either player at the start. The only way this couldn’t have happened is if one player dominated the match from start to finish. Even then you could have guessed that position correctly 50% of more of the time by backing the ‘right’ player, probably the favourite.

So in this particular match you should have struggled to lose money if you were trading. This was purely on the basis of the very large number of opportunities to profit or exit for no loss, a direct function of a competitive match playing out over a long time period.

However,  I bet you people did lose. That is most likely to do with psychological issues and a lack of understanding of trading risk, than the way the market played out. If you approach it correctly Tennis can be a rewarding sport, if you are patient enough.

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