Betfair trading software – for free!

Something for the weekend sir? How about some free Betfair trading software?

Bet Angel – for FREE this weekend

There are several different version of the popular Betfair trading software Bet Angel. But did you know that Bet Angel comes in two main ‘flavours’?

Bet Angel – Professional is the all singing all dancing cutting-edge tool used by the biggest traders around. But it also has a sister product called Bet Angel – Trader. It contains a wide range of features you are familiar with, is simple to use and very cost-effective Betfair trading software. Trader costs just £6 a month.

You can compare the different versions of Bet Angel here: –

This weekend you can use Bet Angel – Trader for free. Simply register your free serial number this weekend to get two days usage of Bet Angel – Trader. Just click on the link, download and register the software and that’s it. No payment required or jumping through hoops, juggling bananas or anything like that.

Just click the link and off you go – Enjoy!


  1. gary 10 months ago

    i used to use a trading software program (may even of been this one ) until i had to stop after a back injury laid me up 4 years ago and meant i had no money to continue after losing my job , now i cannot get a job so im hoping to win enough from this free trial to be able to afford subscription and get back to trading so i dont have to rely on just dole money to live . thx for the opportunity peter

    • Peter Webb 10 months ago

      It’s better not to trade with money you don’t have as most traders lose money to start with. Don’t know if you have tried matched betting but that’s a less risky way of earning a bit of spare cash at moderate risk.

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