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roger speakout
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Wed May 31, 2017 2:30 pm

golden state warriors are are 1 to 3 favourites for the first game.

what happens if the game is even going to the second quarter?

it is dangerous lying golden states because when the three points start going in the game wlll move away quickly.

the 1/3 will be challenged.

one scenario is golden states to be down, 20 points and they come back in a quarter, I would lay a cavaliers blowout score, 20 points especially early on.

it is either going to be close first game or a warriors blowout. Cavaliers if they win, it will be close games, I do not expect warriors to be winning by close margins. they have too many weapons.

we saw the intervention by the NBA last year to keep the series alive.

my strategy is to buy the golden state lead, with stops. I will only go in when golden state have a lead, looking for in play scalping.

cavaliers need a great start , or the series will be over quickly. Remember last years games, golden states were blowing them out quickly. But the have added Kevin Durant, who is a more reliable scorer because he can go to the post rather than 3 points.

cavaliers tried to add 3 points shooters to compete but karl korver has been disappointing.

look out for bad calls from officials , there has so much hype around Le bron james, will the nba allow him to lose big? the nba is not a clean organisation.

roger speakout
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Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:12 pm

the series has moved to Cleveland,

cleveland has to prove that they can take the lead, by half time it will be clear.

the pace will determine who the winner is, if golden state are allowed to run quickly bye bye Cleveland.

jr smith, kyle korver, frye and le bron james have not been shooting the three point well. kevin love has been alright but the idea that this team can win from the three point line has become a joke.

* one of the signs hat a team is going to lose is when their runs are catch ups but they do not take lead.

the price for golden state is 1.6 for the game.

we saw LeBron play spectacularly in the fist half of the last game by going to the paint but he did not have the energy to by the third quarter.

Cleveland has to do something great in the first two quarters, even then they might lose by 20 points.

I am going to suspend my disbelief and think that Cleveland can match golden state in the first half by scalping. but golden state are a dangerous team to lay, so I will take the 1.6 and see how many times I can scalp it.

by half time I might take the profits and invest them in a Golden State win. provided there is still a market,

Golden state has destroyed them by superior defense, they stopped the scoring for three minutes in the last game

Cleveland shooters have been terrible, they are not all going to catch fire today.

Cleveland coach says they are going to run , up and down court, their defense has sucked. unless the can put some stops, how are they going to win?

by half time we will know whether this is going to be a sweep, Golden states has to be so off form in shooting to lose.

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:43 am

For what it's worth that's exactly as I see it too.

Cleveland will be under pressure to make an impressive start at home and 2-0 down but they seem to crumble pretty quicky if they start missing shots and they certainly don't have the ability to make a big comeback.

Le Bron James looks like the season has been about 5 games too long.

GS are 1.7 now from a low of 1.65 so I'm going to start on the back side to be safe, if GS get a few early (and they easily can) the price will collapse, the Cavs are going to need a hell of a start before the market moves much the other way. I think they'd need to be 10 up at half time before you saw evens.

I won't be trying to scalp it, because as you've said before, once GS get in the flow they're capable of racking up points ...fast.

Should be fun, and with it being the finals it hopefully won't be that bl**dy woman on a unicycle (again) as the half-time show.

Did you notice Lewis Hamilton in the crowd last game? He seems to be taking his F1 season as seriously as ever, that's a lot of airmiles for a night out.

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:14 pm

Only watched the 1st quarter last night and could see it ending up the same as the last game with GSW scoring in reply to every missed Cavs shot and maintaining their lead. Kevin Love was 1/9 FG and 1/7 3pointers, it wouldn't be fair to blame 1 person in defeat, but those numbers are pretty terrible.

LeBron was 1 assist away from being all time playoff leader in triple-doubles, if they're to have any hope of even making a series of it, he'll need to do it in the next game and hope all the team are performing too.

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:30 pm

Dublin_Flyer wrote:
Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:14 pm
Only watched the 1st quarter last night
The 4th was on a knife edge, Cavs were unlucky in the end.

roger speakout
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:01 pm

i did not trade with stops, i had to wait the last minute to get out with a profit.

Le bron james has never been clutch, he was looking for kyrie to finish the game.

the cavs failed to score the last three minutes, which allow an 11 -0 run in the last minute.

it is never a good idea to be caught laying the Golden States, they score very quickly.

in close matches , you can put wide offset bets . you could get golden states at 2 to close at 1.01 in the last two minutes.


comrade rubbish
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Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:03 pm

Christmas day trading.

76 vs Knicks

I have been trading super badly.

I have lost my touch..

Back to basic, use stop losses.

Enter markets at timeouts, free throws and runs only.

Trade first three quarters only. Use profits to fund 4 quarter speculation.

truism # you cannot lose unless you are behind.

I am looking for sofft lead, either way.

On paper 76ers should win , if Simmons and Embidd are available.

New York needs Beastly and Porzingis to have big games.

10 point lead the price is 1.20

20 point lead the price is 1.03.

New system - wait for the announcer to recognise a run, wait for two buckets from the team which had a bad run, bet against a run reversal, with stops.

4 th quarter wait. For the lat 2 minutes look for four points difference. Put offset bets of 20 points. You are betting on volatility.

comrade rubbish
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Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:22 pm

christmas dy, we saw tight trading on most matches for he first three quarters.

We saw a pre off drift on new York from 1.7 favourites to 2.5 when Joel embidd announced he was playing, with one hour to go. In the end it was right for the market to move, because he was the reason why sixers won.

He has a + 19 and minus 8 stats whan he is on and off the floor.

I cannty believe the managemen of philadelphia, |\they are betting the franchise on two players only.

They are not playing Markel Fultz, last years no one pick.

We are going to see these drifts when Embidd is playing, it is not healthy to be 7 foot.

Los Angeles continue to lose close games, they have to figur it out.

Thunders are the biggest threat to Golden States, just because it is a grudge match.

The management of okc have told Carmelo to be catch and shoot, player.

Cavaliers think Isiah Thomas might be the answer, but point guards have a have a hard time dealing with Lebron James on the same team.

We did not see Korver and J|R Smith shooting three points well.

Cavliers have problems, Warriors we playing without Curry and they defeated them easily.

Celtics are going through a bad patch, is haywood the answer? they still have first draft picks, they might be a factor in 2 and theree years time.

Los angeles have to choose who the talent the are going to reward is , Kuzma, Ingram and Lonzo ball might be their best picks. They might have sell others to get veterans to come to Los Angeles. Lakers are back but they need to consolidate.

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