Bet Angel for newbies / Getting started : Using Bet Angel On a Virtual Private Server ( VPS )

We were all new to Bet Angel once. Ask any question you like here and fellow forum members promise not to laugh. Betfair trading made simple.
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What is a VPS and How does it work

Rather than just having Bet Angel installed and running from your local PC or laptop its installed and run from a dedicated server located in Ireland close to the main Betfair severs, the server can remain running for several weeks without the need to restart which allows you to remain logged into Bet Angel 24/7 for weeks at a time.

You can connect to your server at anytime using any device connected to the internet including Mac's, Smartphones, Iphones & Tablets etc from anywhere in the world.

Using Bet Angel on a VPS is much easier than most people think - It runs using Windows Server 2008 R2 so when connected to it most will look very familiar to what your used to especially if your a win7 user and Bet Angel works exactly the same on a VPS as it does your local PC. You can even copy all your exsisitng Bet Angel settings from your desktop PC or Laptop in a matter of minutes so its identical to your current set up.

In addition to being able to access and trade from any device anywhere in the world the other key advantage of using a VPS is the ability for it to run automation 24/7 without the need to have your local computer constantly running for your automation rules to trigger.

You might be trading on the football or similar markets where you can add the markets into guardian and apply your automation rules days in advance after which you can disconnect from the server which will still remain logged on and running along with Bet Angel and Guardian so when the time arrives and your rule conditions are met it will place your trades for you.

Typically I would connect to mine each morning usually from my tablet to load all the days markets I want into Guardian and apply the days automations. If im trading from my main PC later that day I can keep a eye on it from there otherwise ill just leave it run and wont go back to it untill the next morning when i add that days markets into it.

Automation rules running from a VPS will always reach Betfairs servers faster than running the same rule from your PC at home or work giving those who do use VPS a few milliseconds advantage which could make a difference in fast moving markets like In-Running horse racing.

You also can still trade from it manually exactly the same as you would from your normal PC - only you can now do it from any device.

You can read further details including the tech spec here along with the packages avalible

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Setting up and using a VPS with your exsisting settings

Once your have ordered your VPS it usually takes a few working hours for your server to be set up and your login details emailed to you, in the mean time you can be ready to use straight away by following the 6 simple steps below.

Step 1) Download and install dropbox on your regular local PC/Laptop

*This is a free cloud storage site which is handy anyway to keep a back up of your Bet Angel settings and other important files you may have in case you have a computer malfunction but will be used here not just to back up your files but to transfer all your exsisting Bet Angel settings including your saved graphs, profiles and layouts etc to your server*.

Step 2) All your exsisting Bet Angel Settings, profiles and layouts are stored in a single folder on your regular computer which you can accessed by navigating to this address
(enter your windows login name where it shows your user_name)
C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Bet Angel\Bet Angel Professional

Copy all the contents of this folder (don't move) to your newly installed dropbox folder this will then synchronize and back them all up online at where they can be downloaded to your server or any other computer you have Bet Angel installed on.

Step 3) Now you just need to wait for your server details to be emailed to you by Bet Angel, once you get these you can log on to your server by using windows "Remote Desktop Connection" and entering the IP address, user name & password sent to you (see top image).
*Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) should be pre installed with windows on a PC, if its not already in your start menu then just do a quick search. If using a android or Apple device you can download RDP or a similar program to that device from the app store*.

Step 4) Once logged onto your server first you need to go to the Bet Angel website to download the Bet Angel software then install it in the same way as you did/would when setting up on your regular local computer (see Middle Image).

Step 5) After its installed next go to log in and download the settings you saved earlier to a folder on your server.

Step 6) Once you hav done this navigate to the following directory on your server exactly as it is below.
C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Roaming\Bet Angel\Bet Angel Professional SE
and replace the contents with those you have just downloaded from Dropbox.

Now your ready to use - so when you log in to Bet Angel on your server all your layouts, profiles, settings and automations etc will now be identical to how you have them on your regular computer (see Bottom Image).
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