Bet Angel for newbies / Getting started : Any way to review a market after close/ save graphs?

We were all new to Bet Angel once. Ask any question you like here and fellow forum members promise not to laugh. Betfair trading made simple.
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Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:01 pm

Hi there,

Sorry to ask 2 questions in such short succession. And thank you to Dallas for answering my previous one so quickly.

I was just looking at a chart shortly after the event finished with the intention of reviewing the price movements, trying to find mistakes I may have made and learn from them etc. when it disappeared a couple of minutes after the event finished with no way of looking at it again. Is there no way to review what happened in a market after it has closed? Or save a specific chart so you can look at it later? If not what do you do to review a day's trading and think of ways to improve? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:08 pm

Would I be right in thinking most people use Excel?

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:18 pm

I think Excel is the most common way. Or you have to download Betfair-data and review it later (Fraqsoft).

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Betfair remove the charts shortly after the market closes but they won't give you any info after a race, all but one will just have a flat red line across the bottom and a vertical red line up the right side where the odds shoot out to 1000 as it was beat.

If you want to 'Capture data' of how the prices moved as Charon just said it can only be done with excel and with a data capture spreadsheet, there are several ready-made ones you can download and use that other users have kindly shared in the data section of the forum

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:44 pm

I use OBS to screen record and you can go back and look at the charts.

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