Bet Angel for newbies / Getting started : Automation Greening Up at wrong Stake

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Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:45 am

Just started using automation in the past week and testing a strategy . Working fine until, rules for greening up are triggered in-play.
It seems if the race goes into the last few furlongs, so quite alot of quick price movements, when it hits a green up for profit threshold, it attempts to place orders, but the stakes do not go in at what is needed, comapred to what is logged or attempted on the log sheet.
So placing an attempted back bet of €1.33 @ 75 actually gets put up as an order for €2 @1000.
Attached is Navan 20:15 3rd July, with 4 attempted green up bets placed at 20:20, but all go in at €2 @ 1000

Any thoughts?
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Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:56 am

To get bets below Betfairs minimum stake into the market Bet Angel needs to do this using 2 orders, first it will place £2 at the highest avaliable odds of £2, then cancel the excess and remove the required amount down to the requested price.

The risk with this is you may get the £2 matched at 1000.0 if the price trades at those odds

There is an option you can enable in your main settings that will instruct the software not to place the bet if a price is greater than 'x' ... tings.html

That would reduce the number of times you get caught, but there may still be the odd occasion the price hits 1000 during the in-play delay while your bet is waiting to reach the market - in these situations there is nothing you can do to prevent it

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Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:57 am

I had a similar problem. Betfair bought in a change which caused problems when greening up at small stakes. I still haven't fully understood why they did it, but it caused exactly the problem you are describing, or alternatively a lay bet went on at 1.01. You most likely need to update your version. See the below thread where Dallas kindly helped me with my problem.

Basically you need to be running version 1.54.2c. Anything less than that and you need to upgrade.


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Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:49 am

Hi both

Thanks for the quick replies and very useful info.
I'll do a bit of tweaking based on your suggestions


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