Bet Angel for newbies / Getting started : Unable to place dutch bets

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Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:15 am

Hello , first time posting here hoping someone might be able to help.
I am trying to place dutch bets using bet angel on the Match Result of various football games.(final score)
I have £29.85 in the account at them moment and im trying to use a total stake of £3.5 , this worked fine for around one week then no bets would place at all and i got the message
"Initial bet-the order cannot be procesed as your betfair account does not have sufficient funds (or has exceeeded its exposure limit)"
I have no open bets and everything is settled so i do not understand ehy im getting this messsage.

I tried talking to betfair live chat but they didnt even seem to know what bet angel was so i gave up.
can anyone shed any light on this for me plz

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