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Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:44 pm

Hi guys,

I've half created a bit of code for a 'state machine' whereby quick flashing orders wont disappear before they get submitted through the instruction field but i'm having a little difficulty with it. If anybody could PM me directly i'd like to get this completed soon and then I will share the spreadsheet on this forum.

Basically if you have "BACK" placed in cell L9 but it disappears too quickly (due to the nature of your formulas) this spreadsheet will keep it there until it reached BF and is confirmed, the "PLACED" cell will then disappear and you can go again. No multiple firing bets, only "BACK"/"LAY" followed by "CLOSE_TRADE" and vice versa. Should speed up a lot of your strategies so yeah, if there is anybody who thinks they could help me out for the greater good of the commiunity hit me up :)

Alternatively, if there is something like this alreday out there could one of you point me towards it please, i've had a scan and not noticed anything to be fair.


Callum :)

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