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Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:24 am

I am new to Trading properly since February and my preference is for pre-race bets at post time to in running trade out, a variation of a front runner system.
Some of my systems are based purely on large numbers, what I call the Moneyball approach, so I have them automated.

My question is if the trade is not going to happen, or becomes highly unlikely rather than lose my whole stake I want to limit it to losing in the region of max half my stake (something like lay out at twice the BSP)

I understand that the market wont work its way through the whole steps out from say 10 to 1000 and sometimes it will not match but over the course of 1200 bets a year at an average €30 stake I want to recoup some of the losses I am incurring (system strike rate is around 52%).

What feature in the Guardian rules file will be best? A trailing stop has been trailed but always cancels once the price blows past it. Should I have a rule "Place Lay bet If..." or how can I have this net there to catch some money as the price drifts when this particular runner is one of those that does not shorten as the system predicts.

At the moment I have "Place back bet, offset with greening" and "Keep in Play", what can I add here that is most effective to meet my intention

Thanks for your help

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Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:10 pm

Triggering a stop in-play is really hard as the in-play delay means the odds you see are unlikely to be the odds you get. At some points, this will be OK as the movement will be slow but a lot of the time it will trigger later on and the odds will be flying around all over the place. Generally, it's not recommended.

If you do want to cut for a loss maybe use the profit condition as a trigger. I.e. if the profit is -ve by this amount try and exit.

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