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Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:55 am

I see this has caught the attention of a few users so I must add an update.

Separation, which is, walking away, turning off the PC, etc. is only a temporary fix to prevent you from hitting meltdown. To prevent the likelihood of repeat issues you have to determine your own personal issue. Perhaps it is just a fear of failure, or perhaps you feel it should be a perfect session. No matter what it is, you must face that issue and develop a method to lessen the impact.

Once you know what it is and can make a start, your brain will slowly adapt. This will result in a higher tolerance and the "fight or flight" mechanism will not kick in so easily.

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Hi JG, Another Newbie to trading here, Just seen a few of your posts advising us Noobs, Thank you so much for this Post, Today i suffered from the exact same things you talked about...

Today mine was triggered by a stupid mistake, Not closing out a trade and going off to another race, before that mistake i was doing well clawing back losses from a stupid football trade earlier in the day....

I am Not what you would call a swing trader more of a swing Profit/loss at the moment... lol....

The losses now after the event dont phase me at all, Not that i like to lose but i class it as a learning process, Luckily i dont have a missus to give me earache over my losses... lol...

Tomorrow is another day with another lesson learnt from the day before... My losses are around £270 at the moment.... But that will be clawed back in time... Its gone so any profit made from now on is just an offset against that.... Altho i do need to protect my bank... This is something that i see written a lot... And as a newbie with losses i can not stress this enough...

To the Newbies... Close out your trade before it gets out of hand and you are then Counting on Luck to get you back, It may work a couple of times like it did with me, but then when you need it, It bites you in the arse and wipes out your bank... I know, i have done it twice this week...

Tomorrow is a bank building exercise so no stupid trades for me....

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Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:36 pm

AmazingMisterX wrote:Enjoying reading your posts JG thanks for taking the time!

Also enjoyed that. I need help re. global settings. Where would I post this ?

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Sorry for being so frank -why mess about with automated systems? just do it with abit of pre-thinking and trade as you go. Smart ass systems rarely green up over 365 days.

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just read with interest your posts jolly green thanks for taking the time to post them some interesting points

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Just read all your posts. Brilliant and thank you for taking the time.

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Just thought I'd agree how much calmness and making decisions without emotion helps remove the impulsive clicking that costs so very much!

I've just had the first 3 days doing the entire racecard in profit, for the very first time.

I've put some thoughts and images here, for those interested -

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You know what brings us down in such circumstances? Our brain. Not the circumstance, not the general population.

Regardless of how sure and intense we are, and how we think we have everything necessary to experience thick and thin, our most prominent shortcoming lies in ourselves.

I have encountered how our psyche can exacerbate things. That is the reason we require somebody or feel that we ought to be with somebody who can give us the strength; however to what extent is that going to work?

What I'm attempting to state is, figure out how to have command over your brain, independent of whether you're experiencing an extreme circumstance or not. Contemplate, read books, attempt to see how even the littlest changes are handled and affected by your reasoning.

This isn't simple. I get it. However, it's justified regardless of the torment, the exertion.

Discover your controller. For me it is music.

Furthermore, remember that you've been extreme. Also, you're equipped for remaining against each obstacle with strength. It's your mind that is keeping you away from acknowledging it.

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