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Would you like to see candlestick movements next to ladders?

Poll ended at Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:05 pm

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Tue May 12, 2015 12:05 pm

I have been using other software for a while. The only reason I use other software is because of the candlesticks. The lack of candlesticks next to ladders on horse markets is the one thing that makes bet angel unusable for me which is annoying as bet angel is so much more stable and reliable than other software, plus the watchlist and many other features are also far better. Can you confirm, just in case I am being a dunce, that Bet Angel does not offer these? If not, I wish it was a feature.

Both other software and other software show candlestick movements in price action and this is invaluable to reading trends and reversals. I know of many people who all wish this was a feature in your software. Is there any way you could consider this on a later release? PLEASE!

I hate using other software and so do my trading friends, it feels so tacky and cheap compared to the beautiful layout and functionality of BA, but having those candlesticks is an absolute must for me. Please consider adding it.
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Tue May 12, 2015 12:38 pm

It's not something you can do at the moment apart from spawn an advanced chart and pin it next to the ladder. We have been asked for it a few times via e-mail and an enhancement like this is driven by customer demand.

Please ask your trading group to either post to this thread or you could gather their contact details and send it in an e-mail request to us at

If we have dozens of people requesting the same change then it's going to be given a much higher priority.

Also please let us know in more detail what you'd be looking for.

i.e. How many candles do people tend to display?

I'm assuming it would be based on last traded price, but how much time should elapse before the plot advances to the next candle?

Is there a preference as to which side of the ladder it would be displayed?

We haven't looked at the other softwares' implementation, so if via this thread people could capture their essential requirements we can work through it and price up the development costs.

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Tue May 12, 2015 12:56 pm

I will ask a few of my mates and see if they can spread the word. I must have had this conversation with 40-50 full time traders over the past couple of years. The view of almost every single one was the same, GR and other trading software are no match for yours in terms of professional look and feel, usability and stability. Basically in every single way EXCEPT those damn candlesticks which are crucial if you are looking for an ending pattern to a trend or other early warnings of changes in the market. I don't know how much campaigning I can do or how many people I can get to contact you but I can assure you 100% that this feature will bring a LOT of people back to bet angel and bring in many new people who would have gone to other software if it wasn't for this feature.

I dont know what the time delays on the candles are, I will try and attach a picture of one of my ladders below. I can find out though, I think it is in GR settings, it might even be adjustable.

it doesnt need to be too clever though, it just needs to plot a very thin chart, ideally on the left, showing each ladders last movements. I wouldn't mind betting that if you surveyed your email list or made a prominent poll post on the forum here you would get a very good response supporting the idea.

when i am at races trading, i wouldnt use it so much, but i am doing more and more trend trading and for that, its a must have if you want to get out before whipsaws or reversals.

I really hope you will look into it as a priority! I am dying to come back to Bet angel!
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Tue May 12, 2015 1:39 pm

I don't think they should be called candlesticks because that would confuse other people using real candlesticks.

I've never found the need to use them so I'm not sure what I'm looking at there. Does it just tick up or down on the last traded price refresh?

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Tue May 12, 2015 6:43 pm

Hi Peter, yes good point, they are not candlesticks are they! I trade stocks too so I get the point and its valid. Maybe just "ladder chart".

It just ticks up and down yes, but can be very useful, in fact so useful that I can't trade without it. I tried, I came back to bet angel for a while but just felt totally exposed without them. The volume colour change in BA side bars (green for last 60 seconds) is useful, and does a similar thing, but it's not as visual. if a tiny chart on each ladder is plotting movements immediately, you can open a market and instantly see the immediate trends, not the long term ones, the very short term ones, which can quickly offer a trading opportunity as something turns around, and also when something is ending a trend and bottoming out, the chart goes horizontal instantly showing a static ladder.

Very useful. Can you trade without it? Yes of course, but if you traded with it, I bet you would love it! Besides, Bet Angel does lots of things lots of people don't use, i never automate anything, nor dutch or bookmake, but the fact Bet Angel can do it ALL, makes it what it is, the best trading software on the planet, hands down :)

I think this suggestion would only help keep that reputation, and I know for a fact it would definitely generate more users, just from the people I have known.

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Tue May 12, 2015 11:31 pm

Isn't this just the same as using the Micro chart on the One Click Screen?

I would caution against altering the shape and size of the ladder(s) since it would mess up strategies that utilise multiple ladders adjacent to each other.

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Wed May 13, 2015 12:16 am


I agree with the Candlestick feature, which I find invaluable.
I know them as matchsticks, one for each tick movement, be it a green, red or yellow movement.
The green and yellow movements have green matchheads on the sticks, the red, red matchheads.
A glance at them is all the information needed to form a trading decision.
Please add them, Bet Angel. There is ample room on the ladder interface.


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Wed May 13, 2015 10:01 am

Isn't this just the same as using the Micro chart on the One Click Screen
No - not the same - the matchsticks show LTP at time whereas the BA charts reflect price on offer which is meaningless when markets are moving around without any bets being placed.

However would be nice to have the micro chart or similar on each ladder entry as a panel at top/bottom of ladder rather than having to lose a ladder and move mouse over selections to see graphs.

The matchsticks are very useful and no need to worry about existing ladder layout problems - just make it an optional ladder column. OR make it an alternative graphing format for Advanced Charts and/or the Market Overview ?

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Wed May 13, 2015 10:08 am

I asked about candlesticks last year and was told there was no demand for them,as most traders use charts.At the moment its probably the most important thing missing from bet angel. Yes can we have candlsticks next to the ladders please just like most of your software competitors.

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Wed May 13, 2015 11:02 am

I am really pleased to see the response to this little thread in such a short time. I haven't even got hold of my contacts yet to ask them to chip in with their support! It looks like someone may even have just registered here to show their support for the idea!

Just as was said above, the are invaluable for various things which other charts can't provide, reversals, new trends beginning, overall quick glance idea of which horses are turning around at certain resistance points, etc. All of this information CAN be obtained, if you stare at the volume bars for long enough to calculate it all, and maybe open the other graphs in pop ups, but in a split second none of that is doable and so the trades can't be taken in time.

I really have done everything in my power to replicate the same thing on BA with the current feeature-set. It is not possible. I did split testing, where I had GR (other software) open on one machine and BA open on my main one, then traded the same ladders in the same race, 60 seconds on one, 60 on the other. I did this for two entire days across many races. I found 5 times as many tradeable opportunities on the other software purely because of these matchsticks appearing right next to the LTP on the ladder LIVE. I also prevented red trades because if i was trading a swing/trend and it began to form a point of support or resistance, in BA I was waiting longer before realising this had happened, and then chasing up the ladder to close my trade and take the green, albeit less green. In the other program, I had trade after trade where I took the trend at the very beginning, and exited exactly at the right tick, taking twice as much green from the trade in many cases.

Like I said, I think if you could actually get all racing traders in a room (especially those NOT using bet angel) and put a vote to the room, you would be overwhelmed with how many people would be excitedly waving their hands at you! So many people know, like me, that no other program is as good as bet angel, they are all a very close second to it in every single way, EXCEPT this one!

PLEASE listen to us, I will make more money with bet angel with these matchsticks, I will lose less on losing trades, and I will ENJOY trading for a change, instead of using buggy inferior programs which don't suspend when the market goes in play, or crash for no apparent reason despite having less code behind them than BA!!


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