Suggestions : Custom selection order sorting on both ONE-CLICK screen and IN-PLAY trader

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Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:25 am

I often find that I'm playing an in-play market which consists of two teams plus substitues with the selections all mixed up wasting valuable time in finding the desired selection. The unused substitutes or those that have already been substituted get right in the way. A custom order sort would solve this problem. What I would find really useful would be to be able to custom sort the order of the selections in the same way as you can when using the ladder screens (for up to 12 selections). In that way I could ensure the selections for 1 team were at the top and the selections for the other team were at the bottom of the one-click screen and in-play trader screen.

Also for the one-click screen would like to be able to split the screen into two columns left and right, so I could have one team on the left and the other team on the right - that would be really useful as all selections would be visible at a glance rather than needing to scroll up or down which wastes valuable time when there are more than 20 selections in the market. An alternative way to achieve this is to run two sets of BetAngel simultaneously have each take up half a computer screen side by side - but surely this shouldn't be necessary?

On the one-click screen you can sort by 'First Name' and sort by 'P&L' - an option to be able to sort by 'Surname' as well as and/or rather than by 'First Name' would also be incredibly useful - I could have really used that feature last Monday and on many other occassions.

It would also be most useful if there were 'sort by Surname (Ascending)', 'sort by Surname (Descending)', 'sort by First Name (Ascending)', and 'sort by First Name (Descending)' options on the In-play Trader sorting drop-down list. Alternatively or as well as, a simple 'drag-and-drop' feature would allow the selections to be ordered as desired

Finally, it would be great to be able to have several one-click windows open for different markets at the same time and to be able to open a market into one of these one-click windows in the same way as you can open a new market into a new ladder window by right clicking on the market in Guardian and selecting 'Display market in a new ladder window' - all this would take is the added option to 'Display market in a new one-click window'.

I really would find these custom sorting and one-click layout additions incredible uselful and as such I'm sure many others would too.

Keep up the good work guys - any questions please don't hesitate to ask - thank you :)

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