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Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:39 am


I'm looking at long term trends on a particular selection.
The hope is to compare the odds at certain times in the day - e.g. price at 10:00:00 and 11:00:00 - and place a back/lay bet if met.

I think it would be useful to, first, have a fixed time option for the 'Historic Relative Odds' - this could be selected in a drop down menu along side the 'seconds' condition - for a long term view.

Secondly, I think having a percentage difference would be useful:
A - (selection) back/lay price at [time] (</>/=) [odds]
B - (selection) back/lay price at [time] decrease/increase by (</>/=) x %

example 1. place back bet if:
A - (selection) 10:00:00 price = 5
B - (selection) 11:00:00 price decrease by <= 50%
(price steamed between 5 and 2.5 at the times of 10:00:00 and 11:00:00)

example 2. place lay bet if:
A - (selection) 08:00:00 price <2
B - (selection) 09:00:00 price increase by >= 25%
(price drifted more than 25%)
One could then place a green up rule at another time to trade out of the market, have a stop loss to control losses etc etc etc.

The reasoning is, of course, selfish and to fit around some of my trading thoughts. However, I believe this could be useful for others to look at long term trends throughout the day to catch steamers and drifters.

I think this could be used in a couple of ways as exampled; 1. to place a back/lay bet, 2. to trade out for profit/loss.

Thanks for reading, and I hope others will find this addition useful. Please vote in the poll if you feel it's necessary.

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