Suggestions : Order by Favouritism be decided by Betfair Order in case of Duplicate odds across 2 runners

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Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:15 pm

Currently when you sort you selections in position by order of favouritism if 2 or more selections have the same odds then the order is decided by the Betfair Order, the problem is that this "Betfair Order" can not be determined historically so any systme that is built for use on bet angel will have an un repairable margin for error if you system relys on anything relating the postion by order of favouritism, for example if you had a system that monitored a runner to be in 3rd fav postion @ 5/2/3/1 mins from the off my historic data may show it as 3rd fav but order of fav for the entire period but bet angel by show it as 2nd/3rd/4th if the has been duplicate odds at any time over thos 3 runners and there is no way of allowing for the ordering that refs infomation that I have been unable to obtain, I would imagine this has cause issues for many people and they may not have realised exaclty why. sure it would make more sense for either an available statistic or a user decided overiding factor to deal with this. for example alphabetical, saddle cloth, draw stall, although these may not be the most accurate in terms "fav" they would be simple to implement, in an ideal would weight or official rating would be the best solutions.

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