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Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:33 am

In Peter's latest video this week, he called Guardian a 'multi market managment tool' which got me thinking. There's isn't much 'management' in its current state. Markets get added to a single list and get refreshed down at a chosen speed and cycled. If I want to run various strategies, I am having to open a new instance of Bet Angel with a new window of Guardian each time. For one it can get a bit confusing, two it must slow down the computer you're working on and three it just doesn't seem practical.

What I am proposing is a way of popping out new 'Smart Cycle' lists from a single button much like you pop out individual watch lists.

I could create a Smart Cycle for all of the day's football refreshing from 12 hours out until kick off (at 1 minute intervals).
I could create a Smart cycle for all of the horse racing refreshing from 10 minutes before the off until 0 (at 200m/s).
I could create a Smart Cycle for all of the greyhounds from 1 minute before until 0 mins
etc etc etc (at 500m/s).

If this were to be fleshed out you could even add rules such as:
1 hour before kick off if 'Condition 1' & 'Condition 2' are met, then add these markets from my pool to my Smart Cycle i.e. volume of match odds is >500,000 and Favourite >50% of this money (variables can be taken from the automation options which have already been programmed).

On the matter of horses also. Now I tend to restrict refresh 10 minutes before until 0 but on occasions there is a 15 minute wait before the next race when nothing is being cycled so could there be an option too please where Bet Angel notices it is not cycling anything and starts looking at the next match immediately?

Perhaps there are limitations I haven't thought about but at the least if i'm asking Bet Angel to do too much it could display a message to say "Your max refresh speed available is 800m/s with your chosen criteria", like I undertsand you couldn't refresh: the horses, grey hounds and 6 different football markets all at 20m/s simultaneoulsy. Just to be clear at this stage also, the idea of this suggesstion is so that it works with spreadsheets, automation, servants and everything else etc

I know there's a lot there and it's a lot bigger of an idea than my previous suggestion but again I appreciate you taking the time to read over this and I hope it gets considered for future versions. Just trying to do my part in excelling the product and the level of chat on this forum.

Callum :)

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