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Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:59 am

Bet Angel has 3 methods of automation built in
- Guardian controlled 2 way Excel Interface where market data flows from Bet Angel into Excel and instructions can be sent from Excel back into Bet Angel
- Guardian controlled automation rules
- Servant controlled automation rules

All 3 have their uses and can be designed to work together. Excel is good at general number crunching and executing complex logic in VBA while interpreted automation rules are best kept fairly simple in my experience. In terms of the the processing load it is clearly a pretty high overhead for Bet Angel to be repeatedly pushing data into excel and scanning for excel triggered instructions especially when there are lots of markets within a single Bet Angel instance.

I would like a simple automation rule to set excel_refresh_reqd=on/off from within automation. Default value would be excel_refresh_required=on.
So basically Guardian would scan through markets exactly as it currently does running the baf scripts and if there is a connected Excel "Bet Angel(n)" sheet for a market then it would skip the excel processing completely if excel_refresh_required=off. An automation rule or servant could be used to set excel_refresh_reqd=on whenever some more complex excel processing is actually needed for a market and then set it back off again until the next excel processing is needed.

Main purpose of this suggested change is to allow maximum flexibility within Bet Angel automation while imposing minimal load on the Bet Angel and Excel instances.

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