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Get the ladder set up exactly the way you like it.
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Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:30 pm

This ladder settings file when imported and used will display your ladder screen exactly as you see it in the image below, with the matchstick charts besides each ladder and the traded volume at prices displayed as percentages for each selection.
The red lines you see are 'markers' highlighting the current VWAP price

VWAP's could be used as your entry or exit points, either as the price nears or crosses over. Or you may wish to open a position if the current price has moved far away from the VWAP and you anticipate retrace/reversal

VWAP Markers & Matchstick Charts.jpg

To use these ladder setting’s, click the VWAP Marker & Matchsticks.bls file below to download it to your computer, then whilst on your ladder screen click the ‘Spanner’ icon to open the ladder settings editor and in the top left corner click;
Settings > Import Ladder Settings
Import Ladder Settings.JPG
VWAP Marker & Matchsticks.bls
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To display the VWAP Marker you will also need to download and import the following rules file into Guardian, once downloaded to your computer open Guardian and on the ‘Automation’ tab click ‘Import a Rules’ file, then each day just add your markets to Guardian and apply that rules file to them all.
Guardian Import Image.jpg
HL Price Data.baf
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