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Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:36 pm

I have the ladder interface open. I got it on a CS market.
In the top i got Offset bet set to Offset 1 ticks. And offset Batches 10. (NO stop trigger and NO fill or kill)

I have enabled - Use Global settings when placing bets - So NO red cross over the gear.

When i put in a lay bet at @7,2 (that is not matched)
Then it put in a back bet at @7,4 right away.

Shouldnt it wait to put in 7,4 to when the 7,2 lay bet is taken ?

If not, How do i get it to do just that?
When im laying 1 tick below best price it will fire the back bet right away and then back the price that is availeble. Im not interested in that. :(

Hope someone can help :)


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Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:41 pm

Fill or kill needs to be enabled if you only want it placing after an opening bet is filled, see thread below for all options

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Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:59 pm

Thx Dallas. :)

Im in CS market more than 1 day before kickoff. So have set fill/kill delay to 99999 seconds. So got the bet hanging for 27hours.
But still the bet will get removed if im not matched and if i enter again i will get behind in the queue, wich is not optimal, but better to have some fill/kill than none for me right now.

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