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Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:25 pm

Hello All,

I noticed this a few days ago on one laptop: While a workbook is connected to Bet Angel and you attempt to change one of the cells the sheet just goes crazy - specifically it starts to cycle through all the values of all the sheets. Meaning, if I'm on any single sheet (not necessarily a Bet Angel sheet), and I try to enter a value into a cell, the sheet im currently on starts to show the contents of every sheet I have connected to Bet Angel (it cycles through them). I noticed that this was happening a few days ago on one computer but not the other, but is now happening on both computers (after it was updated on the previously working computer.) It's as if once you try to enter a value into a cell, Bet Angel gets lost and doesnt know exactly where to send its info, so it just sends it to the active sheet? Be ware all who are updating excel (i would turn off automatic updates for now :( How shall I proceed? I may just try to revert back to previous version but not sure how to go about that. The last time I reinstalled excel I ran into a boat load of registry error problems. I do love excel but every now and then there are reminders that it is a microsoft product :/

Let me know if you need any more clarification.

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