Support : Issues with bet records and exchange "Cancelling" bets, any help or advice please

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:50 am

Hi all,
Thanks for support in the past.
I have been laying on Betdaq for a week or so beginning to ramp up the volume a little. This is a strategy I previously used on betfair. I make bookie size margins normally. Here is the problem.
Tuesday I placed 34 bets. Mid morning the exchange was down for several hours(this was my explanation for issues). My records showed 8 points profit (that could be out a little because it used the odds requested) Betdaq showed a 4 point loss. The explanation; Lots of my winning bets had been "cancelled". Now I saw these bets had all been accepted by looking at guardian, but did not keep any records. Sadly I could find no log anywhere because I had closed BA.
Wednesday a similar scenario. 9 units profit became 1 unit profit and the reason again, lots of "cancelled" bets. Again I had seen them all accepted. The only log in BA was very poor showing things like : switched to market etc. I am not suggesting foul play, but I have had no response an email on Tuesday and I need to work out what is wrong and if I can fix it.
My questions are:
1. Has anyone had these experiences and maybe have some explanations?
2.Is there any way to provide a reliable track of bets placed accepted and payabae like any other business has? It may be possible to go about manually matching bet ids for the log(if reliable) to another table, but this is a huge undertaking on a daily basis.
As long as I can't demand payment they are never going to fix anything, or even offer decent explanations, assuming it is their fault. If its my fault, I have no idea what I did wrong, but its hard enough to pick the right runners and prices without this.
Any advice would be appreciated

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:59 am

Logs are saved for the last 7 days, you can get old logs by going into
setting > edit settings > behaviour

Logs record what happens at the moment a bet hits the market, after that (if they were unmatched) you would need to refer to your matched bets tab or look on betfair/betdaq at your betting history

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:01 pm

Betdaq had major outage Tuesday afternoon - highly unusual for them.

Was ok Wednesday

The log only tells you if it was matched immediately (ie current price) there is no record of matching for bets after that.

Check your settings in "behaviour" for what happens on a withdrawal - could be set to "Cancel"

Details of all actions in a bet's life are shown on Betdaq in your account history.

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Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:13 pm

Thanks Dallas, I'll have a look for logs.
I did notice the problem that you only know if it was immediatley matched.
I routinely bid around the middle of the spread or lower f there is an appetite, so i rarely get matched immediatley, but until I get a bot of somesort working reliably I have to do this and keep returning every half hour. I have had very good experiences of Betdaq so far, unlike "Betfair" that has turned the other way I'm afraid.

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