Bet Angel - Automation : Back under 4.5 Goals and then Lay same market if odds are below triggerd Odds

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Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:56 am

Good day all has any one been using the under 4.5 bot any suggestions? for me for next release i would like to add a stored value to tell the bot one goal has been scored then take your under 4.5 back bet which will give you better odds say 1.13 1.14 on games with low goals predicted (i use soccer mystic goals probability 4 or more goals if under 24% then thats my game selection) then hedge/green 10 ticks for guaranteed profit, now most games finish under 4.5 goals so hedging out takes away some of the profit but this is trading and not mug betting but for me the stop loss is proving difficult (not working) when say the 4th goal goes in id want to stop out and take the red but i cant get this to work, any help would be good also i have been looking at another feature of adding my stake in stages so say £25 at 1.10 then another £25 at 1.15-16 after a goal and then hedging out as game goes on has anyone used this in a bot before?

any ideas suggestions would be very helpful

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