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Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:18 pm

One of the most useful features and advantage of using a ‘Stored Value’ in your rule is the ability to then share it with other markets in the same event.

For example, you could have automation running on the Liverpool Vs Southampton match, now you can store a value from one market of the fixture (event) let’s say you have automation running on the O/U 2.5 then use that stored value as a condition to trigger bets into another market ie, the Correct Score market.

This also opens up the opportunity to pick us some arbs across various markets, although Betfair has more or less put an end to the majority of them with their X-market X-matching algorithm you may still find something on some fixture and ‘Stored Values’ will at least allow you to look for them.

To begin with, I’m going to show how to test the odds in one market to trigger a bet into another, so for this example, I want to Lay the Draw but only if the odds in the O/U2.5 market are greater than 2.20 for the Overs.

First, I’m going to create a new automation to store and share the value of the current price, this can then be applied to the market I want to store the price from, in this case, the O/U 2.5 market.

In the image below, I have selected the rule type ‘Set/Modify a Stored Value Only’ and armed it to trigger just once at a minute before KO on the selection in Betfair Row 2.

SV of O2.5 General.JPG

Then if I go to the ‘Stored Value’ tab I can select the action I want and enter the details, in this example I want to ‘Store a Value’ and I have given it the unique name ‘price’ (this can be any name of your choice but I’d recommend choosing something along the lines of the task it is performing so it’s easier to track later in the log if needed).

The next option is what to store the value for, here I have chosen ‘Event’ meaning that it can be used on another market within the same event, you’ll notice that ‘shared’ also gets ticked automatically when ‘event’ is selected.

SV of O2.5.JPG

That’s the file complete, it is now ready to be applied to Over/Under 2.5 markets or ANY market/selection you wish to store the value of the back odds for.

Next, I’m going to take the existing Lay the Draw automation file available from the shared files library and simply add a condition so that it will now look for and test the value set by the automation rule created above.
You can download this from the following thread; viewtopic.php?f=50&t=11309

To do this all I need to is go to the conditions tab of the ‘Lay Bet’ rule and add a ‘Stored Value Condition’ then enter what it is I’m looking for, in this case I’m looking for a stored value named ‘price’ for the ‘Event’. Below that, I can input what it Is I require from it, In the image below you can see that I have specified that it must be greater than an enter amount, which I’ve put 2.10

SV Lay the Draw.JPG

In other words, a condition of this ‘Lay the Draw’ rule triggering now is that the odds of the over 2.5 goals are more than 2.20, if not this lay rule cannot trigger.

The final thing to do is add the markets to Guardian and apply the 2 automation files to the required markets, as shown in the image below


If you wish to download these files ready-made you can do so from the following link, but I would recomend only doing so if you get really stuck.
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If you’re into horse racing you might want to look at triggering bets from a win market into the place market or vice versa.

This time I'm going to expand a little further on the first example above and show how you can also add some conditions before storing a value and sharing it, which will allow you to trigger bets in one market based on something that has happened in another.

In this example, it will be looking for runners in a horse racing win market to shorten, those that do will have bets triggered on them in the place market.

What the Rules Will Do

At 20 seconds before the official start time an automation file applied to the win market will check the first six selections and any that have shortened in price by 10 or more ticks during the last 280secs (4mins 40secs) it will ‘Store a Value’ for them with a unique name - this automation file has now done its job.

At 7 seconds before the official start time another automation file which is applied to the place market will look for any selections who have a ‘Stored Value’ matching that unique name, any that do will have bets placed on them.

Creating the Rules

I have called the first ‘Signal Win Mkt Movers’, this will be applied to all the win markets. The second is called ‘Back Win Market Movers in Place Mkt’ and this one will be applied to all the days horse racing place markets.

For the Win Mkt automation file, I have started by creating a rule to ‘Set/Modify a Stored Value Only’ I have named this rule ‘SV odds 1’ and instructed it to trigger just one time on the selection in Betfair Row 1 at 20 seconds before start time.


Next, on the condition tab, I have added a ‘Historical Relative Odds Condition’ to test if the LTP of the horse in Betfair Row 1 was greater 280secs ago than now plus 10 ticks.


The last step is to add a ‘Stored Value’, so moving onto the stored value tab the first thing I;ve done is chosen the action ‘Store a Value’ and given it a unique name which I called ‘mover1’ (I always like to name any signals or stored values etc something along the line of their task so its easy to reference them later in the log as you’ll see).

Because were wanting to use this stored value on another market we need to set it for ‘The Event’

I’m not requiring any particular odds, vol etc to be stored for this rule so I can just select the option ‘an enter amount’ were I can put my own unique value. I have input ‘1’ this could have been any number, but it might a well be 1 as the rule relates to the selection in row 1.

At the bottom of that windown I have ticked the option "Note value assignments in the markets log" I would recomend always doing this when first setting up a Stored Value or Signal as it will make it easier to troubleshoot any possible problems at a later time


That’s the first part done, however that is only looking at the one horse that’s in row 1, if you want to add more instead of rewriting the whole rule out if I click on and highlight this rule name then click the icon of two green arrows that will duplicate the whole rule, all I need do then is change the ‘Applied to Betfair Row 2’ then on the stored values tab I have renamed the stored value for this one to ‘mover2’. Then you can keep repeating that until you have covered all the rows you want, below I have added 6 rules and applied them to the first 6 selections, the automation file it can then be named and saved by clicking the Disc icon at the top of the window.


For the Place Mkt automation file the process is very similar, this time I have started with a ‘Place Back Bet’ rule type and instructed it to trigger just one time on the selection in Betfair Row 1, It is set to trigger 7 seconds before start time (this is to ensure the stored values from the win market have already been set).


On the parameters tab, I have just set my stake as £10 and will place it at the best market price (you can, of course, add some offsetting etc here, but I’ve left it just a straight £10 for demonstration purposes).

Next is the conditions tab, the only condition we are looking for is that a ‘Stored value’ is present. After selecting the ‘Stored Value Condition’ I can fill in the details of which stored value the rule should look for (basically all the details that I input earlier on the stored values tab of the place market rule - which is a stored value named ‘mover1’ for the Event, with an amount of 1)


And that’s the first rule done, all you need do now is repeat the duplicating process as before and create further rules for each selection, remembering to change the ‘Applies to’ Betfair row 2 on the General tab and then the stored value name on the conditions tab to the one your looking for, in this next case its ‘mover2’ and so on.


After the rule is saved you're ready to apply the files to the days win and place markets. In the next image, you will see I have applied them to the next two races at Fontwell, and they have already triggered on the 14:35 race.

In the background on the left is the log tab from the main trading screen showing the 14:35 win market, on the right I have the log showing from the 14:35 place market.

You can see that at 14:34 the win market rule triggered and stored values on 2 selections which they were written to the log (we know now it was the selections in Betfair rows 3 and 5 that shortened).

If you look across at the place market log you can see the two £10 back bets were placed 7 seconds before the off on the runners in Betfair rows 3 and 5.


As with the first example I would recommend having a go a copying this yourself even if you make the odd change along the way, but if you do still get stuck you can download both the rules below, where you can open them up and see all parts for each individual rule.
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Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:25 pm

Thank you, Dallas, this is VERY helpfull to me, and no doubt to lots of others too.

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Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:05 pm

Amazing Thanks

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Thanks, if they help get you started then they will of done there job.

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Blimey Dallas, ridiculous amounts of help as always

Many thanks

(Surely you are part of the Bet Angel team, if not you should be!)

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