Bet Angel - FAQ's : Customize the Columns on the One-Click & Manual Bet Screen

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The Grid columns on both the One-Click screen and Manual Bet screen are fully customizable and you can save as many different layouts & set-ups as you wish each with up to 20 customizable pre-set buttons to use as you want.

Image one below shows how it looks in near standard form where as Image two shows several custom buttons which have been added - below is a brief description of what each is used for.

1 ) Back £10 @1.01
This lets me place a quick back bet on a runner in the final seconds when I believe is going to win the race and by submitting at 1.01 I am guaranteed to have my bet matched at some odds.
2) Lay £10 @1.15
This is set to place a lay for a fixed liability of £10 @ odds of 1.15, handy if a runner is trading very low but I believe it might just get beat in the final moments
3) Cancel Unmatched
This allows me to quickly cancel ALL unmatched bets just on that single selection, rather than using the standard "Cancel All" button at the bottom of the screen
4) Bak £10 +10 Ticks
Often i want to Back at a higher price than its currently trading which is not visible on the grid, this has been set to place bets 10 ticks above the current trading price.
5) Lay £10 -10 Ticks
This is the opposite of the above and places a £10 lay bet 10 ticks below the current trading price
6) Cancel Back Bets
Used if i ONLY want to cancel any unmatched Back bets on that selection
7) Cancel Lay Bets
Opposite of the above and to cancel just the unmatched lay bets on the selection.

Full details of how to customize your own screens are in the Bet Angel Manual. ... 3D&mw=MzIw

Or you can watch a step by step video by Peter on Bet Angel TV talking you through the available options.
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