Bet Angel - FAQ's : Using the Watch List to Monitor & Trade Multiple Markets

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Sun May 22, 2016 8:15 pm

The watch List is a very useful feature of Bet Angel and quiet often under used when in fact it is invaluble when wanting to monitor and/or trade multiple markets at the same time.

During the summer months especially there is always so many sporting events happening around the same time you will often be spoilt for choice in what to trade and can often end up missing out on some great oppertunities - this year in particular will also see both the olympics and Euro 2016 added to a already very busy few months so a tool like the watch list is a easy way of keeping track of all the markets you may be intrested in.

Creating the Watch List

To create a watch list after adding any markets to guardian click on the "watch" tab across the top of the main guardian page, from here you can have upto 5 watch lists which you can populate by either adding markets to them individually or in bulk.
ie, you can put all the days horse racing markets in one watch list some football match odds and over/unders markets in another and use a third for tennis etc or put all the markets your running automation on into there own list.

Alternativly you can sync a watch list with all the markets you currently have in guardian, this watch list will then update its self each time you add or remove further markets to or from guardian.

Information Displayed

The information the watch list can display is fully customizable and can be different for each watch list created, for this example In the top image I have set up 3 Watch lists for the days trading (one for each sport) and I have choosen slightly different info to be displayed in each of them.
Here is just a few things which can be displayed in a watch list - When a market is In-Play, Selection Names, Profit or Loss, Volume, Back Odds, Lay Odds & Last Traded Price etc.

By creating a seperate watch list for the Horse Racing, Tennis and football markets I can see my poisition in all 29 individual markets with just a quick glance and in the bottom right corner of each list also displayed is the total Profit or Loss for all the markets for each sport - so far I can see there is a current total profit of £53.93 from all the Horse racing trades.

Even if your only trading on the one sport having all the markets in a watch list gives you a easy way of keeping track of what happening in the rest of them at a glance.

Using a Watch List

Not only can you see all this infomation but you are able to act on it very quickly when needing to just by clicking on the odds of any of the selections you are able to spawn (open) that market onto either the ladder or the one-click trading screen where you can then execute your trades or bets as normal, or if you dont have the odds displayed you can still click on the ladder icon next to the market title you want and open the market that way.

You can also green/red up a position on a market even faster with just a single mouse click on the Profit and loss value shown next to its name - In the middle image if i wanted to green up and take the £3.13 profit I have in the 14:40 at Fakenham all i have to do is click on that figure and my poistion is greened and closed (Without even needing to open the market) leaving me free to carry on with the race im currently trading.

In the bottom image while trading a tennis match by having my Tennis watch list displayed next to the ladder im able to keep a eye on any other trades or automations I may have running on other matches, even if im not yet trading on a particular match by also having the score and odds displayed for all the other matches im intreasted in i can quickly jump straight to it if i think I have spotted a opportunity and want to get involved - Tennis matches often start well after the schedualed start time so its also a very useful way to see as soon as a match actually goes In-Play.
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Mon May 23, 2016 4:21 am

has there been a change to the way the watchlist works.
Unless I've misunderstood, you seem to be saying that the profit and loss total is showing your overall position for that watchlist.
Last summer (Multiple football markets) when I noted that any closed market profit and loss was not reflected in the watchlist total.
Was informed that this was a Betfair issue.

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Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:56 pm

The total shown is from open markets once they have been closed and settled any PnL's are removed from the total shown

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