Bet Angel - FAQ's : Lay to a Fixed Liability Using the Auto Stake Feature

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Whenever backing a selection, you always know how much your risking by the size of the stake being used, however when laying your potential liability is usually much higher than the amount you are trying to win (stake your laying with).

This is where the option to ‘Lay to a Liability’ is useful as it allows you to set in advance the liability you wish to accept on a lay bet, Bet Angel then calculates the lay stakes required depending on the current odds of a selection.

To set a liability go to the ‘Auto Stake’ area found on the top banner of all trading screens and from the dropdown list select ‘Liability’ and simply enter the amount your prepared to risk and tick the ‘Auto Update’ box – this will ensure that as the odds for each selection change the lay stake will also change so as to ensure you still only incur the liability you have set.

The images below show some examples of this set up. I have chosen a liability of £25 and you can see its calculated the lay stakes required for each of the selections, this is shown in the lay stake columns on both the one click and ladder trading screens.

**Although still available (as a legacy) this feature has now been superseded by the new 'Staking Methods'.
For full details on using the new 'Staking Methods' see this thread

Chose between which feature you wish to use by clicking on settings > edit settings > staking and select the staking interface you want**
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