Bet Angel - Tips and tricks : Create a No-Lose Trade on One Selection and Profit on ALL Others

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Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:30 pm

A strategy a lot of people like to use is the ‘Free Bet’ strategy which involves backing a selection (usually the favourite) then laying it at a lower price using the same stake effectively ‘closing the trade’ by doing this you now have given yourself a ‘Free Bet’ and will profit if that selection goes onto win but lose nothing should any other selection win.

With the new staking methods of Bet Angel its now possible to do such a thing in reverse where you lose nothing if the selection you have traded on wins but have a ‘Free Bet’ and make a profit if ANY of the other selections win – and this can now be done using just two clicks of your mouse and with no calculations on your part (all that’s done by the software).

To create a no lose trade on one selection and profit on all others you first need to select the staking method ‘By Liability (Back & Lay)

In this example, I’m going to be placing the bets outside the current price and waiting for them to get matched using a ‘Seed’ stake of £50. With the staking method selected it means when I place a bet regardless of the odds the software will calculate the amount required so the liability on the lay bets placed will always be £50 and the potential profit from any back bets will also be £50

To help me do this on the one click screen im first going to add some custom columns (by clicking on settings just above the stake column and selecting ‘Edit Custom Columns) I will set these new columns to place the Back bet 5 ticks above and the lay bet 5 ticks below the current price. For more information on creating custom columns see this thread ... 47&t=11365
If you want to copy the settings i've used in this example below is a image of what i used to create these buttons.

CC Editor.jpg

Now once a race is in-play I’m just looking for something that is bouncing about in price so I can place both my back and lay bets above and below the current price (using the new custom buttons) and stand a good chance of getting them both matched. As each bet is placed Bet Angel calculates the amount needed depending on the odds placed at and the ‘seed’ stake (stake value) used. You’ll see in the image below I went for ‘Money Maid’ (quite ironic but I didn’t notice its name till afterwards).

B2L 1.jpg

Once both orders are in the market it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting till both orders are filled after which there will be no liability on the traded runner (lose nothing if it wins) and a profit on the rest of the field. In the image below you can see both orders have now been matched and I now have a profit of £6.59 on all the runners bar ‘Money Maid’
If the market conditions are still right and you feel you can get another back & lay bet matched then you can repeat this as many times as you want - each time both are matched your risk will be £0 and your profits on all other runners will increase

B2L 2.jpg

There is of course any number of other ways you could do this and you don’t need to use the custom columns - you may prefer to look for front runners or horses whose prices are expected to shorten in-running then back first at the current price and place the lay in-running as its odds shorten.

An advantage of backing first with this strategy is you can keep your potential liability quiet low, if you look at the example above you’ll see the back bet placed was for £15.15 so if that had been matched and the price then continued to drift (without a lay being matched) then that would have been the amount lost but once the lay was matched then a £6.59 on all runners but this one is realised. - So, by risking £15 you have made £6.59 profit from a 10 tick move.
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Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:04 am

It is of course possible to do this using the ladder screen, using the same stake method ‘By Liability (Back & Lay)’ just remember to ensure you DON’T have any offsetting enabled (both bets need to be placed manually) then with your seed stake selected place your back and lay bets either side of the current price

B2L Liability 1.jpg

Alternatively, as on the one-click screen you can place one and wait for it to be matched before placing the 2nd bet, backing first with this strategy will keep your potential loss to a minimum if the price goes against you.

Once both a back and lay bet have been matched you will see the profits shown above each ladder with the one you have traded on being £0 and the ALL the other runners showing a profit, and as with the one click screen this can be repeated as many times you want.

B2L Liability 2.jpg

If you would like to automation this type of trade their is a ready made file in the horse racing section of the shared files library which you can download ... 52&t=13579
Or if Footballs your thing there is this Lay the Draw bot that moves all the profits from the draw onto the home & away teams ... 50&t=13663
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