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Trading in-play on the ladder screen can be tricky especially as the volatility picks up and prices start jumping in and out of view, also most people will only have 4-6 ladders visible on their screen so without constantly re-ordering them getting a full overview on what's going on in an in-play market is near impossible. The one-click screen can also be just as difficult to follow as it’s just going to be a load of flashing and changing numbers which can be a lot for the eyes and brain to take in, process and then act upon before the opportunities lost.

This is where the In-Play trader tool comes in, this is a unique tool for trading In-Running horse racing markets and gives a simple easy to understand overview of how all the prices are moving, making it very easy to spot things like weakening runners or those which are emerging from the pack towards the later stages of a race, or even if just looking for some quick in-out scalping opportunities when a runner’s prices is consistently bouncing in and out. Whatever your style or preference the In-play trader should help you find that opportunity and more importantly take advantage of it.

To use the In-Play Trader tool once you have a racing market selected simple click the ‘Winning Post’ icon and that will open the interface, you can then set this window to any size including full screen if you wish.

Its layout is fairly self-explanatory with a few basic options to choose from dropdown lists across the top, starting at the top left below is a brief description of each;

Win%Scale = Lets you switch the display between % and tick scaling
No Sorting = A number of sorting option (i prefere to leave as 'No Sorting' especially if betting in the In-Play trader window otherwise its easy to bet/trade on the wrong runner if the order/s suddenly changes right as you click your mouse to submit your bet)
36 = This is just the font size being used
Odds Label = Switches between odds and the Implied percentage chance of each runner
Left Click Back, Right Click, lay = Lets you select how you want to interact and place your bets/trades within the In-Play trader window, (I like to back and lay so have this set the way it currently is but you may only wish to back in-play if so its worth using the 'Back Only' option as it will avoid any chance of a miss clicked lay bet being submitted.
Price based on mouse position = The option of havin bets placed a preset number of ticks ahead or behind were you click your mouse, depending on your trading style or strategy this is very important setting to ensure you have the best possible chance of having your bets matched

The ‘Staking Method’ is still selected from your main screen banner and the actual stakes are set from the one-click screen stake columns, for this example I’ll be using a £10 fixed stake - once you have selected these you’re ready to start using the in-play trader.



Placing a Trade/Bet
Placing a bet/trade couldn’t be easier, to do so simply move your course to were you would like to submit it and click your mouse depending if you want to place a back or lay bet, in the image below you can see I have mine pointed ahead of the fav and at the bottom its showing the stake I’m about to use and that I’m hovering over odds of 1.53 of the top runner, if I move further to the left this figure will decrease and to the right it will start to increase so weather your looking for a specific price or just want to be a few ticks in front or behind a runners current trading price/range it very easy to do.


You will also see that at the bottom its telling me the stake and reminding me that if I Left-Click it will place a Lay bet at these odds or if I Right-Click then a back bet will be placed (this will of course still be matched at higher odds by Betfair if available).

If I were to change my ‘Staking Method’ to By Liability (Lay Only) and my ‘Stake’ to £25 and point the cursor in the same place you can see its calculated the lay stake ill be placing at the odds to achieve the liability amount I have set – as I move the cursor left and right or on to another runner this stake amount will keep changing so as to always achieve the £25 liability I have set.


And that's all there is too it.
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Alternatively, you don’t need to place your bets/trades in the In-Play trader window, as you seen above the stakes used for the In-Play trader are taken from those on your one-click screen, but its not just the stakes that are taken from this screen!

In-Play Trader actually works in conjunction with the one-click trading screen, this allows you to take advantage of all the options of the one-click screen and combine them with the visual advantages of the In-Play Trader.

Whenever i use the In-Play Trader its always with the One-Click screen and one thing i have done is to set up some custom column buttons and you can do as many of these as you wish (see this thread for further details on creating your own custom buttons) ... 47&t=11365

For this example i have started by turning off the ‘Bet Placement’ within the In-Play trader windows (so I can freely click anywhere on it and not submit any bets accidentally). Once I have done this I can then line up the In-Play trader window with my One-click trading screen, this will now give me all the visual advantages of the In-Play trader while also utilizing all the customizable options of the one-click screen therefore combining the best of both worlds and allowing me to create some unique setups which suit me and the style of In-Play trading I’m looking to do.

In the image below you will see i have created a custom column which lets me submit back bets on runners at odds of 1.01 (don't forget Betfair will still match you at higher odds if available when your bets reaches the market). This would allow you to then sit back and watch the In-Play Trader and as soon as you see a runner being backed in hard near to the end of a race or perhaps one emerging from the pack as the current leader weakens you can get your bet into the market quickly with the confidence it will get matched at some odds
(remember its not 5secs behind like your TV/Streaming pictures so what you see here is a reflection of where those on-course are betting)


You can of course set up as many custom columns as you wish so whether you just have a single IR strategy or multiple ones depending on how a race is shaping up this is a great way to put them at your finger tips.

Another possibility is to use the one-click screens global settings (by uncrossing the blue cog icon), with those enabled you can still bet directly on the In-Play Trader as well as via the one-click screen and any custom columns.
For example with ‘Global Settings’ enabled on the on-click screen you can set up something like ‘Offset bet with Greening’ 6 ticks with ‘Fill or Kill’ 3 seconds Delay for your 'Global Settings' as shown in the image below.

Banner Offset.JPG

Then watch the In-Play trader screen as soon as a runner is seen to be bouncing up and down within a few ticks range you can quickly submit a bet via your one-click screen, custom buttons or the In-Play trader directly - perhaps ‘Placing your opening back bet 5 ticks above’ its current price (hoping to catch the next bounce back up), once placed the global setting will the take over and either kill it if not matched within 3 seconds or if it is matched an offset bet with greening 6 ticks lower will be placed for you which will hopefully be matched also therefore creating a nice profit all from opportunity spotted from watching the In-Play Trader window and a single click to submit the opening part of the bet!

Of course, those are just two examples of how you could combine these features to enhance your IR trading, in reality there is practically countless ways you can use these features together.

To see a video tutorial showing the In-Play trader being used and most of the above in action please see the following link
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