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Hi Guys,

I've got a few questions with regards to collecting tennis data. I've seen the profit graph video Peter did last year and the capture sheet that was posted on here.


In the video Peter explains how he put his stake in at the start of the match and records the profit/loss figures in time intervals as the match goes on. Is this the standard/best way to collect data on tennis? The reason I ask is because in the video he was referring to the Australian Open for which scores are not provided by Betfair for this particular tournament.

For tournaments which provide score data is it possible to record the back/lay prices along with the current score after each point is played (obviously a delay would have to be applied to the recorder to allow for the price to adjust). Does anyone collect tennis data this way or if anyone has a more efficient way any input would be much appreciated.

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Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:37 pm

The odds and scores can be captured by connecting a data capture spreadsheet to Bet Angel, there are several ready-made ones in the data section on this forum

They are mostly set up for horse racing but you just need to make some adjustments to capture the scores too, if you're not experienced with Excel you could post to the end of the threads and the author or someone will be able to advise
If you are experienced with Excel you might want to design your own sheet from scratch dedicated to tennis using those in the link above just as an idea

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