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Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:59 pm

I have been working on a file to record the prices in the background all day.

It is not very polished because I have been concentrating on keeping it light in terms of data requests and cpu usage. This is the reason that I am only recording data for the first ten horses in any race.

Just hook it up to guardian with a 1 second refresh rate, wait until the dashboard says the right number of sheets have been populated and then press "Setup & Run". It will record prices at 1 minute intervals.

I have a couple of queries if someone a bit less green could help me:

I have classified a steamer or drifter if the implied odds have moved 40% from the starting price. What would people suggest here? (Edit: It will discount a steamer if the number of runners has changed)

There seems to be no problem running this sheet on guardian and another strategy hooked up to the main betangel interface but I do not seem able to link them in the way that you normally do with two excel files (to get access to a trading range for all of the races). Is there a way to connect them that I do not know about?

It is also not polished because I am self-taught on excel & learning vba from google. I intend to extend it to 60 races & will probably need to tweak it at some point, if you know what you are doing then feel free to get stuck in - nothing is locked or hidden.
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Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:20 pm


Just tried running it and got a "procedure to large" message, but then again my laptop's parents were a Sinclair ZX81 & Spectrum.

I've streamlined the "SetupAll" & "Clear" subroutines, so it should help a bit. All it does is cycle through each sheet and does the necessary. Any sheets that you want to exclude just add to the three that are already excluded

"If Wksheet.Name <> "Data" And Wksheet.Name <> "P&L" And Wksheet.Name <> "Dashboard" Then"

Can you explain a bit more about adding the two programes together?

Changed the workbook name so it doesn't interfere with your original.

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Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:45 pm

Hello Nigel,

Cheers for getting back to me so quickly.

By adding them together I just mean using an excel file attached to the main bet angel interface to reference cells in an excel file attached to guardian - so that I can have access to information on the trading range for the day in both files.

Normally you can just share information between workbooks the same way you do between worksheets but I am guessing that the connection to betangel interferes with this.

On the subject of the "procedure too large" message; it does sound like you already know more about this sort of thing than me but I solved my issues with excel and memory by making sure that I installed the version of excel that matched my machine (ie. 32-bit or 64-bit).

I am happy to upload a perfectly legitimate (ahem) copy of excel if you need.

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Good work on the sheet. I query the need though for so many sheets? You're recording data a long time out from the start no doubt? Is that really necessary? In AUS the gallops races on a Saturday are about 4 mins apart, most other days you can consecutively record to one sheet and just collect that last 4 - 5mins at 5 second intervals. That's where most of the action is anyway! For the UK greys, I record to one sheet the last 3 minutes. Your excel record data sheet can be your betting firing sheet as well. In the first attachment I show my data record sheet fror UK greyhounds, so 6 selections wide. It index matches a table of pre-determined triggers and fires the betting program.

All the data you collect each day shouldn't be wasted and be transferred to a excel table, then into pivot tables with a dashboard and slicers. (attachment 2) This is the brains of your analysis. if you think you've got a profitable set of criteria and parameters, then transfer that to a excel Advanced Filter (attachment 3). The reason being is pivot tables summarise and order everything neatly. They show potential areas of profit, but that neat order never happens in real life, that's where the Advanced filter comes in, as it shows the order of bets in real time.

Haven't finished yet as that can still be misleading, so you need to randomize the order of bets many times in a excel montecarlo simulator and plot the % probability of profit loss outcomes. If still happy, then the table that your first worksheet acts upon is updated and the cycle continues.
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Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:32 pm

would you care to share your sheets when finished

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