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Servants, just tap your bell to call them.
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Servants have been designed to be started (and stopped) in a number of different ways to offer users maximum flexibility, in this thread ill show a few examples of the possible methods.

Possibly the easiest and most convenient way is via a keyboard short cut, with this method you can assign Servants to any of your keys allowing you to start numerous ones quickly and easily, if your using a multi button mouse once mapped to a key they can then be started from your mouse buttons.

Start by going into Settings > Behaviour > and select either ‘Create New Profile’ or ‘Edit’ an existing profile if you already have one, see image below

Image 1.JPG

That will open your keyboard short cut editor, click the green plus icon in the top left corner then from the ‘Shortcut Category’ drop list select ‘Automation Servants’ then below that for your ‘Short Cut Action’ select ‘Start an Automation Servant (mouse Context)’

At the bottom you will now be able to select the Automation Servant’ you want to assign to a shortcut from your saved servants. Once selected click ‘Caputure Next Keypress’ and press the key you want to assign this servant to. In the image below I have assigned a Servant named AS Monetary Stop Loss to the letter ‘S’

Image 2.JPG

Once that’s done just click Save AS and give it a name or Save if editing an existing profile.

Providing your cursor is hovering over a selections back or lay boxes (as if you were going to place a bet) when you press the ‘S’ key (or whatever key you assigned) it will now start the Servant on that selection.

Another way to start them is by assigning them to one of the three pre-set short cut combinations within the Servant Manager window. To do this first open the ‘Servant Manager’ by clicking the ‘Bellboy’ icon and on the shortcuts tab you will see the following three short cut options

Image 3.JPG

Select the servant/s from the adjacent drop list and they are now ready to start up on pressing that combination of keys. If your servant uses Selection Context, then your mouse cursor needs to be hoovering over the or back or lay prices of the selection you want to apply it to, likewise if it uses the Price Context then the price your cursor is over when the key combination is pressed is also used.

If it’s not context sensitive, you still need to position your cursor over any selections back or lay column to start it. Once started you will still see the status light appear next to that selection, don’t worry that’s just showing which one it was started on. If the Servant was made to bet on a specific selection ie, the favourite it does not matter which selection your cursor was hovering over it will still only trigger on the favourite.

Also using the ‘Servant Manager’ if you go on to the ‘Control’ tab you will be able to choose one of your saved Servants from the drop list then use the adjacent ‘Start’ button when you’re ready to start it. This is handy if your switching between several servants but don’t want to assign them all to shortcut keys and instead just position the Servant Manager open in a spare area of your screen.

Image 4.JPG

Image 5.JPG

The final way is by adding a custom column to your one-click screen, for details on this method please see this thread
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To stop a Servant there are several possible ways, the first way is also via a keyboard short cut where you can assign individual keys to stop all servants on a market, or just those on a selection etc. To do this follow the same steps as when starting a Servant via keyboard short cuts but under ‘Shortcut Action’ you will have a list of stop options to choose from.

Image 6.JPG

If a servant was started on a selection you will see a status light next to that selections name on both the one-click or ladder screen. By right clicking on one of these status lights a pop up box will appear with three stop options, stop all servants on a market, stop most recently started servant or stop all servants on an individual selection.

Image 7.jpg
Image 7a.JPG

The next couple of ways are all done within the ‘Servant Manager’ windows its self, first across the top is a square red button that will stop the most recently started servant, to the right of that is the ‘Nuke’ button which as the name suggests stops ALL servants on the market.

Image 8.JPG

Also within the ‘Servant Manager’ if you are on the ‘Shortcut’ or ‘Control’ tabs in the bottom half you will see details of the most recently started servant and a red square, clicking this square will also stop the servant shown in this window.

Image 9.JPG

The final way while still within the ‘Servant Manager’ is via the ‘activity’ tab here you will see all the Servant that have been started and next to them you will see a number of red squares, clicking the adjacent red square will stop individual Servants, all Servants on a selection or all servants on a market.

Image 10.JPG
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