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Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:00 pm

Please don't think for one second I am being Lazy i just dont have time lately but hopefully, somebody can spare me 10 mins to answer a question.

I gave up on Automation some time ago and thought I'd never need to use a servant, however, I have an idea and want to know if its possible.

Is it possible to use servant to monitor certain horses in different races?

For example, I have found a horse that I am interested in but I am only interested if it reaches a certain price up or down even if I dont have an open trade.

Let's say the horse is currently 5.0s and if it reaches 4.5 I want to be notified and if it reaches 7s I want to be notified. My theory is today feeling unwell I had an interest in a couple of trades but couldn't sit at my desk but would have been perfect if I could be notified. Additionally is there a way to differentiate between selections from some form of alarm. So i know what the selection the alarm is for


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Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:02 pm

Servants can only be used on the current market you have on screen (they will stop automatically once you open another).

Guardians automation can monitor multiple markets even when not in focus but at the moment there is no easy to say if it drifts X ticks or percent, instead, you would have to set the odds you want to be alerted - which of course would be different for each market.
But once you have your automation template its a 2-second job to set this and apply it to the market

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