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This servant is for use in many sports and markets types, it should be especially useful in pre and in-play soccer markets.

The purpose of the servants is to allow you to offer an opening back bet a few ticks outside the current price, if the price then shortens before its matched the bet will be re-priced again a few ticks outside the current price – effectively you have a trailing entry servant.

This is very similar to the global settings option ‘Stop on Opening Bet’ except unlike the Stop on Opening Bet option which takes the current best price if the odds move before the opening bet is matched this servant just moves the unmatched bet and offers it a few ticks above the new current price.
The servant uses Context selection, price and stake. This means when you start the Servant it will place a back on the selection and price you have your mouse cursor pointing at when you start it, it will also use the stake you currently have chosen for that selection.

If the lay price shortens to 5 or more ticks lower than the unmatched back bet it will be cancelled and re-priced 3 ticks above the current lay price, should the lay price shorten again to 5 or more ticks below the unmatched bet then it will be cancelled again and re-priced 3 ticks above the current lay price, this will be continually repeated until the bet is matched or you cancel it manually.

Please see the image below for a detailed illustration.

Trailing Entry.JPG

How it Works

The first three rules stop any previous servants on the selection and cancel any unmatched bets and reset the number of matched bets count on that selection, which should ensure there no conflicts if re-using this or any other servant.

The next rule ‘Place Back Bet and Store Entry Price’ does as its name suggests, it will place a back bet at the price your cursor is hovering over and store the value of that price with the name ‘entry’.

The ‘Re-Price Entry’ rule has two conditions, the first is a Stored Value condition that tests if the lay price is less than the Stored value named entry minus 5 ticks (ie, the lay price is 5 ticks or more ticks below what the entry price was). The second condition tests there are not yet any matched bets on the selection (since the servant was started and the 3rd rule triggered to reset this).

If both those conditions are met the re-price rule will trigger and place a back bet 3 ticks above the current best reverse price.
When this rule triggers it also increments a signal value on the selection named ‘triggered’

The 5th and final rule ‘Cancel Previous Unmatched Bets’ has a Signal Changed Condition to test if the value of the signal named ‘triggered’ changed between 0.2secs and 1 sec ago. Basically, this means this cancel unmatched bets rule will trigger 0.2 seconds after the ‘Re-price Entry’ rule has triggered and will cancel unmatched back bets 5 or more ticks above the current reverse price (ie, it will cancel the previous unmatched back bet but not the latest re-priced back bet

Downloading & Using the Servant

To use this servant just click on the ASC Trailing Back Bet Entry.Baf attachment links below and this will download them to your computer, then open your Servant Manager window and click the rules link at the top and then "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in your dropdown boxes and is ready to be started whenever required.

Once you have it imported into your Servant Manager it can be edited very easily simply by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any servant always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

See the following thread for step by step instructions on downloading and importing a servant into your Bet Angel, or see image below on where to import it in your Servant Manager.
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Thanks Dallas
Julian :D

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