Bet Angel - Tips and tricks : Record & Display Historical Odds, Vol%, IP% & IR Traded Vol on One-Click Screen

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Sat May 05, 2018 10:33 am

This thread will show how using a combination of a simple automation file and some custom columns on your one-click or matched bets screen you can record and display historic values for a selection like its Price, IP%, Traded Vol% and In-Running traded volumes

You can see in the image below I have added three custom columns to display the historical back price at 5mins, 4 mins & 3 mins before the start time, giving a clear overview of which direction a selections price is heading in as we approach the off.


First you need to create a simple automation file to store the value at the required intervals. This just requires a rule type ‘Set/Modify a Stored Value Only’ which I’ve named ‘Runner 1 @ 5mins’ and armed to trigger one time on the selection in Betfair Row 1 and I have set it to trigger at 5mins to post.


Next to add the information its to store you go to the ‘Stored Values’ Tab, In the image below you can see I am storing the back price of the selection in Betfairs Row 1, I’ve given it the name of ‘five’ (this can be anything but as its storing the value at 5mins then ‘five’ is as good a name as any makes it easier to remember)


That’s the rule to store a value on the first selection at 5mins done, it’s now easy to duplicate that rule for other selections and add additional times to store the values at ie, 4mins, 3 mins etc

With the rule highlighted click the icon of two green arrows to duplicate the rule and rename it to ‘runner 2 @ 5mins’ then change the selection its applied to Betfair Row 2 and continue repeating this till you have a rule for as many selections as you want.

Once you have those done the next step is to create another rule to store the value at a different time, so if you go back and highlight the first rule and duplicate it again this time rename it to ‘Runner 1 @ 4 mins’ change the arm time to 4mins, then on the stored value tab change the stored value name from ‘five’ to ‘four’ (again this can be any name but ‘four’ makes sense as that’s the time the value is being stored at).

When that’s done its time to duplicate a rule for each selection again, then once you have all that you need repeat the above steps to create a rule for storing the value at 3mins then duplicate a copy for each selection.

Once you have all your rules you can save your automation file. Then you only need to add the markets to guardian each day and apply the automation file to them all.

Once you have your automation file ready the next step is to create some custom columns for the one-click/manual bet screen to display these values.

To do this go to the one-click screen and open the ‘Custom Column Editor’ and select ‘Edit Custom Columns’ and chose a custom column to edit.


I’m starting with Custom Column 1 which I have named ‘Odds 5 mins’ (this is the name that appears above the columns when its added). The action required is to ‘Display a Stored Value’ and below that I’ve entered ‘five’ which is the name of the Stored value I want displaying (hence the reason to name the stored values something relevant when making the file earlier).


Next, I just need to click ‘Save’ at the bottom then I can select another custom column to edit, which I’ll name the title as ‘Odds 4 Mins’ and change the name of the stored value it displays to ‘four’ then repeat that for my 3 min column.

The final part is too select these columns on the one-click screen by opening the ‘column chooser’ (the yellow and white icon that looks like a calendar)

Col Chooser.JPG

Your now set up and ready, just click the Disc+ icon on your one-click as circled in the image below and save your grid layout (which I have named tracker) and your ready to go, I've added the days markets into guardian and applied the automation file made earlier to them all, as soon as it gets to 5mins to post the odds will begin apperaing in the new columns


I would recomend you try setting up your own automation file following the steps above (you will likely want to make it slightly different to record Vol% or store the values at different intervals etc) but if you get stuck below is a copy of the file I've made which will store the odds of the first 6 selections at 5, 4 and 3 min to post which you can download to look at or edit to your own requirements
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Sun May 06, 2018 10:46 am


Once you have made you automation file or downloaded the posted above if you wish to change it from storing ‘odds’ to IP% or Vol% go into the rules editor and onto the stored values tab and select from the other options in the ‘With’ drop list

Change Odds.JPG

If using a % option, it worth also using the rounding option at the bottom of that window to ‘round up to the nearest whole number’

Or if you would like to create separate automation files so you can choose between them then before doing the above while in the rules editor’ first click the disc+ and resave the automation file with another name, you’ll then have two identical files and you can begin editing the new one the same way as above.

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Fri May 25, 2018 10:55 am

Display In-Running Traded Volume

If your an in-play trader you may also wish to display just the in-play traded volume in a custom column.

To achieve this you will need two rules for each selection.
The first rule for each store the value of the traded amount at the off
The second rule then continually stores the value of the traded volume after the market has gone in play, before it does this on the fly it also deducts the original stored value at the off which then leaves the amount that has been traded in-play

IP Rules Editor.JPG

You can see the way its done and calculated if you look in the log, below you can see the first 3 selections have had their traded volume stored at the off, 4 secs into the race they have been stored again minus their original value which = the amount traded on each selection since the market went in-play


Those figures after the = sign can then be displayed on your one-click screen in a custom column which you can set up in an identical way to that shown in the opening post.

If you download the ready-made rules from the bottom of this post when creating a custom column it needs to display the stored value named 'ipvol'


You can now clearly see on your one-click screen which horses are attracting the most money in-running

IP Traded Vol 1.JPG

Below I have attached a ready-made file which will store the odds of the first 6 selections at the off then update them with the in-play traded volume every 5secs (you can, of course, change this to any duration you want and increase the number of selections)
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