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Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:43 pm

This is a basic Guardian automation files for use on Tennis markets.

To use this file please ensure you are using the latest V1.51 version of Bet Angel which can download from the following thread

The purpose of the bot is to alert you via your watchlist when the favourite is dominating there serve.

When the alert goes off it will flash the words ‘Fav Dom’ next to the player in your watchlist, it will also auto-scroll to that market (useful if you have dozens of markets in your watchlist) and in case you have the watchlist minimized at the time the alert goes off it will also auto maximize the Watch list window for you.

So you will have instant notification of which player and match the alerts relates to which you can then click on and launch the on to your ladder or one-click trading screen to take action on

Tennis WL Alert.JPG

How it Works

At the start of the match, a signal is set on each selection to denote if they are the fav or 2nd fav, this signal is then used as a condition of the other rules within this file.

At the start of each service game if the signal ‘fav’ is set (indicating the pre-match fav is serving) another signal called ‘Dom’ is set, if their opponent reaches 30pts then this signal is reset and will set again then next time the pre-match fav begins a service game.

If the opponent does not reach 30pts and therefore the fav dominated there serve, then an alert ‘Fav Dom’ will appear next to that player in your watchlist. At the same time as the alert triggers the signal named ‘Dom’ is reset and will set again when that player begins a new service game.

There are also some additional conditions I have added which are;

The fav must be 1 or less games behind there opponent when serving (ie, the match is on serve or the fav is leading)
and they must also be level or ahead in match sets

To use this file just click on the following link below ’Alert When Fav Dominating.Baf’ and this will download it to your computer, then with guardian open on the "Automation" tab click "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in the drop-down box just above, you can now apply them to any markets you have added into guardian.

Once you have it imported into your Guardian the stake size along with any other aspects of this file can be edited very easily by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any automation bot always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

To see a video tutorial on how to download and import an automation file into your Bet Angel please see this link
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Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:44 pm


In addition to the watchlist alert as described above you could also add a sound alert to go off at the same time, to do this with the market selected in Guardian click ‘Edit Rules’ on the main banner, select the rule name ‘Alert if Fav Dominates Serve’ and go on to the parameters tab.
There you can tick the top box and select a .wav file from your PC to play at the time the alert triggers
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Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:18 pm

will come in mighty useful. thanks Dallas

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