Bet Angel - Tips and tricks : Adjusting Automation Rules if a Meeting is Abandoned / Rescheduled

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Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:59 pm

This time of year can often see race meeting abandonments, and if the upcoming forecast is anything to go by during the next few weeks we are going to see more than our fair share.

When a meeting is abandoned the BHA (British Horseracing Authority) will often reschedule one or more of the remaining meeting to try and even out the gap/s between what’s left of the day's races. They will never pull a race ahead of its advertised off time but will often put it back by 5-10 mins.

Someone will usually post to the ‘Todays Racing’ thread on this forum as soon as any abandonments/rescheduling occurs and list the affected races and while it can present new opportunities for those manually trading this will often come at the expense of those who are using pre-race bots.


Your automation file works off the start time within guardian therefore assuming you have your rules set to trigger during the last 5 minutes before the original post time a 5 minute delay to that meeting will now mean your bot now starts triggering 10mins before the race start and possibly looking to green up just when all the real action is just starting, making them a little prone to manipulation etc from those who are aware of the delay.

However, it’s very easy for you to avoid being caught by this and to ensure your rules still only fire at the correct time. Once you have all your markets in guardian even if you already have your rules applied you can manually edit the start time for any market simply by clicking in the start time of the affected markets.

You will see in the before and after images below that after adding all markets to guardian it was announced that due to an abandonment of a meeting all today's races at ‘Plumpton’ had been put back five minutes. Therefore I simply clicked the ‘Market’ column header to organize all races by meeting then went into the several Plumpton races of the day and in the ‘Start Time’ column put the time forward 5 minutes.

Guardian Delay.JPG

Guardian Delay 2.JPG

Now any rules I apply/have applied will trigger on time again in relation to the adjusted start time.
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