Bet Angel - Example spreadsheets : Automatically Clear Individual Runners Back/Lay or Lay/Back Spreadsheet

Example spreadsheets and comments on example spreadsheets.
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If anybody can come up with a better title for this spreadsheet, feel free to share lol

Firstly, thank you very much to: spreadbetting, nigelk and shaunwhite on this forum for helping me with this code this week.
Now let me explain what this spreadsheet can do. You will see a table underneath the instruction field with 6 runners available. Each has a "BACK" and a "LAY" trigger option. You write your own formulas in cells B34:G37 with outputs as 1 (BACK trigger/LAY trigger), 2 (Close a Back Trade/Close a Lay Trade) or nothing (dormant).

If you type a 1 in cell B34 then B31 will show "BACK" and you will issue a BACK order placed into the market. Once it has been placed the spreadsheet will wait for B34 to = 2 (your Close back trade formula) before doing anything else with that runner, therefore you wont be firing multiple orders into the market. This spreadsheet will be perfect for you if you have formulas to judge the direction of the market and forecast swing trade opportunities. Each time the system will reset the moment a previous trade has been placed so you can develop an autonomous system.

You can type anything into the instruction field (for example cell L9) like a normal Bet Angel template to adjust your strategies live as the system uses macros. What makes this powerful is you can control, with your formulas, specific entry/exit points for multi-directional trades.

It's difficult to explain really so I recommend just having a play (it's quite easy to figure out what's going on) and if you have any questions or feedback, i'd love to hear either :).

Please, if you spot any bugs or errors popping up, let me know in this thread. Goes without saying but for new traders, please test with your own formulas extensively in practise mode first (I recommend using alongside the ladder screen) before using your own money!

Callum :)
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