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Sat May 12, 2018 1:30 pm


I'm a professional C# programmer with decent enough SQL knowledge and I am working on applications to back test strategies. My concentration is largely football and to a much lesser success horseys.

Got bits of everything really Java PHP, and all useful data formats, some DBA experience but not detailed.

Was wondering if there were any programmers out there wanting to help share knowledge and any data, team up and share ideas with please? Please contact me, especially C# with DB knowledge. Got ideas for a website which I never really get round to for starters! Particularly anyone who has things like poisson and binomial frequency classes etc maybe, that's not something i have looked at in great detail yet.

Only for our own gain, unless someone wants me to do some specific analysis for them, sure we can arrange something. If I get chance I would help, but bear in mind my spare time can be limited, this is a 2nd income for me. Be nice to do it full time but not sure i have the finances yet!

Many thanks guys PM me if preferred, be good to set up a group and some github projects maybe? Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sun May 13, 2018 11:07 am


I am a retired I.T Consultant who has a 14 year old up to date database ( DB2 on Unix ) that I use for my trading modelling plus I have betfair prices loaded into another DB2 database with stored procedures ( SQL ) to probe the data and it has certainly helped me. I purely trade horse racing in the UK. It is so easy to slice and dice the data with databases and SQL. I also like to gamble on horses as well as the database allows me to match horse racing patterns, I only gamble on UK Handicap horse racing. I aim to back double figure priced horses.

Would be interested in communicating offline.



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Mon May 14, 2018 10:41 am

Thanks for reply Mark, will PM you shortly. If you know anyone else let me know, I'm sure there must be a few on here.

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