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Fri May 18, 2018 2:56 am

Hello all,

I am still a newbie at betangel automation. I have managed to grasp parameters and conditions reasonably well now, but because I have had no prior programming experience I am struggling to understand the concept of stored values and signals.

Having just downloaded the latest version of Bet Angel, I have begun to try and use stored values but I am completely confused.

I would love it if someone on the forum could help me step by step through a scenario I am trying to automate and hopefully this will get my brain into some clarity on the endless possibilities stored values can bring to enhance all of our trading careers...

I will try and keep it as simple as possible....

So I have placed a back bet into the market at odds of 2.34 with a $200 stake and a one tick offset without greening.

There are other back bets also in the market at varying odds and varying amounts, also with a one tick offset. Because of this I have placed certain conditions on the back bet at 2.34 of when it can trigger again. Conditions such as 'number of unmatched bet amounts on selection less than x', 'fixed odds condition' , 'back bets matched < Laybets plus x amount, 'unmatched lay amounts on selection less than x' etc.

When all these conditions work in tandem they almost give me the result i'm after. It waits for the tick offset to be completed and then places the back bet in again after this. This happens on every back bet at every odd price, however on the odd occasion when there is (a massive hit on the market or I am partially matched on a back bet and then the market shifts) this causes the back bets higher up to trigger a duplicate back bet into these odd amounts because the totals of unmatched bets and other amounts are out of whack. This means that from here (having all back bets doubled) all my conditions are messed up and nothing can automate until I manually fix it all up.

This is what I need help with..

For simplicity let's go back to that $200 stake back bet at odds of 2.34

I want to use stored values (I think it is possible) to tell betangel that it cannot retrigger the back bet at 2.34 if there is already an unmatched bet (remaining from earlier) at those odds. I need betangel to wait until it finds no unmatched bets at odds of 2.34 before it can place a new back bet in there. This is odds specific, not merely selection specific.

What I need is a step by step process, one thing at a time. For example, do you make a whole new stored value under the 'general tab', and then apply it to the rule after that? Or do you just need to enter commands into the stored value tab within the existing 'back bet rule'?

What coding or stored value is required to tell Betangel to look a certain number of ticks above the current market price and then assess whether there is one of my unmatched bets still in there?

I know you can use the action 'store a value' with 'the back price of a selection' with an adjustment plus or minus the amount of ticks. That is all I know so far, but considering I am yet to comprehend the function of stored values at this stage I need to go through it with baby steps, one thing at a time.

I am confident that once I start to see hands on examples of how this would work my comprehension of stored values as a whole will be grasped pretty quickly.

Hope this can help other traders who are exploring this new function also...

Cheers and look forward to this discussion.

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Fri May 18, 2018 9:29 am

You might find these links useful to start with 1st two are signals next two are stored values, stored values are an extension of signals so understanding how they work means you'll understand stored values too

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