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Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:40 pm

I have a question regarding greening up. Can you green up at a price that's yet to be offered? Like for example if I have won my trade and I have so much profit on the selection I've been trading on, and I now wish to green-up, if I just click the green up button it will green up at the current price being offered but what if I want to make that little bit more profit and green up at the next price or the one lower, do I have to wait for it to hit that then press the green up button at exactly that moment? Or is there a way to 'order' it to green up should that level be hit? My other question is regarding the stop loss function. All I see at the top of bet angel is offset bet with stop which I am not sure I understand? Where can I find out more about the offset and stop and offset and green and all that stuff? When I was watching the videos on youtube I notice Peter puts a stop in a certain box and the box goes yellow? But I can't reproduce this myself? How is the stop placed so the box goes yellow? Thanks to anyone who responds. I'm trying to get the hang of it.

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You can green up at the current or reverse price

Or you can create a servant/automation file to green up at a profit or when the price trades above or below 'X' odds

By right-clicking a price you can set a manual stop loss (the cell will then turn yellow), this thread explains all the various stop-loss options

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when using the ladder the green profit/red loss amounts are shown for each price, can just click the one you want and wait to get matched, as Dallas says right click to set a stop loss and will turn yellow

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