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Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:23 pm

Hello, I've downloaded a trial and have a couple of automation questions if anyone could help with please.

The first is I can't find how to set up a custom staking plan but that involves other questions. There is some rules for staking but I can't see how to do what I need. I'll make am example...

For the scenario.... I've made main rule with multiple conditions, I load some markets, at this point I'm a bit confused if I'm supposed to activate this rule with guardian, guardian plus, a servant or a combination and that I want to apply the rule to all the selections as they cycle chronologically but it gives some error message about only being able to attach the rule it to a servant(?) ... but anyway so if a starting amount bet is placed according to the rules criteria then what should happen is no more bets will be placed until a result is known. I don't know if BA has the option to know if a bet has been settled or not? If the condition of the bet can be determined (settled or not) then it's just a matter of knowing if it was a P/L, either by a direct call for that info or if the account balance has gone up. When the result is known by whatever method and it's a win then the bot resumes the cycle of betting with the same starting bet amount and rules, but if it is loss then the automation resumes according to the rules but this time it applies a custom staking method of my choosing to the next betting opportunity such as double up for X amount of bets, a percentage of the loss, etc.. there are so many versions.

So that's what I need some help with answers on. Any into greatly appreciated.

For something interesting (well, it was to me, lol) I set up a bot in practice mode for the first time and after a few races went by somehow it decided to place seven bets on a horse for which I would have won £140 profit. So I'm interested in fine tuning this thing now :)

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:52 pm

BA doesn't know what markets are settled. Polling your balance wouldn't help as you could be trading multiple markets simultaneously.

It's also the case that a trade winning or losing has no effect on the likelihood of subsequent trades winning or losing so staking based on history isn't a good idea and has no statistical advantage. It might also encourage the use of 'loss recovery' systems which are always a bad idea.

Re practice mode bots. They won't behave as they will in live due to matching considerations and the fact your money isn't influencing the market. It's also the case that bots might perform well for weeks but over months they might not. I wouldn't get too optimistic about one or a few days results.

Also be mindful about getting your account restricted by excessive use of practice mode. Betfair isn't a free data and testing platform, they'll expect you to generate a little commission to help keep the wheels oiled.

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Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:32 pm

Hello Shaun

Well, I wrote out a detailed reply, hit post and it asked me to sign in again and wiped the whole reply. So this is the short version.

Thank you very much for the reply, so the answer is "no" it seems. I'll commend BA for shielding their users by restricting information that could lead to the potential harm that a loss-recovery staking plan may bring. Your words of wisdom are very true for most people and you don't know what I do so I understand why you say what you say. I started betting on horses over 25 years ago for fun and for the last year seriously every day, all day with a custom form data service and my analytical spreadsheet that took many hundreds of hours to write. I've had bespoke BF bots of all sorts in the past and understand BF's dislike of information-only bots. Your point on loss recovery always being a bad idea, well after literally many thousands of bets and being by far in profit from my initial stake I would say that loss recovery staking is working for me. Regardless, I believe the way forward (for bots) is with a deep learning neural net trading bot, got to try these things.

This BA trial and inquiry was to help a friend that has paid for a years BA sub against my advice before knowing more what can and can't be done. I will continue to help him the best I can but I have a feeling there aren't to many static-rule and flat staking bots that are working for most people. EDIT: He is more interested in trading it seems, so that's a different thing. I'll look into a bot for that but still not hopeful.

Thanks again.
All the best,

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