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Bet Angel works on a 'pay as you go' subscription service priced in days. You activate Bet Angel using serial numbers that we will send to you. Service commences only from the point of registration of this serial number so it is possible to 'pre buy' subscriptions in advance of your anticipated usage, this is the recommended method. You can also pre-buy ahead of the expiry of an existing subscription. You are automatically informed of when your subscription is due to expire and subscriptions last for the set number of days you have bought. There is no need to cancel your subscription as it will expire automatically at the end of your stated period. Full paying subscribers are able to install multiple copies of the software on more than one computer without additional charge.


After you have completed your order you will be immediately directed to an area where you can download your product. Shortly afterwards you should receive a serial number to unlock your software. If you don't immediately receive a serial number please wait a short while as it probably means you order has been referred and will need to be accepted manually by a member of staff.  


Your service will start from the point of your registration rather than the point of ordering. But, for your information, you may receive messages from us based upon your point of ordering. If your actual subscription is close to expiring we will inform you at least five days before and you will receive reminders when you log in. Once a subscription is activated it runs for the full term of the subscription. It is not possible to break or temporarily suspend the service. We are not able to offer any credit or refunds for un-used portions of your subscription.


Your purchase is subject to the general terms as detailed on this page and subject to the license agreement you agree upon  installing the software. If you do not agree with these terms then contact us immediately for a refund.

Subscriptions are for the stated period and will not renew automatically, there is no need to email us with a cancellation. Full paying subscribers are able to install multiple copies of the software on more than one computer without additional charge. All orders are on a firm sale basis only and once you register and / or use the service we are unable to provide any pro rata refunds for any reason of your remaining subscription. Registration of the software will be considered acceptance of all terms and the software license agreement.


All payments are made by credit or debit/charge card and normally processed through Pay Pal. This so that we can issue your serial number automatically and immediately you have placed an order.

We are also fully authorised credit card merchants and can process payments outside of Pay Pal, though we will have to do this manually which is slower. Orders are processed automatically unless there is a query with your order, when they will be held over for manual processing. If you do not want to use Pay Pal please use the support form to contact billings who can advise on alternative payment methods. We can accept direct payment with a credit card or bank transfer, we also allow payment via Moneybookers.



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