Understanding the opportunity

It is easy to misunderstand the concept of trading on betting exchanges. But, in short, by taking advanced positions in the market rather than just backing and laying you greatly increase your chance of profiting. Not only that but trading allows you to make a profit regardless of what happens in the underlying sports event and this also allows you to profit even before the event has started! Therefore trading is generally considered to be the holy grail of sports markets. Getting the best knowledge is key to make the best of this exciting opportunity, learn more about the concept of trading on by viewing the following presentations or by reading the following articles.

If you are a traditional punter learn about trading racing markets by downloading and reading pages 36 & 37 of this Racing Ahead article.
And read this article if you have a background with financial markets.

Follow this link for a Racing ahead magazine article by Peter Webb on scalping. And here for an article on swing trading.

Looking for expert knowledge?

BetangeleacademyIf you would like first hand knowledge from experienced traders then look no further than the academy. The academy has a range of courses hosted by proven successful traders who also have the skills and experience to impart detailed advice and information on a personal level. The academy now includes personnel from Betfair's education team, which coupled with unrivalled market knowledge allows us to offer the best advice available anywhere in the market.

If you want advice one of the worlds leading exchange experts, we suggest you check out Peter Webb's master class training course. It has met with widespread acclaim. Peter was the founder of Bet Angel and one of the earliest people to join Betfair back in June 2000. He has gained unparalleled experience in these markets since then and is one of their biggest users and still growing. Peter uses Bet Angel as his preferred platform and is the only person to have ever successfully traded live in front of an audience at Betfair sponsored events. If you want to learn what does and doesn't work and why, click on the academy link to learn more.

Bet Angel Academy - New for 2018

We now have a dedicated web site that has a full suite of comprehensive training videos presented by Peter Webb. See here.


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