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The Bet Angel API provides a set of operations that can be called by your own application running on the same PC or network. You can create that application in any language that is capable of sending and receiving JSON formatted messages e.g. JavaScript, C#, Python, VBA etc.
The API has a number of discrete components to cater for different aspects of Bet Angel.


Provides information about the markets currently loaded into Bet Angel
Controls Guardian:
- markets can be added & removed
- Automation Rules can be applied to & removed from markets
Provides information about the Automation Instances that have been created in this Bet Angel session.
Also provides access to stored values in those Automation Instances; values can be retrieved, set & cleared
Used to place and manage bets on the markets currently loaded into Bet Angel

API Conventions

Each component on the API has its own endpoint on localhost (on the port configured via Bet Angel Settings).
The operation name is added to the end of the component's address to build the full URL for a particular API call.
All calls should be made by POSTing JSON strings to the URL and when complete the API will return a JSON response message.
Each call has a single 'Instruction' parameter object containing information relevant to the operation.
Each operation will return a 'Response' object that will always contain a status field that indicates whether the call was successfully processed, it may also contain a list of BetAngelAPIError objects in an errors field giving more information about any errors that occurred during processing.
If the operation has information to return, that will be provided in a result field, the contents of which will vary depending on the operation.