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Betfair P&L screen changes
Naffman - August 14, 5:52 am
If I pick last 7 days and greyhounds has x amount of pages then horse racing will only sho...
Picture delay
rik - August 14, 4:53 am
I have this since 2-3 years It covers most sports but not much Horse Racing Video Quality ...
Australian racing
Derek27 - August 14, 3:18 am
[quote=gazuty post_id=230928 time=1597310396 user_id=8554] [quote="The dog of ry" post_id=...
Betfair Chart issues
lotora - August 14, 1:53 am
Me too! (but using v1.55.0 b[b]3[/b])...
VPS Multiple Screen Display.
HoneRopata - August 14, 12:00 am
Thanks Shaun & John, Worked perfectly. Your diagnosis was "right On the Money" excus...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - August 13, 11:07 pm
It will be zinc cream to protect from the sun but some traces will find its way on the bal...
Check my fat finger please
Jukebox - August 13, 9:12 pm
The only the fastest girls in the typing pool got to join the elite in the Telex room....
test for 0-0
LeeCaL - August 13, 9:10 pm
[quote=goldfinch77 post_id=230964 time=1597349711 user_id=28667] Guys, I am still having a...
WOM Scalping Guardian Automation Bot
Vaz0202 - August 13, 8:45 pm
Thanks Dallas, worked a treat. Currently tinkering with my scalping bot and changing one ...
Today's Horse Racing
SeaHorseRacing - August 13, 8:35 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=230963 time=1597348592 user_id=6339] One of my bots caught it, but it...
Trading What I see !?
Euler - August 13, 8:23 pm
Sounds like you are turning a corner....
Stable Scalping Guardian Automation Bot for Horse Racing
Daniel59483 - August 13, 7:22 pm
The green up rule which is the one i think i should've shown...
Today's Football
Dallas - August 13, 3:44 pm
FA cup replays scrapped in 20/21
Lay to Back
Brightonchappy - August 13, 3:39 pm
Many thanks for the reply :P I've got to the stored value condition to test the back pri...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - August 13, 3:09 pm
Good to see normal service still resumes with Haleps poor starting [attachment=0]Annotat...
placing back and lay bets on same runner but with different stake amounts
JamesJ82 - August 13, 6:54 am
Hi all, I'm fairly new to BA and using excel to automate trades so apologies if this is a ...
Aussie racing pics
Heisenberg - August 13, 3:09 am
[quote="The dog of ry" post_id=230917 time=1597287806 user_id=13921] haha I read that as T...
Sorting Dutching Table
bbran19 - August 13, 1:14 am
Is there some way to sort the dutching table by BACK bet value? You can sort all other scr...
Setting up my own VPS
Anbell - August 13, 12:48 am
[quote=R1chardl1ng post_id=230862 time=1597230355 user_id=28457] Thank you. So just to c...
Filter favoritism
murdok - August 12, 9:46 pm
works perfectly I am very grateful one more time thx [img]


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