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Australian racing
mcgoo - April 19, 9:38 am
And yet I still suck at it despite it being in my timezone! [/quote] Ditto mate .Suck...
Dutch the Correct Score Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - April 19, 9:34 am
Yes you can just change the 'Applies to' so for the first it would be Then do the sa...
Kafkaesque - April 19, 8:53 am
We're all here because of a "business" centered around money, but this just gets me, to th...
Resize & Increase One-Click & Manual Bet Grid
Dallas - April 19, 8:39 am
If your using Bet Angel Professional V1.50 or above, you will now be able to fully customi...
Kafkaesque - April 19, 8:33 am
I understand your frustration to some extent, but that procedure is pretty clearly what...
BA for Betdaq chart problem.
iambic_pentameter - April 19, 8:22 am
I use Betdaq and I tend to have the Betfair graphs up before I enter the race to get an id...
Automation in "Correct Score" market.
BetScalper - April 19, 7:21 am
Depends on the liquidity of the market. I have seen some very strange odds on offer when a...
Can a logical approach be applied to an illogical market?
Wolf1877 - April 19, 7:16 am
25 years IBM mainframe analyst/programmer from age 18 8 years linux/apache/mysql/php 3 ye...
Today's Football
Naffman - April 19, 6:42 am
Chelsea look short tonight Burnley want that top 6 spot and have the confidence and momen...
why odds move?
struttshumming - April 19, 6:02 am
Thank you for your replies. Nice explanations, and now I understand. It is a bit like an o...
My Daily Trading Results - Scientific Trading
max_usted - April 18, 11:24 pm
Seems to be employing a strategy in expectation of late goals in football matches, jolly s...
Derek27 - April 18, 10:57 pm
Take her over here for a holiday during your winter time - she won't complain about that...
Laying 4th Favourite
BigJ - April 18, 6:53 pm
Hi Looking to lay the 4th Fav according to SP. I've use the Back & Lay at SP automati...
Cost effective Excel / VBA developer available
seer - April 18, 5:51 pm
Hi Nigel I have not posted before so system not allowing me to pm you. Is it possible t...
Races on time
Tobedotty - April 18, 5:15 pm
I'd guess I have a bad sample but I make 16% of races going off later than 3 mins in th...
Lay the Draw if Odds of O2.5 Goals are Greater then 'X' Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - April 18, 3:44 pm
You will need the new V1.50 beta released this week
Lay the draw help please
wearthefoxhat - April 18, 3:33 pm
Just starting realise how much ahead of the game this software is... :!:...
Best Bot for Arbing?
wearthefoxhat - April 18, 3:28 pm
Enjoyed that....follows by Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies..... (tell me lies, sweet little...
Football ratings
BetScalper - April 18, 3:27 pm


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