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Today's Racing
napshnap - February 21, 5:57 am
[quote=Euler post_id=180792 time=1550699033 user_id=6339] Newc - 14:00 - Lay to open @ 3....
Today's Football
Speculator_3 - February 20, 10:45 pm
[quote=Speculator_3 post_id=180800 time=1550702656 user_id=23847] [quote=Dallas post_id=18...
Questions with offset bets
BetScalper - February 20, 10:27 pm
Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding offset bets and what happens in the following ...
Completely daft messages on social media
vankancisco - February 20, 10:00 pm
The pricing of trading time is irrelevant with regards to teaching. The ability to teach, ...
EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
superfrank - February 20, 9:43 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=180765 time=1550684924 user_id=16662]52% said leave, 48% said re...
Today's Cricket
spreadbetting - February 20, 9:31 pm
[quote=Emmson post_id=180783 time=1550692170 user_id=15604] Some people like to see screen...
My automation rule gets triggered by volatility
BetScalper - February 20, 7:54 pm
[quote=beermonsterman post_id=180780 time=1550690856 user_id=17419] [quote=ShaunWhite post...
Help with "Cancel Unmatched Bets on Selection (Price Dependant)
fjt1973 - February 20, 6:41 pm
hopefully I will get a quick answer on this.... Rule1 - Place a Lay Bet with fill or kil...
Matched Bets Sound Alert Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - February 20, 6:02 pm
[quote=thecaptain post_id=180761 time=1550683848 user_id=14686] Hi Dallas Many thanks for...
Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - February 20, 5:15 pm
[attachment=0]Revolutionise, 17-15 Chelmsford.jpg[/attachment]...
Risk Meter question
Ambettor - February 20, 3:52 pm
Thanks Peter - appreciate your help....
Historical data charts
ShaunWhite - February 20, 2:09 pm
Hi Lucacrebbe. It's a long time since you've been here. How are you?...
Racing UK to show a large amount of Irish racing online only?
PDC - February 20, 1:37 pm
It is has been pretty dire when they are busy. Saturday was a shambles with regards to the...
has anyone purchased Caan Berrys video package?
johnsheppard - February 20, 12:00 pm
[quote=BrianDee post_id=179363 time=1549190386 user_id=23026] IMHO, if you feel you're mor...
Australian racing
napshnap - February 20, 6:29 am
[quote=Redback post_id=180698 time=1550635686 user_id=23659] Hi All Very new to forum. Ju...
View from my trading Balcony ... Where Am I ?
ShaunWhite - February 20, 5:28 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=180699 time=1550638778 user_id=19806] [quote=gutuami post_id=180693...
Market movers - a little guidance.
shortcut - February 20, 2:50 am
[quote=Korattt post_id=161239 time=1531560939 user_id=15244] Screen Set Up.png [/quote] ...
Selectivity vs turnover
shortcut - February 20, 1:26 am
[quote=stueytrader post_id=157876 time=1529248350 user_id=15218] Been pondering this speci...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
Euler - February 19, 11:19 pm
The recent low scores are quite something....
Stuff to watch
Euler - February 19, 11:14 pm
Play this if you have had a bad trading session, it will cheer you up! https://www.youtub...


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