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Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - June 18, 5:08 pm
Today's Racing
Trader Pat - June 18, 5:01 pm
Its been a proper grind today but thats made it almost worth while...
Super 6 - World Cup 2018
Dallas - June 18, 5:01 pm
But only one of us will be after the England match I did put 0-2 yesterday but changed ...
Back Amount and Lay Amount
BetScalper - June 18, 4:09 pm
OS ? The WoM is calculated from the top 3 offers, these are already in the Guardian ex...
crazy stuff
Trader Pat - June 18, 3:32 pm
I'd rather spend the weekend with one of those two than James Cordon...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - June 18, 3:03 pm
Out of the way before the football....
Setting up servant for lay bets
lion42m - June 18, 1:44 pm
Hello Shaun I am using the Betfair site to Lay my bets. I choose SP because I have foun...
Linking Betfair Charts to Ladders, for trading horses.
Dadders - June 18, 11:20 am
Thanks Dallas....
Add a 30 Sec Logger to my WorkSheet
spreadbetting - June 18, 11:04 am
I have no idea what tick tock means. You can just run a sub routine by calling it by name ...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
Dallas - June 18, 9:37 am
It's a good job it wasn't started yesterday, I expect it would have been a low scoring rou...
Australian racing
Derek27 - June 18, 3:31 am
Good scalping at Moe tonight. :D ...
How Can I Automate A Stop Trade (With Greening) On A Lay Bet In Play
lachsa - June 18, 12:28 am
Thanks a lot guys. I will play around with what you have sent as they both look very close...
Selectivity vs turnover
ruthlessimon - June 18, 12:20 am
*cracks knuckles* ( btw I hope thisíll be an interesting insight Stu ;) ) 2 & 3...
The Wisdom of Uncertainty
ShaunWhite - June 17, 10:34 pm
I suspect the match was about as certain as the odds implied....
When is a betting exchange no longer a betting exchange?
northbound - June 17, 10:14 pm
Yep, itís always sad to see great products being messed up by bean counters :roll: O...
SeaHorseRacing - June 17, 8:20 pm
Don't often agree with LeTiss's views but I think you're bang on the money here. Level...
And then certainty
Derek27 - June 17, 7:08 pm
Actually, posting PLs screenshots, as we've already mentioned, is not a certainty of anyth...
Horse form data?
nigelk - June 17, 5:51 pm
It's only a sample so won't do anything. If you want a working copy of the webscraper, yo...
spreadbetting - June 17, 5:37 pm
Mexico were only around 6/1 hardly a massive shock for a favourite to get beaten at 1/2 , ...


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