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Trading What I see !?
Derek27 - October 26, 8:39 pm
[quote=Morbius post_id=239192 time=1603743358 user_id=26951] [quote=Derek27 post_id=239189...
Today's Football
MemphisFlash - October 26, 8:22 pm
refined slightly [attachment=0]Capture.JPG[/attachment] goes nicely with peter's lates...
Back the Over 1.5 Goals Market
Phoenix20 - October 26, 8:21 pm
Not as planned. Maybe the lay bet time needs adjusting....
can someone kindly download the soccer data and upload it here?
megarain - October 26, 7:55 pm
If someone downloads it, how are u going to unpack it. And then, the data is just updates...
Derek27 - October 26, 7:27 pm
The cat's not well - sickness and diarrhoea! The diarrhoea lands in the litter tray but th...
Betfair Account Closed on Business Grounds
The Silk Run - October 26, 7:17 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=239131 time=1603713599 user_id=18319] [quote=Jukebox post_id=23912...
Multi In-Running Ladders with Runner Information - Ladder Settings
Realrocknrolla - October 26, 6:58 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=238777 time=1603372316 user_id=14766] Here is a ladder settings file...
Today's Horse Racing
Korattt - October 26, 4:27 pm
a good day in the main but a couple of naughty spikes late on ruined a great day...
Stuff to watch
aines88 - October 26, 3:43 pm
Came across 'Moneyball' the other night, my attention spiked when Jonah Hill's character s...
US Presidential Election 2020
Naffman - October 26, 2:49 pm
Rasmussen today must be the first poll in a long time to have Trump ahead (48-47) in the p...
Newbie | 1st try at Golf | Blob!!
Wicksay - October 26, 2:37 pm
Golf is my game ... so sooner or later I want to apply what I am learning from tennis, foo...
Back all Runners if They Trade Below 3.0 Automation Bot
cipan78 - October 26, 2:01 pm
Thank you for your time and patience, Dallas....
Not able to select a market in Guardian
Dallas - October 26, 1:23 pm
Sounds like the layout profile you are using has become corrupted, have a look at the scre...
janowb - October 26, 10:37 am
Just a quick question - when using the 'Lay the Field' automation file do you tick 'greeni...
Ultra wide monitor feedback
whimsies - October 26, 4:49 am
Thanks for your replys, went ahead and purchased the samsung ultrawide and am very pleased...
Australian racing
Derek27 - October 26, 2:15 am
Just one meeting and the harness following the abandonment of Newcastle. And it appears t...
Problem with panels within windows
azerjafarov - October 26, 1:12 am
Hi there, Are there any alternative solutions available? I am facing something very simil...
Big Chance Data
madspadsdad - October 25, 10:29 pm
Wyscout is a good option...
Column showing Favourites??
MemphisFlash - October 25, 10:24 pm
[attachment=0]Capture.JPG[/attachment] you mean like this...
Advanced Charts
greg - October 25, 8:59 pm
Thanks for your reply Atho55 , I'll have a go with that👍...


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