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Won't "keep" bets
Dallas - January 23, 12:40 am
If you have multiple markets in Guardian, you will need to increase the arm time window...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - January 22, 9:56 pm
Yes . Didn't realise I was doing it !! [/quote] :lol:...
Premium Charge question
Derek27 - January 22, 9:49 pm
Here it is Geordie. Macros need to be enabled and it doesn't cater for the 40% charge thou...
Today's Football
Dallas - January 22, 9:48 pm
You never know what you're going to get with them. Although Swansea being bottom could...
Stop loss at a green out of 1
Dallas - January 22, 9:14 pm
A servant can be used to do this for you like the one below
closing for a small loss
FrogThimble - January 22, 9:14 pm
Thank you very much, Dallas. :) OK, from what you've said it sounds like "Green All" is ...
Dallas - January 22, 8:51 pm
Generally, you should be restarting every few weeks to keep it running optimally so if it...
Clear a range of Cells when a Horse Race goes In-Play
sherman - January 22, 7:43 pm
Brill, thanks again ......
Bat Angel placing multiple bets via excel
dmg - January 22, 7:11 pm
So I didnt check my refresh before posting the last comment, it had gone back to my defaul...
Betfair chart of the day
Dallas - January 22, 3:27 pm
Chart was post time or a few seconds after. I'de layed the one that was fav when that w...
Cricket Graph Charts
harsh - January 22, 3:20 pm
Today's Nz v Pak T20 Nz opt to bowl. Pak batting. score 4-2, overs 2.2 Laid Nz @1.20...
Race results with BSP, IPMin, IPMax
spreadbetting - January 22, 3:18 pm
Yep just checked and 100 min payouts only included, the other data Betfair used to provid...
$2 min bet question
stefan084 - January 22, 2:42 pm
thanks guys...
Australian Open 2018
Dallas - January 22, 2:13 pm
Can't resist one last lay at 1.06...
1000 Winner Conquest
PeterLe - January 22, 2:06 pm
There you go 1000......
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
RicHep365 - January 22, 2:05 pm
[/quote] Not really sure what to say about that...
Lay the Draw @ Half Time if 0-0 Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - January 22, 11:29 am
Because there is no score feed from Betfair to trigger bets from instead another method...
New version of Bet Angel v1.49.0
ricardodeano - January 22, 9:34 am
If you're still using the original V1.49 you downloaded after release try redownloading...
Lay the field automation
FriedAsylum - January 21, 11:28 pm
Sorry I was half asleep when I posted and just realised. What I meant was e.g if a horse i...

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