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Horse Predictor
SeaHorseRacing - September 25, 7:45 am
Peter. If you message me I have a bunch of data Iíll send you for free but file so big ...
Hello to the betting gangs
teressapeter - September 25, 7:40 am
Thanks Derek. :)...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.51
Bet Angel - September 25, 7:19 am
Sounds like an isolated issue because we've got loads of people using the beta now and ...
Do you ever get lonely ?
LeTiss - September 25, 7:13 am
I'm an only child, so I've always been a solitary individual. I always enjoyed playing com...
Lay the pre start fav when price drifts in play
Belpster - September 25, 6:49 am
Hi, I'm completely new to automation. One of the things I do manually is select the favou...
Can you Facetime a tennis match?
Derek27 - September 25, 12:44 am
:lol: A lot of people make good money from trading but nobody has ever started trading k...
Baf file is not loading
Dallas - September 24, 11:00 pm
foxwood - September 24, 10:37 pm
What's the error code returned by Betdaq ? Never needed to use it but it's in current ...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - September 24, 10:02 pm
I had a dreadful time at Newcastle....
Number Crunching After Capturing and Sorting.
ruthlessimon - September 24, 9:39 pm
??? No I don't think that's a fair comment. I realised the advice I was looking for si...
Serpentine Swim
ruthlessimon - September 24, 9:17 pm
yeah the half volley was good .. but the finishing .. was kinda Saintsesque Knee ove...
facefish1 - September 24, 7:27 pm
Im having a problem can anyone help I load win and tbp markets for uk and irish greyhound...
Addicted to trading ?
northbound - September 24, 7:14 pm
No worries....
Manipulating the incoming numbers
sherman - September 24, 4:51 pm
thanks, I;ll have a look tomorrow now .. Cheers Paul...
Australian racing
PDC - September 24, 4:30 pm
I just got a reply from a Senior Producer from ATR with his personal work email which w...
Any coders/web scrapers want some work
SeaHorseRacing - September 24, 3:51 pm
Hopefully betangel wonít mind me posting. Need a webscraper/coder if any are about. Paid...
horses that struggle with starting stall
liero1 - September 24, 3:30 pm
Hi guys, been reading on here loads before eventually registering. this might be a stupi...
Betfair charts of the day
Dallas - September 24, 3:23 pm
That's a mental drift!...
Updating Charts
Jukebox - September 24, 2:57 pm
Any chance of including IP% and VOL% in charts at the next update?...


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