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Trading Greyhound racing
dannycutts - September 21, 12:25 am
You are still flying along nicely :D...
usa tracks
Derek27 - September 20, 10:21 pm
Penn National, Presque Isles Downs, Woodbine, Mountaineer Park, to name a few. I've never...
Lay the Server Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
pajuo - September 20, 9:22 pm
Hi Dallas, thanks for sharing your bot. I would like to change it so the lay the server ...
Need to limit refresh rates when using multiple instances?
jaketarn - September 20, 9:19 pm
Woo didn't realise that but thanks for the info Dallas.Going to rethink of how I can make ...
Back at % of SP
funkyzeit - September 20, 9:09 pm
Should have mentioned X is lower than 100% Any help?...
Risk Meter
timevoyager - September 20, 7:45 pm
@workpeter Thanks for your encouragement, Peter. I have programmed a risk meter of my o...
Repeated Green-Ups
jaipal2004 - September 20, 7:30 pm
Here you go @Dallas ... thanks Slightly amended but still exhibiting same issues thanks...
Lay the Draw then Move Profits to Home & Away Teams Guardian Automation Bot
ianmac1912 - September 20, 7:00 pm
Thanks Dallas for your very quick reply. Yes I was using it on matches during the day with...
Today's Racing
Dallas - September 20, 5:28 pm
It's been one of those days were its easy to get caught on the wrong side, my focus is mai...
Increase staking help/advice
StellaBot - September 20, 2:12 pm
Thanks Derek, yesterday doubled stake and increased profit....
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Rinoa - September 20, 2:09 pm
And now it 's all back on. Hmmm....
Betfair chart of the day
Dallas - September 20, 1:12 pm
HELP No saddle number etc
Blueecho - September 20, 11:47 am
Thanks for the quick reply :mrgreen: :)...
blockchain betting exchange
northbound - September 20, 11:43 am
Well, if I'm not mistaken, on Wagerr in due course users will be able to bet against ea...
Lay the Draw Guardian Automation Bot for Football
Dallas - September 20, 9:18 am
Greening up / Hedging up / Cashing out all mean the same and is just the terminology fo...
Confused by You Tube Tennis Trading :(
Bluesky - September 20, 8:31 am
Yes I think so. I haven't been trading tennis long enough to really get a good underst...
Moving between sports/markets
Bluesky - September 20, 8:24 am
I think this is massive. I have only recently started trading tennis and still not doi...
Scalping for beginners
Bluesky - September 20, 8:06 am
Click on this link it's the third post down.
Problems when a late scratching
Euler - September 20, 7:08 am
You can use signals to mark the number of runners then use that as a condition when a bet ...
Mad Bomber??
workpeter - September 19, 11:01 pm
Been taking time off with other activities

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