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Interwetten Account
Rstrach - October 23, 1:24 pm above link i am talking about...
Reason for difference pre/inplay
stueytrader - October 23, 1:15 pm
Yep, fair few reasons not to play inplay as well, as you suggest. Since I posted earlier,...
Difference between "trading" and "gambling"
stueytrader - October 23, 12:41 pm
, because that's the only thing that gamblers lack when trying to trade A trader with 6 ...
beating the bookies using data science
stueytrader - October 23, 12:28 pm
Goes to show how it isn't finding value/edge that can be problematic in betting/trading - ...
Today's Racing
Korattt - October 23, 11:14 am
Bit of money around for Stoical Patient race before same yard, not on that scale though...
How to bypass Kaspersky Endpoint Security
sarkec - October 23, 9:51 am
Goog to know, thanks!...
Trading is about to Change
BetScalper - October 23, 8:58 am
Peter has done a deal with Betfair so that BA subscribers don't have to pay any commission...
Lay the draw stop
DaVinche14 - October 23, 7:05 am
Hi, personally I would load matches into guardian, and set a simple rule Green all select...
Compound Magic
tony63 - October 23, 6:42 am
Hi Memphis. Tried it again and it's now downloaded. Thanks...
Las Vegas Gun Attack
BetScalper - October 22, 10:25 pm
tbh, it wouldn't be possible due to there being a combination of no will and no incenti...
Trading in public place. Is it safe?
whimsies - October 22, 8:43 pm
When I am in public place like at the track I use team viewer and connect to my pc remotel...
Property : rent vs buy?
katchit12 - October 22, 6:56 pm
Nope, new account as old one 'compromised :cry:...
Problem with automation
LinusP - October 22, 6:53 pm
Sorry this was how I work with this bug in my own programs, I donít believe it can be fixe...
Matched Bets Sound Alert Guardian Automation Bot
harsh - October 22, 4:59 pm
Thanks a lot bro. i will do that. #sausages...
How to fix this error?
uzain - October 22, 3:51 pm
I am getting this error every time i tried to take out the ladder out of main software as ...
Using Automation Signals
markfinn - October 22, 3:09 pm
Hi Dallas - thanks for the reply earlier - I had not seen that ( looked at notifications b...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Derek27 - October 22, 1:37 pm
Seems fine to me....
Quad monitor advice needed.
marksmeets302 - October 22, 1:32 pm
A very practical tip: pay attention to the position of the buttons on the screens. I bough...
need help with signals prematch
cains - October 22, 10:30 am
Have attached my prematch.baf file. What i want is look at a market. If price on favorit...

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