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New Betfair Exchange TV commercial!
MemphisFlash - August 19, 6:46 pm
nobody wants to be paid in peanuts, lol. Just seen it between the footy break...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.53.0
MemphisFlash - August 19, 6:24 pm
great, look forward to seeing them soon. thanks...
Traded volume
Vovsen - August 19, 6:01 pm
Could maybe load all selections in the Watchlist and sort them by traded volume, then eith...
Today's Horse Racing
ThePieThrower - August 19, 4:49 pm
Someone getting stuck into Xian Express in th 5.50 Ros...
FTS Ultimate - Ian Erskine
evertonian - August 19, 4:33 pm Has anyone used the FTS Ultimate Database over a s...
Practice Mode Error?
JTEDL - August 19, 4:29 pm
Both back and lay bets are placed at the same time if 'fill or kill' isn't ticked. Sounds ...
Football Pre-Game Strategy
ShaunWhite - August 19, 2:02 pm
You can set 'stored values' for a selection, a market and they recently added them at even...
The Ashes - August/September 2019
greenmark - August 19, 1:36 pm
[quote="Berts Certs" post_id=196612 time=1566220439 user_id=18898] [quote=greenmark post_i...
EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
spreadbetting - August 19, 12:27 pm
Health spending was around £129 billion in 2018/19 so I'd consider £2,740M a minority too....
Access to global WOM settings in Automation conditions
BetBuddy - August 19, 12:23 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=196608 time=1566216350 user_id=14766] The changes made in the main s...
Trades drifting away
Kai - August 19, 10:33 am
[quote=odchamp post_id=196593 time=1566206535 user_id=24477] don't really want my family a...
Horse Racing. Going in-play. Good or bad idea?
to75ne - August 19, 9:44 am
[quote=TipTopTrader post_id=196583 time=1566178385 user_id=20936] I think its a good idea ...
Take SP Intermittent Functioning Problem
MugPunter - August 19, 6:16 am
[quote=burntheory post_id=196547 time=1566120180 user_id=13599] And, when using Excel, use...
Filtering Guardian Market List
amn32 - August 19, 12:49 am
Thanks, I was hoping for an automatic way to do this but will keep doing it manually and h...
Markets seems perfectly efficient to me...
ShaunWhite - August 18, 11:05 pm
[quote=offlimit88 post_id=196578 time=1566165196 user_id=23890] how will you behave when ...
Multiple markets in to the same spreadsheet
Dallas - August 18, 7:25 pm
If you click 'auto bind' on the main Guardian ribbon that will bind a worksheet to each ma...
Today's Football
SilentDave - August 18, 2:05 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=196555 time=1566129858 user_id=14020] xG is a great stat but has some f...
Dallas - August 18, 1:54 pm
There is no way to know for sure what the SP will be until its reconciled after the race h...
Football Scenario
BetBuddy - August 18, 11:09 am
Hi, Does anyone know if the following scenario ever happens or any sites which would show...
Ladder prices are not tick sizes?
cwfmoore - August 18, 10:21 am
I am currently learning python to better interact with the Betfair API. I am occasionally...


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