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Toast of New York . Pegasus World Cup
Derek27 - January 24, 5:48 am
Does anybody know if Betfair will have markets for this meeting? I know they don't normal...
Stop loss and risk management
Derek27 - January 24, 5:31 am
Going off subject, when I was gambling and wanted to watch a race on Betfair video that ...
Soccer mystic odds
ShaunWhite - January 24, 4:14 am
What does it take to get 5 bars? This one's got 197,697 3.5 vs 3.9 on the Draw seems a...
convoysur-2 - January 24, 2:30 am
Thanks Dallas...
Betfair Account Data Delayed - Profiled as a Business User
alchemist87 - January 24, 2:23 am
How did you manage to get the restriction lifted? I answered to those 6 questions too, ...
Accounts being restricted
alchemist87 - January 24, 1:24 am
Do you really have to pay 299? Can't you get the restriction lifted just by generating co...
Australian Open 2018
Dallas - January 24, 1:07 am
51 mins for her to destroy Keys. She getting stronger every round...
Stuff to watch
Derek27 - January 23, 8:12 pm
That is pretty amazing!...
Digitex - One click cryptocurrency trading
Kolop - January 23, 7:04 pm
Clever man Adam, ahead of so many on Betfair I wish him luck. K...
Guardian For Betdaq
Dallas - January 23, 6:37 pm
It's a demand issue and would need a shift in that area before any major upgrades are done...
Today's Football
Trading96 - January 23, 6:11 pm
4 weeks too late, (although I have laid them for relegation)...
Peter webb
RicHep365 - January 23, 6:01 pm
Hey Peter, any news on when the Masterclass content will be up?...
How long will it take to learn to trade
ShaunWhite - January 23, 5:13 pm
I thought this video explains it pretty well ...
Cleaning & Renaming Betfair CSV Files
Dallas - January 23, 5:02 pm
Great work Nigel :)...
Getting data from Racing Post for use in Excel
Derek27 - January 23, 4:25 pm
The thing that has always put me off extracting database information from websites is, it'...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - January 23, 4:21 pm
A painful 12-tick loss in the 13:55 sealed my fate for the day. :oops:...
What's wrong with my settings?
firlandsfarm - January 23, 2:54 pm
Nope, thanks Dallas....
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
informer01 - January 23, 2:41 pm
??????? ??????? ????? ??????????. ?????? ????? ???????????. :lol:...
Portable trading setup
Euler - January 23, 1:04 pm
I use a Mac Book and an iPad and the latter doubles up as a second monitor...

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