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Automation Question - Experienced trader / newbie automator
ShaunWhite - August 17, 1:01 pm
[quote=Jukebox post_id=307856 time=1660730134 user_id=10857] be prepared for a truly eye-...
Automation BSP
ShaunWhite - August 17, 12:39 pm
... Also the price at the scheduled start might not be sp, but over lots of races it avera...
Anyone growing tomatoes? (The Gardening thread)
RoyJay - August 17, 12:33 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=307861 time=1660737506 user_id=19806] Finally, my first ever tomato...
Derek27 - August 17, 12:07 pm
The government's trying to get us all to go green, by burning less fuel and cycling instea...
Ukraine Crisis
Archery1969 - August 17, 11:52 am
Zelensky has said the war started and will end in Crimea. That indicates he plans on taki...
Price condition
Dallas - August 17, 10:49 am
You don't need the Stored Value part Just a 'Set/Modify Signal' rule armed 1 sec after ra...
Help with laying 0-0 CS market automation
Dallas - August 17, 10:45 am
[quote=R80M4N post_id=307853 time=1660726851 user_id=34175] [quote=Dallas post_id=307712 t...
Next Prime Minister / Tory Party Leader
sionascaig - August 17, 10:31 am
[quote=greenmark post_id=307840 time=1660682356 user_id=20792] Truss has cemented the SNP ...
Dutch the Market Movers Guardian Automation Bot
jwealleans - August 17, 9:07 am
Seems to work well on Australian harness racing...
Tennis - Simple Trade Not Triggering???
Dallas - August 16, 4:47 pm
[quote=westbamtrading post_id=307824 time=1660661240 user_id=22873] It would seem, that on...
Guardian missing some football matches?
Derek27 - August 16, 4:32 pm
[quote=Ryanolifelix post_id=307826 time=1660662378 user_id=30397] looking at the Betfair w...
TPD Feedback and Issues
jamesedwards - August 16, 3:04 pm
[quote=patagoniaboy post_id=307796 time=1660645820 user_id=32792] [quote=jamesedwards post...
VPS ip question
Dim - August 16, 2:41 pm
Thanks Dallas !...
Today's Football
greenmark - August 16, 1:34 pm
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=307816 time=1660655048 user_id=17002] [quote=greenmark post_id...
Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua 2 : IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , Sky Box Office (18:00)
Realrocknrolla - August 16, 1:32 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=307818 time=1660656072 user_id=19806] Bring back the good old days ...
Is little Acorns genuine or a blag!?
firlandsfarm - August 16, 1:29 pm
[quote=Brovashift post_id=307524 time=1660395977 user_id=31208] Anyone who doesn't know; y...
Lay the Draw with Correct Score Insurance Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - August 16, 10:51 am
[quote=Jamarco post_id=307769 time=1660599255 user_id=20447] [quote=Dallas post_id=307105 ...
Display the Current Speed and Par (Average) Speed Difference Using Colour Formatting - In-play Trader Settings
Dallas - August 16, 10:44 am
This In-Play Trader settings file will display the difference between each runners current...
Today's Tennis
LeTiss - August 16, 10:00 am
I'm interested in trading Raducanu and Serena It might prove to be a waste of time though...
Lowest/Highest traded price
jwealleans - August 16, 7:53 am
Thank You...


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