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Next Tory Leader & May's Exit Date (2019)
Dallas - June 19, 5:07 pm
Glad I dumped my Rory trade last night at near scratch! Still wondering what went so wron...
Royal Ascot 2019
Derek27 - June 19, 4:51 pm
[quote=eightbo post_id=191527 time=1560962980 user_id=14439] Losing day, mostly due to blu...
Honest Joe betting exchange
Derek27 - June 19, 4:40 pm
Thought I better capture it before it goes. No overround on the site. The guy who laid £25...
suggestions about betfair stolen my win from my ballance
Derek27 - June 19, 4:33 pm
[quote=Just_nobody post_id=191477 time=1560952822 user_id=22474] hi all, i'm inplay trader...
Today's Greyhounds
poklius - June 19, 4:32 pm
That one is from mid January 2019 to today. Could be just seasonal variance, so Im keeping...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Derek27 - June 19, 4:28 pm
[quote=to75ne post_id=191505 time=1560957991 user_id=428] ascot 16:35 turned inplay slow (...
ICC World Cup - England and Wales 2019
Emmson - June 19, 4:09 pm
Feeling relatively safe now...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - June 19, 4:06 pm
[quote=JTEDL post_id=191508 time=1560959772 user_id=19758] [quote=Dallas post_id=191506 ti...
Tracking best price automation?
Dallas - June 19, 1:03 pm
[quote=jameegray1 post_id=191459 time=1560945698 user_id=23138] No sorry, not data capture...
Today's Horse Racing
Derek27 - June 19, 1:03 pm
US Open 2019
jaffas46 - June 19, 12:17 pm
Thanks for your reply Henbet. I think I understand the risk/liability part of the trade bu...
Tennis bot help
tennistaxi - June 19, 12:02 pm
I'll give that a go. Thank you...
Scalp at the Top & Bottom of a Range Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - June 19, 11:48 am
[quote=Atm1981 post_id=191455 time=1560943691 user_id=24810] Sorry me again:) How do add ...
Betdaq - Automation
Dallas - June 19, 11:41 am
There is an option in the main settings area that will let you set the persistence of all ...
Trap Trade Servant
sniffer66 - June 19, 10:25 am
Hi Julian, no problem. Will see what I can do to help...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - June 19, 10:06 am
49 over game starting midday, posted in wrong thread :roll:...
Betfair's relationship with traders
Westerner - June 19, 8:59 am
[quote=stueytrader post_id=189686 time=1559852134 user_id=15218] [quote=spreadbetting post...
Automate live events
Dallas - June 19, 8:49 am
Adding a fixed odds condition to your back/lay rule will do this....
Moving from Greyhounds to Horses
Kai - June 19, 8:22 am
[quote=BeastofBrine post_id=186587 time=1557249654 user_id=20462]One of the things I'm fin...
Stuff to watch
mcgoo - June 19, 7:21 am
The tennis thread above wins but this is by far the best thing on computer science I have ...


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