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Get rich quick schemes
max_usted - September 21, 11:51 pm
There is one "risk-free" scheme out there where the trader claims: "IN OVER 20 MONTHS OF ...
The Difference Between Open-Minded and Close-Minded People
ruthlessimon - September 21, 9:50 pm
That was the main reason I thought people who are too open-minded would struggle. They'...
Trading Greyhound racing
MemphisFlash - September 21, 9:28 pm
Lay the Server Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
pajuo - September 21, 9:28 pm
Thanks Dallas, do I have to nominate players on Guardian or leave that blank? Thanks aga...
Moving between sports/markets
Dallas - September 21, 9:26 pm
Does it help you? I want to try it, it's intersting [/quote]
Today's Tennis
Lucacrebbe - September 21, 8:20 pm
I don't use charts today Goffin vs AL Magro... Goffin was not the usual Goffin tha...
How much money do you need to live with betfair?
Lucacrebbe - September 21, 8:04 pm
I know why only 5% of people can make profit from trading/sporting trading The ans...
Today's Racing
Euler - September 21, 7:57 pm
Racing at Ayr tomorrow has been abandoned with track still unraceable, inspection has been...
Repeated Green-Ups
jaipal2004 - September 21, 7:54 pm
Thanks Dallas - I think I'm nearly there. The log still looks like a lot is going on : ...
Semi Automation?
ShaunWhite - September 21, 4:29 pm
No, but depending what you're doing you might be able to use something like AutoHotKey whi...
Recommended football statistics sites
makis2788 - September 21, 4:23 pm
Hello, am newbie to this site and i would like to ask some questions. I am very interested...
HELP No saddle number etc
MemphisFlash - September 21, 3:43 pm
Good job that is practice mode, you don't wanna be doing that with real money, will go aga...
Back at % of SP
funkyzeit - September 21, 3:03 pm
Anyone...? Thanks!...
Careful with automation
ruthlessimon - September 21, 2:11 pm
Certainly does take a lot of work to get through all the development stages. But had th...
Variables for Guardian
ShaunWhite - September 21, 1:17 pm
The signal names are essentially variables. I think what you want (and it's been suggested...
Back to factory settings
Euler - September 21, 12:43 pm
When you log in, just select factory default from the login screen....
Betfair out of Poland
BALCO - September 21, 9:39 am
Thanks, I will try with a small amount using Ecopayz....
Problems when a late scratching
The A Train - September 21, 4:33 am
Thanks for the assist :idea:...
usa tracks
Derek27 - September 20, 10:21 pm
Penn National, Presque Isles Downs, Woodbine, Mountaineer Park, to name a few. I've never...
Need to limit refresh rates when using multiple instances?
jaketarn - September 20, 9:19 pm
Woo didn't realise that but thanks for the info Dallas.Going to rethink of how I can make ...

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