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Favourite Christmas Song of ALL Time
bennyboy351 - December 11, 11:32 pm
AAAAAAAAAAAAAH NO!!! Anything but that!!!! :lol:...
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Frustrating automation.
xitian - December 11, 11:02 pm
LinusP is right that the biggest players will be automated API traders, but most of them (...
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Cost effective Excel / VBA developer available
pdbennett_300 - December 11, 9:27 pm
Hi Nigel, Are you still offering this service? No replies to direct messages as yet. Th...
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Lay Scorer & Green Up after 20mins Guardian Automation Bot
dymond - December 11, 9:21 pm
Great stuff best footy one yet giving it a go this weekend...
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Today's Football
Euler - December 11, 9:16 pm
The suspend monkeys are super sensitive nowadays, it's very annoying....
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I'm a Celebrity 2018
Dallas - December 11, 8:07 pm
Seems in 2013 Kian was 2nd in the first 2 votes, before leading in the rest of the votes a...
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Betdaq Guardian Automation
Dallas - December 11, 7:39 pm
Quite a lot, if you check the rule types and especially conditions it'll give you an id...
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jimibt - December 11, 7:12 pm
I find myself getting hacked off at the amount of packaging used these days too. Probab...
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Stuff to watch
Trader Pat - December 11, 5:49 pm
Really interesting on a lot of different levels. It seems the NYSE and 2 other exchange...
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Dobbing - Today's DOB's
wearthefoxhat - December 11, 4:22 pm
No joy on Sunbreak today, will forgive as it was it's first run for over a year. The winn...
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Today's Racing
Derek27 - December 11, 3:41 pm
I've been thinking about getting into automation and freeing up some of my time so that'...
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Filter in play soccer match market
Just_nobody - December 11, 2:39 pm
Hi Dallas, thanks for the reply.... I know about the major leagues and the streaming norm...
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Mistakes and annoyance
Derek27 - December 11, 2:20 pm
Made a daft mistake this afternoon, trading 20 minutes after I've got out of bed is never ...
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offset with greening and trailing stop
durango - December 11, 1:31 pm
Many Thanks...
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Fix How Horses are Ranked in BetAngel Spreadsheet
TheNagsHead - December 11, 12:33 pm
The post below is copied from the forum. I understand the Match & VLookup Function but...
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offer big amounts in stable market
pdenoeud - December 11, 9:03 am
Thanks Derek27 and Shaunwhite for your answers. Indeed, the strategy will be profitable on...
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Australian racing
Derek27 - December 11, 2:18 am
I think they've scheduled it around my trading - not much on in Australia tonight so I...
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NFL 2018
Wildly - December 11, 12:21 am
Minnesota @ Seattle already seems strong volume an hour before kickoff. Handicap (mostly S...
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Close & Green Up all Positions at Off Guardian Automation Bot
jordo87 - December 10, 11:26 pm
Hello, I am sorry about this probably very stupid question about greening. I have attempte...


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