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nba finals
Cards37 - May 28, 3:37 am
Nice call !!...
Australian racing
Thedragons - May 28, 3:00 am
No because I am in Australia so no access to betfair live stream. In aussies got this sort...
Free Tommy Robinson
Kafkaesque - May 28, 12:22 am
Even if that's said with a big wink, wink then turning the talk to armed revolution aki...
frustrating newbie question
stefan084 - May 28, 12:02 am
thanks so much naz--very helpful and very appreciated...
New to trading 18th May
BetScalper - May 27, 11:08 pm
Did you get an email from BF saying your account was restricted and/or blocked ?...
Another Issue with Windows 10 update
Derek27 - May 27, 10:52 pm
The April update upgrades Windows 10 to version 1803 - you're actually upgrading the entir...
Lay Book%
spreadbetting - May 27, 10:41 pm
I was supposing that was the case. my observations are that even if a runner is not wit...
Watching Tennis
Tadz - May 27, 6:01 pm
Thanks Northbound, I'll have a look at that app. I don't yet know what matches to join, o...
Today's Cricket
megarain - May 27, 6:00 pm
Its been a trying week, and have a ticket to listen to Henry Blofeld tonite. I fear the w...
Today's Racing
gutuami - May 27, 4:55 pm
Integrate live scores into BA Excel sheet
Jossy_79 - May 27, 4:37 pm
Hi all, I've started to get into using Excel sheets for trading football matches however ...
French Open 2018 Roland Garros
Dallas - May 27, 3:58 pm
Got to feel for Konta still yet to get past Rd1 of RG Never even traded below her startin...
Get back on the horse?
spreadbetting - May 27, 11:49 am
After a decent Friday and Saturday I'm back in the black and those losses a distant memory...
Completely daft messages on social media
LeTiss - May 27, 11:15 am
I thought it was on YouTube that Peter got that message. I might be wrong though...
Lay the Unders HT Bot help
BrianS - May 27, 10:32 am
That's great, Thanks Dallas :)...
Guardian refresh order
Nero Tulip - May 27, 8:44 am
Thanks Dallas, that sorts them in the guardian window, but doesn't seem to tell it to r...
Historical Horse Race Data
Graphyxz - May 27, 8:18 am
Hi, Can anyone suggest the best place to download (raw) historical race data for UK &...
Today's Football
Korattt - May 27, 6:04 am
great final, thought Id dreamt it :lol: think SwissAir were trying to drop a hint at Ka...
Today's Tennis
mjay - May 26, 6:35 pm
Dallas I see your favourite player kicks off her defence tomorrow... Kozlova is not the wo...


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