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Fix order of markets
Dallas - September 18, 6:36 pm
[quote=Hepburn post_id=199293 time=1568831341 user_id=21016] First baf is main baf, second...
Cleared Stored Value then reset a Stored Value???????
Dallas - September 18, 6:24 pm
[quote=billbo001 post_id=199220 time=1568748027 user_id=16473] Maybe have a check to see i...
Custom Columns on ladder?
Dallas - September 18, 6:10 pm
You could create a servant to do it, so you just press a key and the bet is placed at 1.01...
Soccer Mystic
Dallas - September 18, 6:08 pm
[quote=bigtimesmallshot post_id=199284 time=1568828687 user_id=24634] ah I see !! - Wasn't...
Scalping if Pressure has Built Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - September 18, 6:07 pm
[quote=enigma1978 post_id=199285 time=1568828712 user_id=23592] Guys, sorry for reviving a...
Maximum Liability on a runner?
buyshirts - September 18, 5:57 pm
As nobody has answered is this a totally stupid question and not worth a response? or is i...
Efficient Markets on Betfair
SweetLyrics - September 18, 5:51 pm
Then try a non-random strategy. :) [quote=ruthlessimon post_id=199282 time=1568828023 user...
Choosing longer winning streaks
wearthefoxhat - September 18, 5:09 pm
Well...if you had a go yesterday @ Newcastle Laying the outsiders.... :o [attachment=0...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - September 18, 4:37 pm
Only £25 million matched on India SA T20 as we reach the finale. I suppose the nature of t...
iambic_pentameter - September 18, 4:30 pm
OP Give yourself at least 3 years to truly understand how the markets work. Once you know...
Lay to back automation help please
Robb - September 18, 2:13 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=198555 time=1568195478 user_id=14766] [quote=Robb post_id=198410 tim...
Today's Horse Racing
Euler - September 18, 1:45 pm
Easiest trade of the day IMO. Very quiet day after yesterday....
Updated: New beta version of Bet Angel v1.53.1
BetBuddy - September 18, 1:12 pm
Can we get the adjustments added on the left for the Stored Value comparisons ?...
Volume Servant Alert
cmuddle - September 18, 12:38 pm
Thanks a lot will try that....
How to have acceess to inplay game statistics?
wearthefoxhat - September 18, 10:39 am
[quote=Smog_Trader post_id=199238 time=1568790177 user_id=23500] Reading through the comme...
Australian racing
TipTopTrader - September 18, 7:16 am
Another great back to lay in race 8 Cranbourne with no 6 Asateer. To end a great day....
Lay betting do's and dont's
Kai - September 17, 11:41 pm
Hi fullchat You'll probably find all the answers and much more in this video playlist : h...
In-play race timer
david8036 - September 17, 11:16 pm
Thanks for the suggestions, appreciated....
The Crystal Ball method of Trading
TheRiddler - September 17, 9:27 pm
Pre race markets are just as wonderful as race in play markets Wonderful, wonderful wond...
Starting price
Dallas - September 17, 9:03 pm
Use a 'set/modify signal' rule applied to the fav, with the fixed odds condition to trigge...


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