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Automation - Save Betfair chart
northbound - April 20, 12:19 pm
It would be nice if you could add a new rule called "Save Betfair charts". We would then ...
Track Over1.5 Goals Price to Trigger Bets on Over2.5 Market Guardian Automation Bot
jimibt - April 20, 11:44 am
dallas - what a fantastic piece of analysis on the safety aspects ever, stellar ...
Australian racing
Wildly - April 20, 11:28 am
Became a bit busy to take a graph but this gives some of the picture....
Today's Football
Kai - April 20, 11:26 am
Could potentially make Arsenal more interesting to trade next season....
Reoccurring (Repeat) tick offset function
Justin53 - April 20, 11:22 am
Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there was any way using Betangel Professional to ...
Can a logical approach be applied to an illogical market?
LinusP - April 20, 11:13 am
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.50.0
Korattt - April 20, 10:08 am
sorry, thought you mean't on the Overview Chart, not on the columns...
Both Teams To Score
BetScalper - April 20, 7:58 am
Hi, Does anyone know what the average odds are for Both Teams to Score (Yes) under the fo...
Auto Trade All Day - Spreadsheet
nigelk - April 20, 7:11 am
you can upload it if you put it in as a zip file...
Today's Racing
Korattt - April 20, 5:44 am
2 evening cards later today.. schplendid...
alun63 - April 19, 11:09 pm
thanks for the replies ive only just started testing this bot and i dont expect that strik...
Betdaq bot
Hepburn - April 19, 10:34 pm
Thank you Dallas! I compared mine to yours and found a user error :oops: Its been a long...
Lei Vs Sou issue???
Kafkaesque - April 19, 9:01 pm
I'll just continue to talk to myself, and Shaun a bit, in this thread :lol: But just i...
crazy stuff
ShaunWhite - April 19, 8:58 pm
"life sized" ? Journalism ain't what it used to be....
Laying 4th Favourite
BigJ - April 19, 8:29 pm
ok thanks that makes sense. Should I just change the timings of the rule and away from...
Back or Lay Outside the Current Price Servant
mjay - April 19, 7:21 pm
this is an excellent addition to the library - thankyou...
How to determine profit/loss when using automation
Dallas - April 19, 4:19 pm
Im not sure how you have set your automation file up, perhaps you've selected the wrong st...
Betfair log message
silkysoph - April 19, 3:03 pm
Help Please On several occassions this pm i have had this message in m...
tc_uk - April 19, 1:27 pm
I see I benefitted from the Belenenses v Sporting Lisbon game as a losing trade has been c...


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