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New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0
convoysur-2 - April 21, 11:25 pm
Hi Lads. Ive been having a problem the last 7-10 days .Betangel stops working .a little b...
Today's Racing
eightbo - April 21, 11:09 pm
Newbie questions
Dallas - April 21, 10:03 pm
This file will back each player at the start of there serve and exit when not serving http...
Football Big 5 Euro Lge (Today) - Coupon w/Filter
Dallas - April 21, 9:51 pm
Sun stoke ;)...
Back bet only partly matched - how can I guarantee it is fully matched?
ShaunWhite - April 21, 8:46 pm
Did it win? Perhaps that's why your back bet was only partially filled. Do your rules ca...
Would fill or kill help?
Henry1963 - April 21, 7:10 pm
As far as using a strategy it is simply using the pace of horses to help back2lay, an old ...
Derek27 - April 21, 7:10 pm
Virgin Media can't connect me in my new flat until 1st May!! :evil:...
Snooker Bet
Pipdoc - April 21, 5:04 pm
Many thanks....
The Silk Run - April 21, 3:14 pm
I sometimes use Pattenform. Worth a look
Today's Football
greenmark - April 21, 3:12 pm
I'm convinced there are juicy opportunities on the dodgy side of football. I made a nice a...
What typical amount do you put on a back bet?
Henry1963 - April 21, 2:56 pm
I have been enjoying great success with an automation rule, using pace as the main filter,...
Manual Bet Screen
marlowracing - April 21, 1:53 pm
great, thanks....
Can anyone rewrite this rule for Betdaq, please?
Henry1963 - April 21, 1:51 pm
Have been having real success with automation on Betfair, would like to try BetAngel on Be...
Condition based at liquidity on best market price
McLean - April 21, 1:36 pm
I´m sorry Dallas, i tried. Its not working. What I want to achieve: I want to set a "tra...
Cancel Unmatched Bets
firlandsfarm - April 21, 10:31 am
Solved it :) … I'm still using Cancel Unmatched Bets by Selection but instead of using the...
Target Profit or Loss Guardian Automation Bot
Bakeman - April 21, 5:57 am
Can this be set up to close out on individual runners at a set amount, instead of the whol...
Automation still firing bets in after Greening up!!!!!
kinglouie - April 20, 8:06 pm
Thanks for the input folks, sorted it now. Regards KL...
Need Betdaq automation rule
Henry1963 - April 20, 7:11 pm
I have been using the attached automation rule with great success, but want to try Betdaq ...
Lay the 1st Set Winner Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
Dallas - April 20, 6:50 pm
[quote=chri2510 post_id=185427 time=1555785419 user_id=21740] Hello ! When the favorite l...
Offset Bet Not Placed
foxwood - April 20, 5:31 pm
[quote="Bet Angel" post_id=185402 time=1555771617 user_id=86] [quote=foxwood post_id=1853...


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