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Can a Simple strategy explianed in one sentence really work long term?
liero1 - January 21, 10:02 am
makes me think of this - if you make it too complex you are likely over fitting your data....
Australian Open 2019
Dallas - January 21, 10:01 am
Needed a good hold there to stand any chance of breaking back this game...
Tennis Automation bot
trifletastic - January 21, 9:56 am
Hi Dan, think this would do it. Test in Practice mode first though. Also stakes set to £1 ...
Why do you trade what you trade?
LeTiss - January 21, 9:10 am
[quote=bennyboy351 post_id=178271 time=1548010160 user_id=13253] Horses - only! [/quote] ...
Australian racing
napshnap - January 21, 8:20 am
Interesting race. 8. Aldebar...
Today's Racing
eightbo - January 21, 7:49 am
Will do Shr Also BBC just showed pics of a crazy in-play recovery at Cork over the weeken...
Lay the Draw then Move Profits to Home & Away Teams Guardian Automation Bot
willow - January 20, 10:21 pm
I tried this bot on a couple of matches tonight. Both had first half goals. However, neith...
Betfair Bet ID Number
Balmus - January 20, 8:59 pm
Would be a huge addition IMO. +1...
Importing .baf files
Ambettor - January 20, 7:20 pm
Thanks MemphisFlash - cheers...
Win 7 on a 300 Series motherboard
bennyboy351 - January 20, 6:53 pm
[quote=MemphisFlash post_id=178067 time=1547831504 user_id=13195] My laptop is dual bootab...
Drones for faster / better views
bennyboy351 - January 20, 6:45 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=178268 time=1548008472 user_id=16662] [quote=Balmus post_id=1782...
Best TV channels for Horse Racing?
iambic_pentameter - January 20, 3:48 pm
Racing TV Sky Sports Racing If you are just starting out, then use the Betfair Live Vide...
Correct Score Lay Bet
karl78 - January 20, 12:22 pm
Hi Dallas, So i have created the following attachment. Once again, I am not sure if wh...
Which tablet to use?
eightbo - January 20, 9:24 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=178153 time=1547909772 user_id=14766] Edit; Just found this pic from...
Eliminate race type
MemphisFlash - January 19, 11:53 pm
[attachment=0]Greyhound Flying V Strategy 20.01.19-26.01.19.xlsx[/attachment] If anyone ...
Bigdataball - american sports
Euler - January 19, 10:29 pm
Thanks for sharing, more data for me to waste weeks on ;)...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
LeTiss - January 19, 9:32 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=178197 time=1547928959 user_id=6339] [quote=Dallas post_id=178187 tim...
betfair closing
Kafkaesque - January 19, 9:23 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=178181 time=1547915418 user_id=16662] A 'no deal' may have inter...
place bet from signal
Oscarbell - January 19, 9:22 pm
cheers dallas explains why i could not do it...
Betfair charts of the day
Euler - January 19, 8:13 pm
[quote=weemac post_id=178174 time=1547914367 user_id=12363] From 3/1 to 8.5/1 pre-race. Th...


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