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Range% in market overview
teambulldog - September 21, 4:14 pm
Hi All, Can you please help, as i would like to use the Range% in market overview screen ...
Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - September 21, 4:11 pm
horse names
Derek27 - September 21, 4:05 pm
Horse names can be amusing and sometimes a talking point, but I wouldn't fancy reading a b...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - September 21, 3:48 pm
WOM heavily manipulated and reversing in the 16:55 Newton Abbot....
Today's Tennis
Derek27 - September 21, 3:22 pm
But you can't lose either? Strikes me as possibly a good bet anyway because if AZ did m...
Knowledge vs. Skill
Euler - September 21, 2:34 pm
Itís hard to envision all the work that leads up to it when you only see the finished pr...
Excel Spreadsheet Error
RonObvious - September 21, 2:12 pm
Yes to both. Office 365, Excel Version 1808 (Build 10730.20102) 64-bit...
Australian racing
Derek27 - September 21, 1:37 pm
Gloucester Park is racing 15:00 BST???...
This tip deserves its own thread.
SeaHorseRacing - September 21, 11:32 am
Will leave this thread as information I receive rather than my opinion. 3.05A- Diamonique...
Speed - Automation vs Spreadsheet
cmuddle - September 21, 10:35 am
What is the advantage of using BA Server Edition on BA VPS rather than normal version o...
Predictive Model
Euler - September 21, 10:22 am
I haven't found the predictive model that helpful, the live data updates are great for my ...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.51
Bet Angel - September 21, 7:21 am
Hmm.... we've just done the same and it's still working fine. Very odd. The chart window...
Botty Challenges
mcgoo - September 21, 7:17 am
So I tried writing an updated version of me bot that is way more robust (after seeing some...
handicap prices
mobile - September 21, 6:02 am
once again, I don't think I'm explaining myself too well. I'm not looking for an edge in t...
Derek27 - September 21, 3:26 am
:lol: Got round it with VPN. (That Rachael is a sexy bird!)...
knyght - September 20, 10:33 pm
im afraid being a newbie and a sixty something im afraid stored values are something im no...
delay of the live stream for football games
pdenoeud - September 20, 10:25 pm
Hi all does anyone know the delay of the live stream displayed on Betfair web site for fo...
Lay the Draw & Green Up after a Goal by Checking 0-0 CS
Dadders - September 20, 10:19 pm
Dallas, can I please ask. Would it be possible to modify this bot to check all scores and ...
Is it legal to Facetime a football match?
pdenoeud - September 20, 9:27 pm
Thanks Wolf1877 for this valuable information! I read that more and more stadiums offer wi...


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