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going trouble
danny74danny - August 17, 12:12 pm
it seems that racing post is more accurate info on timeform a bit misleading or unless I w...
Bets or trades that you never made
Dublin_Flyer - August 17, 12:10 pm
I was watching the Dereck Chisora v Dillian Whyte fight wondering was there much activity ...
API changes and "streaming"
Dipstick - August 17, 11:55 am
Have just joined betdaq and now have both BA versions open. The Betfair onse shows Streami...
Where are the automation log files stored?
Dallas - August 17, 11:51 am
Your log folder can be found in the following directory C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME...
Karnataka Premier league games taken off Betfair - Very Strange!
buyshirts - August 17, 11:45 am
I would of thought considering how much is traded on these matches that they wouldn't of r...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
bennyboy351 - August 17, 11:40 am
Thanks for the heads-up. :D...
"historic relative odds condition"
eatyourgreens - August 17, 11:12 am
thanx for reply dt88, .........and I think that was the answer I was looking for :-) I t...
Alert When Tennis Score Reached Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - August 17, 10:00 am
Thanks Dallas! I was able to create my conditions! :) Could you please tell me how do ...
How Should Betfair Handle Bets if an Outage Occurs - Thoughts??
James1st - August 17, 9:29 am
I was very confused by what happened as it happened. I started off by placing a Lay b...
Support and Resistance
CallumPerry - August 17, 8:25 am
That must be what it is then! Which is great as the pennies at 8.0 don't really look like ...
Computer configuration
Wolf1877 - August 17, 8:10 am
Just coming back to the relevance of clockspeeds when comparing processor speed as per Dal...
Today's Tennis
weemac - August 17, 7:36 am
I see Betfair have migrated their nonsensical reporting of scoring from football to tennis...
Tennis automation
kqv91y - August 17, 6:28 am
Just wondering if its possible by automation to tell if: 1) How many sets a tennis match g...
Can anyone help me?
jcihekweme - August 17, 12:02 am
Thanks for your help. I am going to abandon that buy I found some files on the automated s...
Table Tennis
gutuami - August 16, 10:57 pm
amazing win against Ma Long
The fat fingers thread
PDC - August 16, 9:16 pm
Nothing personal taken. What you define as activity is actually what is being plotted ag...
tx count summarize
rain91 - August 16, 7:38 pm
Nobody know the solution?:S I made something wrong?:S...
US Open 2018
Nero Tulip - August 16, 7:18 pm
Phew! That is a relief. Might have had to sack it off otherwise....
Today's Racing
eightbo - August 16, 6:46 pm
19:45 market was just bonkers! will have to watch that back a few times...


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