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how can i check a market is closed in another market
eatyourgreens - July 26, 12:07 am
[quote=eatyourgreens post_id=272608 time=1626610827 user_id=20949] I dont know an answer t...
jamesg46 - July 26, 12:00 am
[quote=greenmark post_id=273207 time=1627256199 user_id=20792] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=273...
Olympics 2021 (nee 2020)
greenmark - July 25, 11:04 pm
Yee is lookng pretty spritely on the 10k leg. Come on lad!...
Cricket Trading Bots/Strategies
gazuty - July 25, 9:57 pm
There are so many strategies and some are very simple. Have a look at @frogcrunchy - http...
Stuff to watch
bennyboy351 - July 25, 7:59 pm
"Tales of the Riverbank"; "pogles' Wood"; "Fireball XL5" - I could go on - and on - and o...
Betfair / Python London Meet-up (21/01/20)
LinusP - July 25, 7:48 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=273163 time=1627175733 user_id=16662] [quote=LinusP post_id=2731...
Guardian in Betdaq
ShaunWhite - July 25, 6:17 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=273188 time=1627231349 user_id=18319] Most punters are ignorant ab...
Multi Band (coloured) LTP volume chart
censura - July 25, 6:14 pm
Thank you...
Weight of Money only first X levels
Dallas - July 25, 5:14 pm
The weight of money is only calculated using the best three prices, not the full market de...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - July 25, 2:10 pm
Bangers bring home the bacon v Zimmers 3rd T20I, approaching 36 million matched....
Clarity on the term, 'turnover'
sebturner - July 25, 1:12 pm
@Dallas and @ShaunWhite - Thank you so much for your speedy responses. Your combined answe...
Betdaq down
MobiusGrey - July 25, 12:58 pm
Bet Angel for Betdaq seems to be fine...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
wearthefoxhat - July 25, 12:00 pm
[quote=Atho55 post_id=273169 time=1627213040 user_id=14997] Hope it`s going to be a season...
Statistic and football - Newbie doubt
Heal - July 25, 6:49 am
well you are right....
Today's Horse Racing
Emmson - July 25, 12:10 am
Used an inflation calculator to see how a bridesmaid card at Beverley on Kings George day...
Excel Help
cmuddle - July 24, 8:15 pm
Hi everyone, I am still here and grinding, although you don't hear much from me. Wanted ...
Lay Nominated Player if Break Early Guardian Automation Bot
PeeBee74 - July 24, 7:14 pm
Once again thank you...
Lay the Draw then Move Profits to Home & Away Teams Guardian Automation Bot
craignmoss - July 24, 5:53 pm
Hi, I just thought I'd gve this automation a go in practice mode and set it off in 3 game...
Guardian refresh efficiency question
jamesedwards - July 24, 5:46 pm
[quote=Anbell post_id=273051 time=1627091795 user_id=24242] [quote=jamesedwards post_id=27...
something is wrong at betfair
jamesg46 - July 24, 5:00 pm
[quote=paspuggie48 post_id=273118 time=1627144443 user_id=12063] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=2...


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