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Botty Challenges
mcgoo - June 22, 9:06 am
mmm last horse bot went back to break even and I didn't like the risk/reward ratio Gotta n...
Create a No Lose Trade on Fav and Profit on the Field Guardian Automation Bot
cmuddle - June 22, 9:06 am
Thanks Dallas, If the lay bet is matched the trade is already closed, not sure if it wi...
World Cup 2018
mcgoo - June 22, 8:58 am
If the forum had a 'thumbs up' button this message would be topping the thread. LOL [...
Create a Lay rule
Dallas - June 22, 8:39 am
There is no individual bot that has this it's just a single rule and condition that you ne...
Today's Racing
Naffman - June 22, 8:29 am
Do you sleep guys? [/quote] I just woke up early today :lol: Will only be trading S...
need betfair api
Dallas - June 22, 8:19 am
Here you go
MS Access and Bet Angel spreadsheet integration
nigelk - June 22, 7:26 am
Good video here: and the source code: http://...
Forex Trading
MrFlight - June 22, 1:19 am
Hello everyone am new nice to meet you all. What a player 4 exes ! I have been learning ...
Custom selection order sorting on both ONE-CLICK screen and IN-PLAY trader
Tuco - June 22, 12:30 am
You can already create your own custom columns to do this price and not a fixed pric...
Betfair cash race
whimsies - June 21, 10:18 pm
Yes I agree +1...
Strategy Development: Modelling
ShaunWhite - June 21, 9:28 pm
Find the theoretical. Implement practically. Ditch or scale up and add to portfolio. R...
Offset Bet in Guardian
Dallas - June 21, 8:24 pm
They are the same in that they are both used to exit a trade, which one you use in a given...
Royal Ascot 2018
Naffman - June 21, 8:08 pm
Thanks for the info guys :)...
Treating DOBING as a rare event
BetScalper - June 21, 8:05 pm
There are several areas to look at when dobbing: 1. Is there one or even two short pri...
WOM % in Practice mode. Trading Horses.
Dallas - June 21, 8:00 pm
Yes that's correct Automation/servants with a WOM condition will also trigger to it. S...
Brazil 1982 World Cup team Wow!
mhorro - June 21, 7:12 pm
Watching the 1982 Brazil world cup team, wow great memories! Let's hope we get a master c...
Portable trading setup
JTEDL - June 21, 4:03 pm
I have an android tablet and phone and use chrome remote desktop on each to use BA on my w...
Could it be grass?
northbound - June 21, 3:53 pm
Fingers crossed...
Betfair charts of the day
Trader Pat - June 21, 1:57 pm
Some big spikes around today outside of Ascot. This one caught me out, I held on a fracti...


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