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Tennis Trading Multiple Strategy Spreadsheet
MemphisFlash - February 22, 10:59 pm
just putting a spreadsheet with multiple macros and staking opportunites together. 20 macr...
Today's Racing
bimbi - February 22, 9:58 pm
Thanks very much Derek...
Percentage Offsetting
Jukebox - February 22, 8:57 pm
In BA settings there is an option to choose between Calculating the offset from 'Price' an...
Today's Football
SeaHorseRacing - February 22, 8:44 pm
Any Wenger out markets available anyone know?...
I need help on Football Trading!!!!
mhorro - February 22, 7:17 pm
Many thanks....
Rollox - February 22, 7:15 pm
once again "the saviour" i can put my paracetemol away now :lol: dallas thanks again...
Trading Greyhound racing
gta2003 - February 22, 7:03 pm
Not sure if this was a stupid question or not, as maybe winter doesn't affect the times...
Historical Data on Favourites
ShaunWhite - February 22, 5:49 pm
Or this if you want the BF files. I'm guessing the last 99,000+ races should be enough....
Historical Data on Favourites
Anna List - February 22, 5:23 pm
Try this: or this: http://adrianmassey....
Money tonight in Football games seems very large
LeTiss - February 22, 5:04 pm
Been watching it all afternoon. I got back out thankfully, because I got caught unexpec...
Automation in "Correct Score" market.
Dallas - February 22, 4:43 pm
When did it exceed it though? Was it through natural time decay or following a goal whi...
How much hav i won
Derek27 - February 22, 4:19 pm
Though mildly annoying at the same time due to the misuse of 'your' (should be you're -...
Guardian Automation Shared Files library - Suggestions
wellyn18 - February 22, 2:40 pm
yes i want it, how to make bot sir? .baf thanks for your attention Mr Dallas can yo...
Tennis automation help please
mjay - February 22, 10:31 am
thanks for all your help on this...
Are Football Trading Results Just Random
northbound - February 22, 9:30 am
Exactly. I met a guy a couple of years back, he was market making football markets str...
Automation Condition - Volume Percentages
mcgoo - February 22, 9:07 am
Aaah my kingdom for volume tracking :D...
Assigning short cuts - gaming mouse/keyboard?
Balmus - February 22, 9:05 am
Life saver! Thanks much....
Jockeys Playing It Cool On The Bridle
Anna List - February 22, 7:48 am
Some things in life are obvious and clear. They are 'no brainers'. Other things are less...
Bet Angel Spreadsheets
Jonathan - February 21, 5:41 pm
sorry, should rephrase this. I meant to say. Not too familiar with the forum, assume this ...

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