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Correct score market behaviour(?)
Dallas - July 16, 9:51 am
Use Soccer Mystic it will tell you how much the odds will change as time decays and goals ...
Betfair charts of the day
Lucacrebbe - July 16, 8:59 am
This is not a fat finger... a fat finger is an error, simply this is a back-off...
How do spot the money that is entering
foxwood - July 16, 8:35 am
Stop feeding the troll :roll:...
VBA developer
foxwood - July 16, 8:28 am
The first thing to check for support always used to be "is it turned on" so I'm going to b...
Back Server if Previous Game Won Easily Guardian Automation Bot
tradergreen - July 16, 8:27 am
Hi people, I know my next question depends the matches are selected, categories, matches ...
Today's Racing
Halliday - July 16, 8:13 am
I feel the same as you do , especially with your reply , to what was a genuine attempt ...
Australian racing
MemphisFlash - July 16, 6:30 am
arondesment won the race ...
Baku Azerbaijan
Derek27 - July 16, 12:54 am
+1 Is it possible to hide that thread, so that only he can see it? ;)...
World Cup 2018
mcgoo - July 15, 11:59 pm
Backed France outright 197 &1.98. Nice to wake up to some green :mrgreen: -makes a c...
Quick Poll : Targets
FrogThimble - July 15, 11:21 pm
No, I don't transfer targets to the next day. My target is the same each day regardless...
When does Betfair "suspend" markets in sports other than football?
pyrrhus80 - July 15, 11:01 pm
I'm aware of how betfair suspends football markets when there's been a goal, or a card it ...
Busiest Week of the Year is Here
Derek27 - July 15, 8:00 pm
Next time the World Cup takes place in winter. It might be a blessing for racing/football ...
DOBing - Back & Lay at 50% Guardian Automation Bot
AVRX - July 15, 6:49 pm
good Help in conditions I have several example rules: if there is a horse that gets to ...
tool to show what can be earned with stakes at different back/lay prices
Dallas - July 15, 6:01 pm
Yes the 'What If' option
Back/lay the field in Guardian
Dallas - July 15, 5:05 pm
Yes, it will only take a few mins to do by duplicating the way I said in the last post,...
Fat Finger Bot
yanka50 - July 15, 4:46 pm
Your condition is correct - it will trigger when a large back order hits the market and...
Wimbledon 2018
Dallas - July 15, 3:35 pm
Didn't even watch the final set...
Comparing bookmakers for odds
Lucacrebbe - July 15, 2:18 pm
yes. Tennis is nice usually in those months...
How much do you vary staking level
Derek27 - July 15, 12:34 pm
Not sure if Kelly criterium is applicable to trading and if it is, who's got time to ca...


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