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Is it possible to add Matchbook API exange BET ANGEL?
Derek27 - July 22, 2:49 am
It doesn't offer a BetDaq account, as far as I can tell it allows you to place bets with t...
Daily profit
Derek27 - July 22, 2:35 am
No, you've assumed it's loss recovery (unless I've misread the OPs original post). I di...
How do spot the money that is entering
Derek27 - July 22, 1:36 am
From my experience there are too many spoofers, people cancelling bets, perhaps the same...
Betfair historical Charts
Lucacrebbe - July 22, 1:09 am
Hello, for you who can access to betfair historical data, I have red that the format in...
New system! Road to riches!
ShaunWhite - July 21, 10:29 pm
Speaking of appropriate names.... 18th July - 5:10 Lingfield. 2 Horse race. 1st Trouble ...
Tonight's boxing
Naffman - July 21, 10:06 pm
Boxing masterclass from Usyk that was incredible! Eddie Hearn will be avoiding him like t...
Matched Odds/Amnt Mtched/BetRef/Time Rows
sa7med - July 21, 8:18 pm
I can't tell but do these values move with corresponding horses when the market ranking is...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - July 21, 7:03 pm
Just looked at the weather forecast; 30 degrees on Monday! If there's ever a day to drag ...
Inplay trading
Pavarotti - July 21, 6:19 pm
Cheers for the advice guys. I have loads to learn. Just trying to get my head around it al...
The Open 2018
Dublin_Flyer - July 21, 6:08 pm
2005 British Open he was +300 before 1st round which equates to 3/1, 2006 British Open ...
Relevance of the Overround
cookyweb - July 21, 5:23 pm
Great advice as always on this Forum, thank you very much for that....
Women’s server stats
BerkshireBok - July 21, 2:39 pm
Great, thank you....
Betfair charts of the day
Simonlofc - July 21, 12:23 pm
14.00 KO now thats a steam...
How many goals does the market expect in this match?
Jukebox - July 21, 11:32 am
Many thanks Andriy for taking the time for this...
A question for newbies & beginners
brimson25 - July 21, 11:21 am
Thanks very much for this post, it's incredibly thoughtful, and helpful. An awful lot for...
Simple automation not firing
Jukebox - July 21, 10:47 am
I would also suggest that if your intention is to have only one bet matched then your Numb...
Bet Angel Academy courses
globi166 - July 21, 10:44 am
I believe Dallas should do an training course on automation, either on-line or hire out...
Dobbing - Today's DOB's
Eyesnack - July 21, 10:00 am
Saturday 21-7-2018 flat cards available
Backing the same horse twice at two different times before the off
evertonian - July 21, 9:22 am
Excellent. Thank you very much Jukebox....


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