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Football Data (CSV, JSON) - UPDATED 16/08/17
rolandimone - November 23, 12:57 pm
I've just tried it and its still active and working [/quote] Thanks problem was with m...
Black Ice - November 23, 11:04 am
I watch daily politics while i have lunch...then take my Jack Russell for a walk which mea...
Order Cancels Order Servant
Dallas - November 23, 11:01 am
These Servants are mainly intended for use on pre race and in-running horse racing markets...
Admission time, and a question or two :(
stueytrader - November 23, 11:00 am
As an update, a couple months on, I have managed to change many of my previous 'habits' an...
Strange ladder
Trader Pat - November 23, 10:50 am
I was having this problem a lot and tried everything from XM on/off, streaming on/off even...
Personality profiles
stueytrader - November 23, 10:48 am
Interesting reading through these posts, and the different results people had. I came out...
Ashes 2017 - 1st test Brisbane
megarain - November 23, 10:46 am
Day 1 graphs ...
Mark Davis
Euler - November 23, 10:42 am
I second that. MrsW's fairly routine op on Monday turned into a bloody nightmare and a 2...
Profit Builder Servant
Dallas - November 23, 10:26 am
This Servant is mainly intended for use on horse racing markets, particularly when In-Runn...
Head to Head Horse Racing Stats
iambic_pentameter - November 23, 10:21 am
Hi Simon, This is brilliant - thank you so much. Best wishes, Iambic...
Odds tracking and following smart money
rockiii000 - November 23, 10:09 am
I place a bet in the morning because I expect odds to drop. I want this bet to stay open, ...
I'm a Celebrity 2017!!
Naffman - November 23, 5:44 am
Very big if though SHR. He looks very beatable IMO, Parker is awful so shouldn't be him b...
Backing under 2.5 goals
jameswh90 - November 23, 1:36 am
Hi Guys, I'm new to betangel and this is my first post. So after reading for hours onlin...
Trading Greyhound racing
Emmson - November 22, 9:26 pm
Wrong! I posted 2 videos of cricket games that were still in play to demonstrate how it...
Best trading manual
Derek27 - November 22, 8:47 pm
Ideally, your money should be better of in a Betfair account and growing. :)...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
LinusP - November 22, 8:02 pm
This is cool:
Can you run servants on all of the markets at the same time?
Dallas - November 22, 7:16 pm
So have you got the Bellboy icon and the Servant/s working now?...
Today's Football
Kafkaesque - November 22, 6:52 pm
Messi on the bench, and the Juve-Barca market goes nuts :D...
Christmas gifting situation
Voli - November 22, 5:48 pm
How are you handling the entire Christmas gifting situation? My wife and I have a deal tha...

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