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Tracking odds using historic relative odds
Niko - November 21, 6:38 pm
Historic Relative Odds! :D I was hoping to do something with signals, whereby once the ...
Inplay Scalping and ... edge??
max_usted - November 21, 6:00 pm
I feel I could write a long treatise in response to your sentence below: and I really w...
Customer service
megarain - November 21, 5:59 pm
You have to find the right person to speak to. I had an issue, and was sent a reply, and ...
Need automation testers
ZeroCounty - November 21, 5:59 pm
What you said is true, i don't dispute it. But what i meant was divide and conquer. Jus...
Scalp the Field In Running Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - November 21, 5:58 pm
You could use it as a servant and that will give you full control over starting and sto...
Trading Greyhound racing
Euler - November 21, 5:01 pm
You would need to verify the rating though as competitors WILL try and trash others. When ...
Maths Question sorry
spreadbetting - November 21, 4:40 pm
Easiest way to think of trading is to understand it's simply a balanced equation, if you w...
Match fixing
max_usted - November 21, 4:31 pm
My understanding is that becomes more of an issue in end-of-season games in some league...
Creating Tennis Database - Start Up
spreadbetting - November 21, 4:19 pm
I think a lot of where to start will depend on what you already know computerwise, what yo...
Trading Cricket
megarain - November 21, 3:51 pm
Just for laffs, here is an out-take, literally, the 1st stab, at using the beta/OBS (re...
baf file help??
Dallas - November 21, 3:40 pm
Try this, I've not tested so do so in PM first before going live I've just removed all ma...
How to analyse .tar file from Betfair
ZeroCounty - November 21, 1:42 pm
Hi megarain, Nice of you to reply to my post. The work you are doing is really commendabl...
Today's Racing
dragontrades - November 21, 1:31 pm
Anyone see those big lay orders on Towering?...
Race Timer for In-play Trader
Euler - November 21, 11:20 am
It would certainly be possible, just not made it into the development pool just yet....
Data Required for Uni Dissertation
Euler - November 21, 11:05 am
Check out this section of the forum, you may find what you need in here: -
Race Type Condition
ricardodeano - November 21, 10:56 am
I don't suppose this is on the "to do" list is it?...
VPS provisioning time
Euler - November 21, 10:13 am
If you place the order during offices hours it will be fairly quick....
Ladder money in front of me
richbeales - November 21, 9:59 am
I would argue that even if it's not completely accurate it would affect my behaviour if I ...
Using Machine Learning to predict Horse Race duration
Wolf1877 - November 21, 8:56 am
Interesting article, thanks for posting. From where I am stood you seem more than a beginn...

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