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BA ´placed closure bet´ twice, causing an extra lay left in market
rbb1986 - November 22, 11:25 am
Morning, I´ve been trying to work out what went wrong with my final, and very costly trade...
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Australian racing
gazuty - November 22, 11:14 am
And they did settle. I came home, checked in and saw this post. I became worried I was...
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Today's Racing
Dave Angel - November 22, 11:06 am
Swansdown ...... If it goes odds on it will win OR if it goes odds on it won't win? hat...
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How long will it take to learn to trade
Pepperpot - November 22, 11:00 am
Thankyou. I will look into this....
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BetAngel for Betdaq.
Valda - November 22, 9:59 am
Had a few quid lying around in betdaq for a while and having found some promising automati...
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Using the forum
jcihekweme - November 22, 9:57 am
Hi, I'm new to this and trying to learn trading. What is the best forum thread to follow? ...
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Any way to backtest an automated strategy?
sa7med - November 22, 9:19 am
Would you explain in a little more detail what that process is? Would love to see a vid...
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I'm a Celebrity 2018
LeTiss - November 22, 8:33 am
The surge on John Barrowman was a successful one - big money arrived at 5.1 yesterday, and...
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What exactly is 'trd' in the Betfair data?
LinusP - November 22, 8:10 am
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Third Party to Setup Laying Servant and automation
burrcutter - November 22, 3:57 am
Hi, I have a theory that I have tested manually, for laying. Is there someone interested ...
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Rule that applies to specific row (betfair order)
brunty122 - November 22, 12:11 am
Ohhhhh okay I get it.....appreciate the quick response Brilliant, cheers mate!!...
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Betfair scalping for beginners
Dallas - November 21, 10:16 pm
Yes you can green up on the one-click using the basic version This thread will explain...
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Automation Check Please
marius.oly - November 21, 8:42 pm
Sorry, it was my first post on forum. I'll be more careful next time....
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How to make servant rule not end at race time
STARBUCK62 - November 21, 8:19 pm
PS I take it I don’t add it to the lay rule , just the back rule ?...
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Basics I cannot find in the user guide
Dallas - November 21, 7:37 pm
The interactive login is primarily for Danish users who need to login slightly different t...
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Back to Lay Scalping
awhit66 - November 21, 7:33 pm
Thanks Dallas But I can see a bot that does what I was looking for Andy...
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Exchange streaming
Dallas - November 21, 6:40 pm
Definitely, yes it can do 10 updates to every 1 you can do with 'Polling' However, its...
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Drip back automation
mjdavies4 - November 21, 3:22 pm
Thanks will take a look and adapt it for my needs...
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Keyboard Shortcuts
Dallas - November 21, 2:04 pm
There's not a keyboard shortcut for this but you could achieve the same thing using a serv...


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