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Wind Op
invisiblelayer - November 18, 6:42 pm
Green screens up around oliver123 right now, no idea why...
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All Blacks v Ireland
trader44 - November 18, 6:19 pm
looks like ireland done them over :o...
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Global Settings
TheLoneBettor - November 18, 6:12 pm
Thanks Dallas....
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Betfair charts of the day
Euler - November 18, 5:24 pm
I dabbled in Chelts today but not much else. It looks like a big lay set it off, then ...
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Sir Henry Cecil
oliver123 - November 18, 4:38 pm
What a wonderful man! gives us hope!!...
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Today's Racing
PDC - November 18, 3:51 pm
Steak dinner tonight for the Irish stewards ;)...
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Frustrating automation.
wearthefoxhat - November 18, 3:11 pm
There's plenty of advice these days on the forum and Second that for sure. IMO i...
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Today's Cricket
spreadbetting - November 18, 2:50 pm
My bad, I thought that was the final tally forgot it's still ongoing :oops:...
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automatically load all tennis markets
Dallas - November 18, 12:27 pm
The ability to load markets automatically is not possible although it has been requested b...
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I'm a Celebrity 2018
PDC - November 18, 12:27 pm
Already been two bush tucker trials released: https://www.y...
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Australian racing
gazuty - November 18, 11:03 am
Yep. The party is over. :(...
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Global Settings slight Problem - Being Triggered on the wrong side!
Dallas - November 18, 10:09 am
Here you go
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Soccer Saturday Super 6
JTEDL - November 18, 7:42 am
LOL, say's it all about pundits....or maybe I shoud say sports traders!...
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Multiple string search improvement
doncastro - November 18, 6:50 am
It would be great to be able to edit to the searchlist.cfg file to do something like this ...
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ec0n0mist - November 18, 4:21 am
76ers vs CHA @ FT: 122-119 (OT 110-110) ...
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Lay the First to Trade at 2.0 Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - November 17, 11:22 pm
If that's all you need it'll be easier to start with a new file, all you need is A 'pl...
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New Exchanges powered by Betfair
gzanette - November 17, 11:00 pm
How would you get trading software for these other exchanges “powered by betfair”?...
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Smarkets's skullduggery
spreadbetting - November 17, 6:49 pm
Yep, you just have to hope the horse you're trading doesn't go onto to win at those hig...
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Green All Gremlin
puntingprofit - November 17, 5:21 pm
Thanks for the quick response and confirmation. I'll go with a reserve cancel and place...


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