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Betdaq down
LinusP - March 21, 6:44 am
API seems to be down, anyone else having issues?
Automation Condition - Volume Percentages
SwissT - March 21, 6:30 am
I also would find this very useful....
Completely daft messages on social media
ShaunWhite - March 21, 4:53 am
Shoulda woulda coulda Derek. (sorry mj) :lol:...
Green up Close trade
ShaunWhite - March 20, 11:58 pm
What do you mean by 'green up a close all trades"?...
Premium charge portal
mjmorris335 - March 20, 9:36 pm
Mine disappeared last November. I'm in profit but don't pay PC yet. I never got a reply to...
Sky Q and Delays
soccersaint - March 20, 8:56 pm
Any edge you thought you might have watching “live” soccer on Sky Q might be misplaced ! ...
Today's Racing
SeaHorseRacing - March 20, 8:10 pm
10k stakes floating about, something going on....
LAY ALL Question
nige99 - March 20, 7:39 pm
Thankyou very much mr Dallas ! I had added that but it was set to “any selection”so I can...
Laying a Horse at random
ANGELS15 - March 20, 6:41 pm
Hi CaptainMak. You mention that you pick horses at random that you think might lose. I bel...
Betfair charts of the day
RicHep365 - March 20, 6:20 pm
Anybody catch the chart of the winner from Newcastle 18:05? Velvet Vision, drifted from 3 ...
Changing multiple rules/conditions at the same time?
ShaunWhite - March 20, 5:05 pm
You can edit the baf file in a text editor if you are VERY careful not to change anything ...
Is this a waste of money? Will it work with Betangel?
ShaunWhite - March 20, 5:04 pm
About a ton if you shop around,150 if you don't. Only the one suffixed RGB has the colors....
Fill the Gap Servant
Copenhagen trader - March 20, 3:50 pm
Thanks ;)...
Greening up excel
StellaBot - March 20, 3:03 pm
Simple solution Under Global command L6 =IF(AR7=3,"GREEN_ALL","") AR7 being my cell refe...
Betfair Price Files Download Manager
spreadbetting - March 20, 2:36 pm
I think the site has been a bit dodgy for a while but working fine at the moment with a...
In-play Strategy
invisiblelayer - March 20, 2:14 pm
What's this? be a part of the cherry picker gangs littered around racecourses or box use o...
Online Betting Academy for Course attendees
Korattt - March 20, 1:16 pm
has the Masterclass online course been scrapped?...
Lay Current Correct Score in Final 10mins Guardian Automation Bot
BetScalper - March 20, 1:00 pm
I have been noticing some very strange odds movements on BF recently whereby you could lay...
Scalp Tight Book% or Scratch in Loss Guardian Automation Bot
richard.b747 - March 20, 7:58 am
I really appreciate your help Dabbla, I will change it to your settings Richard...

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