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Qatar 🇶🇦 World 🌍 Cup 2022
Derek27 - November 30, 3:23 am
I was listening to my playlist of favourite songs when Jeff Beck's classic came on, and I ...
Can the highlighting of the last traded odds be constant rather than flashing?
Dallas - November 29, 11:44 pm
[quote=arbitrage16 post_id=316258 time=1669760003 user_id=17888] Is this possible? Looking...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.60.0
Vovsen - November 29, 10:32 pm
Woahh nice theres a new update - thank you so much!! And this opening of multiple ladder...
Does money only get traded at the current price?
Derek27 - November 29, 9:59 pm
[quote=the4droogs post_id=316254 time=1669758027 user_id=27723] I believe the cross matchi...
Derek27 - November 29, 8:17 pm
[quote=greenmark post_id=316239 time=1669752170 user_id=20792] [quote=Derek27 post_id=3162...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
aperson - November 29, 5:07 pm
Just had a few "an error has occurred while cancelling bets: The entire order has been rej...
Why You Will Never Make A Profit On Automation Alone
Euler - November 29, 4:08 pm
[quote]As a software engineer with a financial markets background, I thought I should shar...
Underdog breaks
Dallas - November 29, 2:40 pm
You'll first need a 'Set/Modify Signal' rule applied to the 2nd fav and on the signal tab ...
Display Runners in Different Colours on Course Map depending on their Profit & Loss - TPD Map Settings
Dallas - November 29, 12:05 pm
[quote=Marshy10 post_id=316211 time=1669721524 user_id=8000] Forgive me Dallas, but where ...
Today's Horse Racing
deestar - November 29, 11:51 am
Anyone else Race Status not updating?...
Football Musings
wearthefoxhat - November 29, 10:55 am
Watched one of Peter Webbs Bet Angel academy for football. Most of the content he's poste...
Automation Strategy Build (Newbie)
sionascaig - November 29, 9:44 am
If just testing a new rule: 1. Use practice mode, 2. use any market (doesnt have to be foo...
"The Low Traded price of a selection"
Dallas - November 28, 9:38 pm
No its the high/low prices since the market was opened, (the same prices you'll see in the...
Is there a way of knowing exactly how much money is being put on and taken off(cancelled bets)?
Ryanolifelix - November 28, 8:54 pm
Im trying to figure out if there a way of doing this. Let say at 2.0 there was money wai...
simple hedge calculator
Dallas - November 28, 7:27 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=316184 time=1669661659 user_id=19806] [quote=Realrocknrolla post_id...
DOBing @ 50% & Back 2 Lay @ 20% Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - November 28, 7:06 pm
[quote=Bigsmash post_id=316183 time=1669660813 user_id=34743] [quote=Dallas post_id=316181...
Windows update has ruined my connection through a VPS - what can be done?
arbitrage16 - November 28, 6:16 pm
[quote=foxwood post_id=316079 time=1669471701 user_id=10718] [quote=arbitrage16 post_id=31...
Today's Greyhounds
Finau - November 28, 5:29 pm
Cheers Napshnap...
FTX collapse
wearthefoxhat - November 28, 4:36 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=316168 time=1669650720 user_id=6339] [quote]BREAKING: BlockFi is fili...
Today's Football
Euler - November 28, 4:33 pm
I guess they aren't going to ban boxing though?...


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