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Required Strike Rate Formula
CallumPerry - March 19, 7:48 pm
^ This is what I've started to do with my equity curves! Completely agree this makes a lot...
Charting from Excel in BA
Atho55 - March 19, 7:16 pm
There is no guarantee that it will work tomorrow, next week or ever again but what does ha...
dutching bot
Dallas - March 19, 6:27 pm
Think this is what your looking for
Noob questions
Dallas - March 19, 6:09 pm
1, The log only records what happens at the time the bet reaches the market If you need th...
Betdaq Account suspended
BetScalper - March 19, 6:07 pm
My understanding is if your using a VPN that is not UK based or in a country that doesn’t ...
Reverse market-selections order
jimibt - March 19, 5:57 pm
ok, had to resort to the more verbose xx->x entry per selection to achieve my simple su...
Today's Greyhounds
Naffman - March 19, 2:39 pm
I find the greyhound markets are great for minimising PC as there are so many, has decent ...
One bet per one horse
Dallas - March 19, 1:36 pm
You can use either/or the following conditions Number of place bet triggers condition Num...
Help with automation rule
geoffrey1928 - March 19, 11:03 am
If anyone can view the attached automation rule and add/delete anything that is wrong. I w...
Laying the draw-Help
Lemmoid - March 19, 10:22 am
[quote=Steve17 post_id=182871 time=1552980882 user_id=20672] Hi, could anyone help me I am...
Lay the Draw & Green Up after a Goal by Checking 0-0 CS
Steve17 - March 19, 7:27 am
Hi Dallas, could you help me I am looking to create a bot that lays the Draw when the scor...
Cancel unmatched bets
Dallas - March 18, 9:18 pm
It's possible to do but requires a bit of setting up It would require a Set/Modify signal...
Backing underdogs, can t find the right market
offlimit88 - March 18, 8:41 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=182846 time=1552928329 user_id=3492] All football markets are...
Today's Cricket
redsnapper - March 18, 5:35 pm
How are you all doing? Pretty quiet week for cricket trading now PSL is finished and no Te...
Betdaq not allowing the use of VPN
gstar1975 - March 18, 5:05 pm
Last week I tried to deposit some money into my Betdaq account while I was connected to my...
Today's Tennis
Balmus - March 18, 12:02 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=182825 time=1552871704 user_id=19806] What a finish after a shaky s...
Wh?t b??k??s ?n?r??s? l?m?ts f?r b?g r???s (?.g. ??V r???s)?
Derek27 - March 18, 11:53 am
My understanding is that they have a maximum liability or payout for each race. For exampl...
Bet Angel Trading Course
Yonengand - March 18, 11:49 am
I know and appreciate that the most of us are using other software rather than Bet Angel a...
Green up button - Laying
yz250 - March 18, 8:13 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=182804 time=1552829788 user_id=14766] Just to clarify if you back so...
Please point me in the right direction - Automation
yz250 - March 18, 8:06 am
Thank you. I'll take a read of the excel automation and see what I can come up with. If a...


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