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Living in London
Cards37 - April 26, 12:19 am
How would you feel if your government said ... Hey great news, we have decided to form ...
Confused about tax on winnings?
ShaunWhite - April 25, 11:14 pm
That's right. Pro gambling used to be a very niche activity that didn't warrent the compli...
Track Over1.5 Goals Price to Trigger Lays on Over2.5 Market Guardian Automation Bot
cmuddle - April 25, 10:52 pm
sorry don't understand, why would you lay the O 2.5 market if after a goal it will shorte...
In play trading ----
Ambettor - April 25, 10:44 pm
Thanks Angels15 – ‘appreciate the advice. I’m new to horse racing, ‘did a bit of Matched b...
How long does it take to judge whether a system is working?
FrogThimble - April 25, 10:19 pm
I think you're right. But if I reach the point where I've grown the bank enough to be e...
gutuami - April 25, 10:04 pm
Hi I get error 404 on bf site. here's what I do 1. log from 2. pres...
Automate Laying the Correct Score if 0-0 or 0-1
Dallas - April 25, 7:02 pm
All the ones you want to run your strategy on...
Wolves of Instagram: selling the sizzle not the sausage!
Naffman - April 25, 6:35 pm
I swear it's the same people commenting on this forum (sorry guys :lol:), that doesn't sh...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
ruthlessimon - April 25, 6:32 pm
I see my incompetence has put me 5th, right Dall it's on 8-) (& I've put my scores in...
Today's Racing
Dallas - April 25, 6:28 pm
Can always count on Lingers for a bit of fun ...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.50.0
mhorro - April 25, 6:14 pm
The memory increase is significantly quicker than Version 1.49 as I was watching it at 5 a...
Breaking the rules
ShaunWhite - April 25, 5:49 pm
If you're the sort of person who can't get through the week without doing something you kn...
Fallen Angel
grindhog - April 25, 5:34 pm
Your in trouble if you dont see either , in clover if you see both....
Both Teams To Score
DoctorEvil - April 25, 4:19 pm
you can download free data from betfair, if you know some programming you can get time ser...
Cancelling a Conditional Automatic Bet
Dallas - April 25, 3:30 pm
Add a 'cancel unmatched bets' rule with a WOM condition <30%...
Servants Question
Banthorpe - April 25, 12:17 pm
Many Thanks for the quick reply...
Fill or Kill
Dallas - April 25, 12:10 pm
No, if you cancel then it will stop any offsetting, you would need to increase the number ...
Last updated cells
Wolf1877 - April 25, 11:40 am
Can you check the code for the BetDAQ version too? In the Excel Speed thread the seque...
Spreadsheets speed
Wolf1877 - April 25, 8:57 am
It's quite interesting for me looking back at this thread. It started up in the very first...


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