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New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0
Bet Angel - April 19, 10:07 pm
Ok we’ll see if we can repeat what you’ve seen....
Offset Bet Not Placed
Dallas - April 19, 9:59 pm
If you're just placing the 1 bet with offset each selection, you could add the following; ...
Log in error message
Dallas - April 19, 9:42 pm
[quote=greg post_id=185368 time=1555709920 user_id=1644] Ok , thank you Dallas , I can log...
Auto Staking, does BA have this?
Rob&Veda - April 19, 7:32 pm
Hello Shaun Well, I wrote out a detailed reply, hit post and it asked me to sign in again...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - April 19, 6:27 pm
Today IPL game...
Making A Killing with Basketball & Ice Hokey
SeaHorseRacing - April 19, 5:59 pm
[quote=westbamtrading post_id=185313 time=1555623352 user_id=22873] I'm absolutely cleanin...
Laying a percentage below BSP
ShaunWhite - April 19, 5:22 pm
It doesn't need to have a bet matched. When are you placing the lay bet?...
Today's racing - Excel spreadsheet
gstar1975 - April 19, 5:10 pm
Has anyone been able to get the Daily Racecards into Excel, this spreadsheet doesn't work ...
What's a decent Profit / Turnover figure on a strategy?
ruthlessimon - April 19, 4:08 pm
All about balance between the big 3: 1. Edge (Profit/Turnover) 2. Frequency 3. Scale Edg...
Today's Football
wearthefoxhat - April 19, 4:04 pm
Ouch...that one stings... On the stats reckon, 5-1 should be about right.... :shock: ...
Today's Racing
to75ne - April 19, 3:00 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=185342 time=1555684814 user_id=6339] It's curious to see the late sta...
Anyone read any good books?
wearthefoxhat - April 19, 2:08 pm
[quote=Andriy post_id=185331 time=1555676414 user_id=12707] Horseracing pro-gambler Alan P...
Just want to say Goodbye and BIG THANKS for all the help!
Kai - April 19, 12:47 pm
What is a Coupon
Dallas - April 19, 12:10 pm
A ‘coupon’ is a collection or group of markets from an event all displayed in the same pla...
Betfair Price Files Download Manager
firlandsfarm - April 19, 7:13 am
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=185257 time=1555594347 user_id=3492] They still display to 14...
crazy stuff
Dallas - April 18, 9:02 pm
That's fantastic, wouldn't mind one of those in my garage...
Recording in play odds to Excel
Dallas - April 18, 6:58 pm
Yes you'll need a data capture spreadsheet to do this, there are several ready-made ones i...
Tennis Conditions
johnnyinamoto - April 18, 6:57 pm
Thanks Dallas...
Betangel Ladder Screen - Runner number and Stall number
Dallas - April 18, 6:54 pm
[quote="BlackHat Betting" post_id=185301 time=1555613447 user_id=20193] is this an option ...
Remove Liability L2B
billyboyrifle - April 18, 6:36 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=185297 time=1555610892 user_id=16662] Back for the same stake as...


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