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Today's Racing
dragontrades - November 19, 3:17 pm
Have you got the chart of it what was the price range it was bouncing in?...
New version of Bet Angel v1.49.0
ChrisB - November 19, 2:03 pm
Shame but thanks for coming back to me...
Advanced Charting
RonObvious - November 19, 1:58 pm
Hi Shaun, Thanks for the link, it makes a bit more sense to me now. Can anybody help wit...
Keep Bets
DRED1 - November 19, 1:21 pm
Just let my son have a look, he's a coder for Apple, he thinks he sussed it , he's clever ...
Is this possible with Servants?
Dallas - November 19, 12:23 pm
Yes when creating the servants back or lay rule on the 'Parameters' tab you have all th...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - November 19, 11:07 am
Tennis season comes to and end later this evening, its not quiet the final line up I was h...
baf file help??
ferrypaul - November 19, 10:59 am
So the second rule should be avoid 2 should the third rule be avoid 3 and the fourth ru...
Motivation from other Trader's blogs and P&Ls.
Derek27 - November 19, 10:47 am
I was hoping somebody might fall for it, but yes, 2k on a race at Penn National does give...
2 ticks
Dallas - November 19, 10:46 am
2.0 to 4.0 is 2 odds not 2 ticks A realive odds condition will let you test is a selectio...
Getting Out of a trade
Bluesky - November 19, 8:13 am
Absolutely agree with this. The OP is a new trader who has started in practise mode, t...
How to analyse .tar file from Betfair
megarain - November 19, 3:08 am
Hiya, Nice first post !! You are right, in that I am doing a bunch of work in this area....
Firefox Quantum
Derek27 - November 18, 8:43 pm
Actually, forgive for being stupid but I honestly thought it was the standard name fo...
Creating a rule for multiple football markets
Randrei - November 18, 6:47 pm
Hello everyone, how do I exactly connect two different markets though one rule (example: l...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
ruthlessimon - November 18, 4:53 pm
Could've been worse, but Tom's still managed to gain some decent breathing space :|...
Why the Guardian does not keep my Automation rule when i log out
Dallas - November 18, 3:14 pm
You cant, its done this way on purpose to prevent any possibility you might log in and hav...
Football ratings
mjmorris335 - November 18, 1:55 pm
Thanks Peter. Mike...
Betfair chart of the day
Dallas - November 18, 12:41 pm
Opener at Chelt...
Today's Football
Westerner - November 18, 11:35 am
Very true. Coleman works for Wales largely due to him being Welsh. He understands the syst...
Australian racing
mcgoo - November 18, 4:18 am
I only noticed the second time I looked at the graphic, all four have the same connecti...

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