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Today's Racing
Derek27 - January 23, 12:09 pm
Well into the grips of winter now with both NH meetings frozen off. Can't complain about t...
Cancel all bets
Balthazar - January 23, 12:06 pm
Hi Dallas. Thank you for your kind reply. Please forgive the delay in response, I was on...
northbound - January 23, 11:12 am
Write that you’ll use the API for writing trading bots for personal use, that you’re not l...
Can a Simple strategy explianed in one sentence really work long term?
Kai - January 23, 11:00 am
[quote=elecotop post_id=177868 time=1547689159 user_id=15676] I trade pre-off order flow p...
BETDAQ site problems
Euler - January 23, 10:06 am
I've never tried Greyhound racing on Betdaq so can't comment....
Australian Open 2019
Euler - January 23, 9:45 am
It's been a great tournament so far, but missed all the fun this morning by the look of it...
Easy Listening
mobius - January 23, 7:51 am
Gambling and New Technologies Jonathan Freedland is at Lingfield Park Racecourse to find o...
Query for Dallas
Galilee66 - January 23, 2:20 am
Thanks for that Dallas - and my apologies for adding an extra "l" to your name. I must ad...
Can anyone help me with my speed problem?
nigelk - January 23, 1:45 am
Hi Michael This part won't necessarly speed it up but it will help to make the coding eas...
Scalping with additional rule
Dallas - January 23, 1:38 am
[quote=JonathanD post_id=178430 time=1548193101 user_id=18437] Well I'm pleased to report ...
Under 1.5 Goal Trader Guardian Automation Bot
badboy13 - January 22, 9:14 pm
Sorry I've read it again and understand it now....
LinusP - January 22, 8:20 pm
[quote=neilovan post_id=178421 time=1548188029 user_id=23105] Hi All, Can anyone tell me ...
Back all Runners if They Trade Below 3.0 Automation Bot
Dallas - January 22, 6:21 pm
[quote=123456789johnmaw1960 post_id=178415 time=1548178760 user_id=23445] [quote=Dallas po...
Betfair ATM
jimibt - January 22, 5:46 pm
hmm - can't say that it won't ever work, and seeing as it's a bit thin on description and ...
Betfair charts of the day
eightbo - January 22, 3:56 pm
[attachment=0]1555_Mam Trasna_1555.PNG[/attachment]...
Back the Server Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
DaveJessop - January 22, 2:57 pm
Mystery solved - thanks for the reply...
Automation vs Manual Trading ( Improvements for 2019 )
Dabbla - January 22, 1:55 pm
re: Just_nobody Do you need Guardian open ? If not, Go to (file) top left of the main in...
Checking SP of horse on exchange
jimibt - January 22, 11:00 am
you can also (if just required for visual scanning), use the timeform results page and nav...
Stake Parameters - Set the stake according to the liability of another market
zadorozhnia - January 22, 10:14 am
Hi Dallas - Thank you for confirming....
Help with an automation system
Slippery Richie - January 22, 9:00 am
[quote=LinusP post_id=178336 time=1548102091 user_id=10628] Have you read this? (And the l...


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