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Dallas need help--or anyone
Dallas - November 15, 9:07 pm
Does your servant also have a green up rule in addition to the offset bets? Have you got a...
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Detttori's Top Rides
oliver123 - November 15, 8:55 pm
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EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
BetScalper - November 15, 8:36 pm
Where is Guyfawkes, I blame him and his co conspiriters for failing.... But he got off...
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Lay the First to Trade at 2.0 Guardian Automation Bot
Fait_h - November 15, 8:04 pm
If that's all you need it'll be easier to start with a new file, all you need is A 'pl...
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Today's Racing
Gauss - November 15, 6:02 pm
Fitzwilly off to Jupiter...
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Smarkets's skullduggery
Trading96 - November 15, 6:01 pm
Top tier football and Horse Racing are the most popular betting markets in the UK. Wh...
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Checking Profit or Loss in Guardian
fuzz28 - November 15, 4:54 pm
Many thanks the reply, definitely think it would be a good idea. The way I want to use it...
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Strategy based on 1st serve
pdenoeud - November 15, 2:15 pm
That's what I expected. This makes the all strategy void :( Thanks for your reply!...
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Overcoming gambling addiction
mobius - November 15, 12:46 pm
Betfair mentioned on You and Yours (BBC Radio4, will be on podcast later) Not pl...
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jimibt - November 15, 10:15 am
i'd also add to that, that if you have your own VM (VPS) situated in the UK and it has ...
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Do you Know How to Use Signals in Automation?
Gauss - November 15, 4:54 am
Think a video explaining mapping out signal automation step by step with it then in action...
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How to create my own tennis stats? Any detailed database accessible?
pdenoeud - November 14, 9:59 pm
Thanks, I finally saw that tonight. The database is detailed (point by point) and quite...
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Australian racing
Euler - November 14, 8:07 pm
May have to revise it down slightly as I doubled counted some stuff. But it was still e...
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TheLoneBettor - November 14, 7:42 pm
I've set the Fill or Kill button to 99,999 seconds. Just under 28 hours....
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New Fulham Manager
JTEDL - November 14, 7:16 pm
Or Pardew, all looking for work :lol: Wasn't expecting the Ranieri news today, bit of...
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New Premium Charge on the way
lmigueltavares - November 14, 6:54 pm
They returned today to charge the premium charges :oops:...
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Back after Consistent IR Backing - Guardian Automation Bot
kunas - November 14, 6:18 pm
Got it jimibt, thats an interesting thought.. automatic selection of runners .. Now, ...
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Position in Queue and Last Trade
PDC - November 14, 5:54 pm
That 'bug' should be fairly easy to fix. It needs to just check your stake against how ...
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Front Runner Bot/B2L Automation
Dallas - November 14, 5:26 pm
Without seeing the file you have created its difficult to say exactly what may be wrong A...


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