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Today's Racing
Trading96 - December 15, 1:33 pm
Met the bet requirements but Live Video not working anyone else?...
Christmas Hamper thread
Euler - December 15, 1:31 pm
It's happened again, another hamper just arrived!...
Christmas gifts
Kafkaesque - December 15, 12:33 pm
The little football sized toys with the hollow slots for square/triangle/circle pieces ...
My Daily Trading Results - Football Trading
Kafkaesque - December 15, 12:26 pm
I'm all for people bringing things to the table, that'll encourage debate and exchange ...
Today's Football
northbound - December 15, 12:12 pm
Two lays for today that in my opinion offer value. (Italy Serie B) Foggia won only one ...
Spread Exit & Green Up When in Profit Servant (or Safety Servant)
Simonlofc - December 15, 10:50 am
Thank you...
PDC World Darts Championship
LeTiss - December 15, 10:20 am
World Ranking: No Ranking for either 2017 Averages: 0 Head to Head: 0 Ally Pally App...
Perth Ashes
mcgoo - December 15, 9:49 am
Gawd..missed Australia at 11.5 :shock: :o :o :o :o ....
Distracting Servant Manager Popup
Wolf1877 - December 15, 9:15 am
Just to confirm that re-downloading version 1.49.0 then uninstalling and reinstalling Bet ...
automation advice please
Dipstick - December 15, 8:51 am
Have had an issue twice with an automation rule this morning, Can anyone help please - po...
Iceberg Orders with Price Chaser Servant
Dallas - December 15, 8:47 am
These servants can be used on most pre-off markets but are currently set up mainly for use...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
CarlosR - December 15, 6:11 am
I love the cryptocurrencies how Bitcoin that only grown and grown...
Has anyone got a Dell P2418HT monitor?
Dublin_Flyer - December 15, 5:29 am
I nearly always find reviews on Tomshardware pretty reliable
PW.. Why does a strategy fail the moment you use it?
marko236 - December 14, 8:49 pm
I have to disagee with that shaun every stratergy will have to have a certain strike ra...
Next Manager to Leave
soccersaint - December 14, 6:54 pm
Betting on “next manager to go” is much like the Douvan saga...he knows he’s going before ...
trying to find a close trade condition
ShaunWhite - December 14, 6:52 pm
If you use the same initial stake then i think the best way would be to have a green up co...
Servant context price as a condition
ShaunWhite - December 14, 6:45 pm
I'm pretty sure you can't use the servant context price in price comparison conditions, bu...
Betfair cash race
Derek27 - December 14, 5:48 pm
I never got an invitation email to opt in as you usually do, but it looks like I've been o...
Telegram Bots
northbound - December 14, 3:47 pm
For those who joined the bot, I advise to send it a /start message again, as there was a g...

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