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Creating a stored value for lowest traded value
smd100 - December 16, 11:59 pm
I have been playing with the stored values files with this one and they are useful I was ...
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Back or Lay at a Percentage of BSP Guardian Automation Bot
JTEDL - December 16, 11:14 pm
Nice one Dallas, another one to have a tinker with!...
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Can bet angel see this info?
jdurkin - December 16, 11:13 pm
Cheers for reply...
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PDC World Darts Championship
JTEDL - December 16, 11:12 pm
Fantastic trading match though [/quote] Some sort of Santa outfit! (Nice trade if anyo...
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SPOTY 2018
Trader Pat - December 16, 9:50 pm
I have to say Tyson Fury has played a blinder. He makes comments about women, roundly con...
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Lay the Draw & Green Up after a Goal by Checking 0-0 CS
Silver Lining - December 16, 8:03 pm
Thank you very much Dallas. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my questio...
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Today's Football
Kafkaesque - December 16, 6:50 pm
Jose full of excuses again. Playing two right backs in the starting 11, while leaving your...
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BetConnect - New Social Betting Platform
sportingcraig - December 16, 3:58 pm
Thanks for the welcome Derek. I didnít even realise that was my maiden post, Iíve been an...
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Green all Selections rule help.
BetScalper - December 16, 3:39 pm
Transactions can get queued at BF, especially in-play. Firing in lots of green ups can be ...
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No Increase in Matched Volume
spreadbetting - December 16, 1:12 pm
Easiest way is simply email the BDP team they're usually quick to respond and will tell yo...
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Is there any way of doing this?
Dallas - December 16, 12:24 pm
Here you go
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Target Profit or Loss Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - December 16, 11:29 am
If you add the 'loss rule' from the file in the OP of this thread to your existing DOBi...
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Lay Scorer & Green Up after 20mins Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - December 16, 11:26 am
Can you see from your matched bets if that was/wasn't the case and if so what the exact...
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Dutch Outsiders
Jukebox - December 16, 11:04 am
That is the correct rule - but check your timing. If the race goes in play as scheduled an...
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Favourite Christmas Song of ALL Time
Gauss - December 16, 10:09 am
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Strictly come dancing 2018
Dallas - December 15, 10:37 pm
I don't blow my own trumpet much but I'm going to this time and I don't care if it's tac...
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Guardian not detecting suspended markets
weemac - December 15, 6:02 pm
The refresh applies to all markets within Guardian; not just those with active rules appli...
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Soccer Saturday Super 6
ShaunWhite - December 15, 5:07 pm
I learnt my lesson doing that 2 or 3 times. I just whack anything in now whenever I reme...


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