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A more efficient 'Panic Button'
Omnishambles - September 25, 5:02 pm
Hi All, Wonder if you can point me in the right direction... Currently when trading in-...
what's best, back/lay or back with offset?
Gonzothegreat - September 25, 4:12 pm
Thanks for the detailed explanation. Appreciated. I'm going to experiment with 1 and 2, wi...
Risk meter.
Euler - September 25, 3:22 pm
300 datapoints wide....
Trading Greyhound racing
deansaccount - September 25, 2:54 pm
Memphis has shown in the past to be a bit of a fantasist. I don't know why he continue...
Today's Racing
RonObvious - September 25, 2:42 pm
Is this normal for monday? Some big amounts out there, i cant make head nor tails of it!...
wrong stake fired up?
Gonzothegreat - September 25, 2:01 pm
ah ok, thanks for explaining. How can it use a larger stake when it's clearly going to ...
Back the Likely Winner Automation Bot for Horse Racing
Dallas - September 25, 1:37 pm
What video are you referring to? Its armed for the whole duration of in-play 00:00:01 ...
back lay order?
Gonzothegreat - September 25, 1:14 pm
oh right I see, the "rule with offset of x ticks" is having 1 rule instead of 1 back an...
Log Anomolies?
Dallas - September 25, 1:08 pm
Yes if your in Oz i would recommend increasing your fill/kill time to allow for the extra ...
Bookmakers in the news.
kerberus - September 25, 12:44 pm
You can post nice comments about bookies in here....... if you can find any! But for star...
Tennis trader inaccurate
Euler - September 25, 12:09 pm
Checking the matched bet volume on this match it was quite low so that probably wouldn't h...
Money Management
marksmeets302 - September 25, 10:49 am
Anna List has left the building...
Soccer Mystic predicted odds are inaccurate
Dallas - September 25, 10:31 am
When you used it did you check to ensure the strength indicator in the top right corner wa...
Racing IP offset wth Greening 20%, - guardian automation
Dallas - September 25, 9:04 am
How many markets do you have in guardian at a time and what refresh rate are you using?...
Soccer Automation - Avoiding soccer matches with red card during in-play
ShaunWhite - September 25, 2:09 am
Red /yellow cards aren't in the information betfair streams so it's not possible to write...
Football ratings
max_usted - September 24, 11:50 pm
Was it that Neymar wasn't playing? A front three of Mbappe, Cavani and Drexler just won...
On this day
Derek27 - September 24, 9:47 pm
7 Day Totals
MemphisFlash - September 24, 1:58 pm
just thought i'd post my 7 Day total, Just showing i not only trade the Greyhounds but pre...
Watch list
Abraquay - September 24, 12:54 pm
No it wont green out every market. I do it through excel. You might want to watch this vi...
Today's Football
Trading96 - September 24, 11:30 am
Interesting that City won 5-0 yesterday but have drifted in pl outright market....

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