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Botty Challenges
mcgoo - June 24, 10:58 am
Thanks Peter.Good advice. I was only looking a the reverse green up more closely today, fu...
Different ways to solve a problem
northbound - June 24, 10:52 am
Royal Ascot 2018
Halliday - June 24, 10:49 am
Iím guessed your referring to UNDRAFTED trained by Wesley Ward ... The horse was geld...
Today's Racing
Korattt - June 24, 6:38 am
Sounds like more than alcohol ;) my next door neighbour thinking about it...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
Zenyatta - June 24, 6:03 am
$6K threshold finally breached, let's see how far it can fall......
Today's Cricket
Emmson - June 24, 2:40 am
That never went to plan, was £500 red on any outcome at one point....
Auto Stop Green/Red function if Market Profit/Loss <= or >= X (Auto Stop Win/Loss)??
deandean69 - June 23, 11:26 pm
What is the command/formula required to write the above into my BetAngel Multi spreadsheet...
WOM Scalping Servant
teambulldog - June 23, 9:23 pm
Thanks Dallass Julian :D...
Don't hurt me
oliver123 - June 23, 8:27 pm
Betfair API Down
Derek27 - June 23, 5:42 pm
Experiencing the occasional two-second freeze....
Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - June 23, 5:24 pm
Constant Lines on Price on Advanced Charting
Korattt - June 23, 5:16 pm
surprised with such little interest with this...
Maths homework
Atho55 - June 23, 4:49 pm
Would the Forecast function in Excel be any use to project a few seconds forward then comp...
Super 6 - World Cup 2018
Dallas - June 23, 4:45 pm
So far I would have been co-top for the round and joint top with Kim overall! Edit; scrat...
StellaBot - June 23, 3:22 pm
Jack Devine 4.25 Oh well. Bubble burst. Still in profit. Nevermind....
crazy stuff
ShaunWhite - June 23, 1:37 pm
WOM Scalping Guardian Automation Bot
sionascaig - June 23, 12:48 pm
Perfect.... Thanks again )...
Dobbing - Today's DOB's
skywalker1973 - June 23, 12:11 pm
Many thanks for these, much appreciated....
Back to Lay - Limiting Losses
iambic_pentameter - June 23, 9:54 am
One of the best bits of advice I've received from a full time in running trader, was that ...


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