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What, if anything, tempts you into reckless behaviour?
STARBUCK62 - August 18, 9:38 am
Will I ever learn too, I played a blinder yesterday and in the last tradeI let it go in pl...
Close Trade If In Loss Over 10 Secs Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - August 18, 9:36 am
On the green up selection rule if you change the 'Signal value' condition that will de...
How Should Betfair Handle Bets if an Outage Occurs - Thoughts??
Grinderman - August 18, 9:35 am
If BF handled non runners differently, there would not be a problem. You could simply set ...
tx count summarize
rain91 - August 18, 7:43 am
NO :( I know this, and tried this before, but with this way it doest work :S Until i ch...
New PC setup for trading
arbitrage16 - August 18, 7:30 am
Cheers. Given that I won't be gaming and only running Gruss/GT for inplay trading, I'm ...
Australian racing
PDC - August 18, 7:17 am
Likewise but couldn't get any decent results from Caulfield. I always struggle with these ...
Today's Tennis
Nero Tulip - August 18, 3:03 am
Ridiculous level of tennis in 2nd set TB from Fed. Bed o'clock for me.....
Back a Nominated Runner in the Win and Place Mkts if Place odds are 'X'
mcgoo - August 17, 11:17 pm
Glad it was able to help :) , I've not had a chance to look at this just yet or the b...
Botty Challenges
mcgoo - August 17, 10:28 pm
So nice to come home to :mrgreen: after 10 days away. Such a good feeling to be back in f...
going trouble
SeaHorseRacing - August 17, 10:22 pm
Message me tomorrow buddy...
The fat fingers thread
CallumPerry - August 17, 10:02 pm
Love that reply! :lol: And you are completely correct when you say I NEED to be right al...
Alert When Tennis Score Reached Guardian Automation Bot
luckyducky777 - August 17, 8:43 pm
Hey Dallas! I had to save it in the conditions area and then go back to the main Guard...
Excel Help
StellaBot - August 17, 8:38 pm
Thanks CP and all people above Initial offline trials on 1 horse under 4/1 in each race ...
Struggling with my tennis scalping bot
rik - August 17, 8:32 pm
agree with previous post, doubt this would work long term, only maybe between sets if ther...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - August 17, 7:10 pm
hope you didn't have any positions open [/quote] I didn't literally fall asleep at my d...
API changes and "streaming"
foxwood - August 17, 5:02 pm
Great, thank you :)...
Tennis automation
Euler - August 17, 3:45 pm
You should be able to do both. On the second one if you look for the condition of inplay a...
How to identify when a goal is scored using Guardian
Dallas - August 17, 3:19 pm
A combination of odds moving and signals need to be used, have a look in the football shar...
exit prices getting screwed up
Wolf1877 - August 17, 2:39 pm
Yes you are spot on Dallas. Thanks. I must have clicked disable greening by mistake when ...


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