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The Official Off-Topic Dump Thread
Derek27 - May 11, 2:40 am
[quote=Kai post_id=265353 time=1620698004 user_id=14020] OK but seriously, does someone re...
Derek27 - May 11, 2:25 am
BJ's just announced three days of mourning and a state funeral, for the baby whale!...
Old Logs
ShaunWhite - May 11, 12:28 am
[quote=leest2019 post_id=265328 time=1620679830 user_id=24125]it's not always possible to ...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
The Silk Run - May 10, 10:43 pm
[quote=jamesedwards post_id=265329 time=1620680454 user_id=23138] Why is it the Premium Ch...
Coupon More Football leagues in world option
StellaBot - May 10, 10:41 pm
Today's Football
Dallas - May 10, 7:42 pm
Next Tuesday is going to be a good night with up to 10'000 fans finally allowed back in En...
Today's Horse Racing
alexmr2 - May 10, 7:37 pm
[quote=Snaff post_id=265307 time=1620674492 user_id=30171] All I can suggest is having a b...
Any mathematicians on here?
decomez6 - May 10, 5:55 pm
[quote=jimibt post_id=265209 time=1620591546 user_id=15157] i've been blown away recently...
Hi all
Kai - May 10, 5:08 pm
Yep, but pretty much everyone has to go through the same journey, although some really lik...
Average Race Times
Euler - May 10, 4:36 pm
People on course or with fast pictures can slam a few orders in on a good or bad start and...
Football in play
Morbius - May 10, 3:47 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=254166 time=1613140251 user_id=19806] [quote=gstar77 post_id=254118...
Suggested Development
dropss81 - May 10, 3:09 pm
Hello ALL I'm trying to implement some calculation into Guardian related to Standard devi...
Grid Layouts import problem
buyshirts - May 10, 12:03 pm
That seems to have done the job (No surprise!) Thanks once again!...
Today's Racecards -Available
wearthefoxhat - May 10, 11:41 am
[quote=Eyesnack post_id=265229 time=1620639951 user_id=807] Hi Todays Cards Here https://...
BetAngel crashing sometimes with multiple instances open
Dallas - May 10, 11:31 am
[quote=the4droogs post_id=265033 time=1620464320 user_id=27723] I'm running an i7-2600 3.4...
Gap finding bot.
8ballprowler - May 10, 9:52 am
[quote=Vovsen post_id=265195 time=1620577872 user_id=22964] Yes Shaun - It is a bit of a h...
Guardian tab with One-Click Screen
Geordie - May 10, 4:58 am
[quote=Vovsen post_id=265146 time=1620544571 user_id=22964] -It would be nice if the Offse...
M/A calculation
ShaunWhite - May 9, 9:02 pm
[quote=greg post_id=265210 time=1620592322 user_id=1644] do I have to Average 5 cells or d...
Happy Corner
Realrocknrolla - May 9, 7:02 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=265206 time=1620582469 user_id=19806] Single-digit profit this week...
The 1500 Club
MemphisFlash - May 9, 5:26 pm
[quote="The Silk Run" post_id=265178 time=1620562447 user_id=21593] +100 I'm a BIG followe...


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