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Cancel all bets on the other selections...
Gravesen33 - October 24, 10:32 pm
Hi all, I have a trouble to set a rule " cancel all bets" So, here is my problem: I have 3...
Removing selections from BA spreadsheet
Derek27 - October 24, 8:41 pm
[quote=CallumPerry post_id=281182 time=1635107025 user_id=18605] I have an 'initiation' se...
jamesg46 - October 24, 7:49 pm
Do we have ourselves another diamond hand to the moon situation?....
The beer garden
Derek27 - October 24, 7:46 pm
Fuck me!!! I've always ignored the 'size of text' setting thinking it's for blind people....
Betfair Live Video.
Derek27 - October 24, 7:39 pm
BLV operating at one frame every 10 seconds, with no sound!...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - October 24, 7:27 pm
[quote=Korattt post_id=281177 time=1635101918 user_id=15244] [quote=goat68 post_id=281176 ...
Where are all the jokes?
Kai - October 24, 6:46 pm
Damn, posted it in the wrong thread...
Today's Football
Trader Pat - October 24, 5:39 pm
Today's Cricket
Emmson - October 24, 5:28 pm
Winning any game none wickets down in T20 is always a superb effort!...
WIN market / EW market weird stuff
Derek27 - October 24, 4:38 pm
[quote=ilovepizza82 post_id=281118 time=1635086637 user_id=20225] Hi, Could anyone explai...
Today's Horse Racing
PDC - October 24, 4:26 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=281142 time=1635091839 user_id=6339] Sounds like I missed out on some...
Betdaq no longer taking bets on US racing?
ANGELS15 - October 24, 4:06 pm
[quote=ilovepizza82 post_id=281119 time=1635086871 user_id=20225] What do they say on live...
BA on a tablet - practical?
ilovepizza82 - October 24, 3:14 pm
Oh ok, cool. THanks !...
Drip Back O2.5 Goals if 0-0 on 10th & 20th minute
rwcombo - October 24, 2:23 pm
Hi Lee When using the CS Check file how can I get the bot to put in a back bet on 0-0 on...
Display market in a new Ladder Window
Korattt - October 24, 1:29 pm
.. is great but could we function it so that it follows & switches to the new market y...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
bennyboy351 - October 24, 1:09 pm
[quote=hgodden post_id=5998 time=1264426546 user_id=230] I've lost between £40 and 400 dep...
Betfair / Python London Meet-up (21/01/20)
iambic_pentameter - October 24, 1:02 pm
[quote=Seth post_id=281100 time=1635080088 user_id=31273] How was the meet up? I missed th...
Selections book %
jamesg46 - October 24, 9:12 am
Please could selections high/low traded back/lay price be added to stored values as high/l...
Derek27 - October 24, 3:33 am
Stop talking about past footballers that nobody's ever heard about and start commentating ...
New Zealand v USA tonight
Dublin_Flyer - October 23, 10:11 pm
104-14 final score :roll:...


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