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Import json file into Excel
sionascaig - December 3, 5:29 pm
Did you try the Import JSON direct to Excel ==> Data/Get Data/From File/From JSON?...
Qatar 🇶🇦 World 🌍 Cup 2022
wearthefoxhat - December 3, 4:56 pm
Could have been different, USA defence questionable. [attachment=0]FTAft.png[/attachment...
Why You Will Never Make A Profit On Automation Alone
Driftspite - December 3, 4:54 pm
OP is wrong, sorry. I am not one for long posts so: I am 100% automated and pay higher r...
FTX collapse
Archangel - December 3, 1:41 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=316489 time=1670074086 user_id=6339] I also read this week that when ...
Best Place for Live Stats?
wearthefoxhat - December 3, 1:06 pm
[quote=thepressure post_id=316487 time=1670070767 user_id=31873] Hi Whats the best websit...
Back to lay question
goldfinch77 - December 3, 12:31 pm
Yes, I see now, it had to have been simple for me not to understand :D Thank you....
Close trade after 86 minutes if a goal is scored
charlespeter - December 3, 10:48 am
Hi Dallas Thank you for replying so quickly. I only enter matches in the 2nd half and don...
Trading Greyhound racing
GeorgeRuss - December 3, 9:41 am
Hi All, My first post so please ignore any ignorance. Thought I would revitalize this thre...
Displaying an In-Play Traded Range Bar with BSP Marker - In-Play Trader Settings
joakim - December 3, 8:00 am
Hello, I can't get this to work, i have the latest version of betangel and i have download...
One Back Bet to be placed at a time
Anbell - December 3, 6:39 am
[quote="David Bensen" post_id=316475 time=1670040307 user_id=34701] Hi and thank you for y...
Australian racing
andy28 - December 3, 2:31 am
Fat finger in operation, R2 Doomben 2nd, 3rd & 4th favs all traded at 410...
Is rule 4 applied in-play?
jamesedwards - December 3, 1:00 am
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=316416 time=1669978350 user_id=18319] [quote=Brovashift post_id=31...
Take SP only on Lay bets and Keep only back bets !
Dallas - December 2, 9:01 pm
Use the rules Take SP Unmatched Bets on Selection (price dependant) Keep Unmatched Bets o...
Today's Horse Racing
Dallas - December 2, 6:20 pm
[quote=Crumpets post_id=316447 time=1670004774 user_id=32406] Must be a bf issue. Just che...
Do you wish you could open the Ladder a bit faster?
ShaunWhite - December 2, 5:32 pm
You can do it already. Have your ladder as a popped out window, (and you can reduce the ma...
greenmark - December 2, 5:29 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=316437 time=1669998069 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark post_id=3164...
Help with Guardian
Dallas - December 2, 4:14 pm
All Betfair markets are available in Bet Angel but there are multiple ways of searching fo...
UK General Election 2024 (or 25)
Derek27 - December 2, 4:12 pm
Conservatives got a pasting in the by-election, Labour majority for the GE down to 2.02/2....
Scalp the Fav During the First 25% of a Race - Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - December 2, 3:34 pm
[quote=Bubace post_id=316415 time=1669976029 user_id=28443] hi is it possible to add a co...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.60.0
Bet Angel - December 2, 2:51 pm
[quote=Vovsen post_id=316389 time=1669925553 user_id=22964] I did try the keyboard shortcu...


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