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Australian racing
Rollox - October 19, 4:36 am
morning derek, can i ask what channel you watch for australian racing. many thanks rollox...
Excell sheet
MugPunter - October 19, 2:29 am
Hi, the best place to start is with the BA user guide. Read and reread it several times...
Botty Challenges
ruthlessimon - October 19, 2:12 am
No, I think it means the inefficiency wasn't cleaned up (during my trade) - & the f...
Winning Price stats
spreadbetting - October 18, 10:17 pm
Never bothered to collect the greyhound files but they're all here if you need them https...
Betfair vs Betdaq?
ANGELS15 - October 18, 9:57 pm
I've had a betdaq account as long as my betfair, one basically since around 2000. I must s...
crazy stuff
Derek27 - October 18, 9:56 pm
I'd love to see how their feet move - they must be running with very small steps!...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - October 18, 9:52 pm
22:50 Belmont (USA) off bang on time!!!...
Telephone Line
Euler - October 18, 9:01 pm
Jeff Lynne is 70! But he doesn't seem to have changed much since the early 80's...
Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - October 18, 8:04 pm
Lay the Fav after Serve Broken Guardian Automation Bot
KippaxTaff - October 18, 7:56 pm
Create a No Lose Trade on Fav and Profit on the Field Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - October 18, 7:48 pm
The number of suspends and unsuspends looks a bit strange, can you confirm if you load ...
Rollox - October 18, 6:40 pm
Trading being.....right place at right time....
Historical data service website issues
megarain - October 18, 5:13 pm
There's a spreadsheet and a word document available which includes instructions on how ...
Football Manager 2019
Trader Pat - October 18, 4:59 pm
I really miss them sometimes... nothing beats throwing a flashbang in someones face and sh...
Extra Triggers in Excel?
MugPunter - October 18, 4:57 pm
Thanks for the reply. For some reason, my status cells refuse to clear on market change...
Today's Tennis
JTEDL - October 18, 4:23 pm
Layed Konta end of first set and took green after Sasnovich held next game. Made up for ...
Completely ignorant about Excel
ShaunWhite - October 18, 3:49 pm
The only constraint is that you only have access to the data BA can export. The remainder ...
Guarantee an exit at the current available price
acecard - October 18, 3:09 pm
Hi all, When trying to exit a position by greening up, I just want to take whatever price...
Feed`s via Teamviewer
spreadbetting - October 18, 2:47 pm
It's not It's like groundhog day on here most day's with the same questions going r...


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