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How many of you also gamble (deliberately)?
StellaBot - May 20, 10:20 pm
I think value might be assessed eg without inside info but by other means. Doesnt mean pic...
Odds movements
BetScalper - May 20, 9:50 pm
What I meant was assuming one of the 4 looked like winning, would the odds movement of ...
Importing multiple markets into the betangel spreadsheet.
sandycove - May 20, 9:08 pm
Hi Dallas, Over the last week or so I have re-read the manual and followed the steps outl...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - May 20, 9:07 pm
Not worth bothering with until it starts proper the following week...
Today's Racing
ShaunWhite - May 20, 6:20 pm
I enjoyed today's markets too, especially the flea market and the auto jumble, just stro...
ShaunWhite - May 20, 5:45 pm
The question was titled 'settings'. The fact that he posted gave me a clue he could stil...
HELP With a bot I'm Trying To Create
captainbang - May 20, 1:26 pm
Hi All, I am very new to the whole automation scene and have created some basic bots alre...
Servants - Back to Lay
nucky06 - May 20, 12:08 pm
Many thanks...
Australian Newspaper
whimsies - May 20, 11:28 am
Remember it is illegal to bet inplay except on horse racing...
Staking odds query
water_lily - May 20, 8:53 am
of course! Doh... :D Thanks guys!...
Swing Trading 2 V 1 Guardian Automation Bot For Horse Racing
smitdog - May 20, 7:02 am
Hello Dallas , At the most I only have had about 4 races max loaded at any one time , plu...
BA Multiple Excel Sheet
Shamrock - May 20, 6:10 am
Go to the cell yopu want to copy to (AE10) type in the = (do not press enter) go to the ce...
Another Issue with Windows 10 update
Geordie - May 20, 5:57 am
I'll give that a try. Really appreciate your help, Derek, thanks....
Having no rules can be psychlogically good?
ShaunWhite - May 20, 1:37 am
Sorry to go on..... If you MUST have a bet, only stake what you would consider to be a nor...
Excel Betfair Data Capture Spreadsheet
StellaBot - May 20, 1:19 am
Thanks Shaun prob too difficult for me but thanks anyway Oh and sent pm...
Today's Cricket
Dallas - May 19, 8:06 pm
I have never traded courtside...
BetScalper - May 19, 4:28 pm
From personal experience, I am not suggesting the casinos do anything dodgy but Bot/Pla...
Betfair charts of the day
Euler - May 19, 3:41 pm
These were interesting from the same race....
Today's Football
Kafkaesque - May 19, 2:02 pm
If Juve gets the first goal in the second half vs. Verona, there might be a good spot for ...


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