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Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Derek27 - April 6, 12:25 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=217531 time=1586115946 user_id=19806] Can't believe Dr Catherine Ca...
TAKE SP ALL interfering with Place bets?
Anbell - April 5, 11:09 pm
Thanks sionascaig. Actually this is only for pre-race betting, so that's not the issue he...
Today's Football
greenmark - April 5, 10:20 pm
:lol: :lol: [quote=Derek27 post_id=217540 time=1586125050 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark...
Today's Horse Racing
Euler - April 5, 8:21 pm
£100k on a 2f trial, never thought I'd see that....
Virtual Grand National
jamesg46 - April 5, 7:34 pm
Selection Sequence Automation
Wolf1877 - April 5, 6:59 pm
[quote=mobius post_id=217499 time=1586076178 user_id=20137] I've got a very limited backgr...
Grabbing BF URL for market in a cell?
GaryCook - April 5, 6:55 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=209135 time=1578935376 user_id=3492] If the URL is in A1 you ...
How to show all Football matches on Betfair?
GaryCook - April 5, 6:54 pm
Hi, I know Betangel makes it easier but sometimes I just want to browser the football gam...
Store Hi & Lo Prices Servant
Dallas - April 5, 5:16 pm
[quote=murdok post_id=217514 time=1586101891 user_id=18438] [quote=murdok post_id=217466 t...
Dallas - April 5, 1:47 pm
Dallas - April 5, 11:08 am
Assuming the market goes in-play I can't see anything wrong with those settings...
Australian racing
Wildly - April 5, 6:35 am
[quote=TipTopTrader post_id=217493 time=1586067281 user_id=20936] Yeah, just like a normal...
Need help with EXCEL Formulas/Functions please
Anbell - April 5, 4:58 am
You can use any column...
Derek27 - April 5, 2:14 am
Soccer mystic
pete444 - April 4, 11:23 pm
Hi, can i use soccer mystic to forecast odds of a game not listed in the fixtures? I want ...
finding favorite in a market with Excel
Bot2020 - April 4, 7:55 pm
[quote=TraderGray post_id=1737 time=1248343928 user_id=74] I'm not sure if this is what yo...
iphone app
lincdales - April 4, 6:05 pm
Thank you very much. Works fine...
Free Betfair Exchange Historical Data Offer!
spreadbetting - April 4, 3:29 pm
[quote=stu410 post_id=217434 time=1586000991 user_id=10399]
How to Link Markets Using Shared Stored Values - Step by Step
warren0 - April 3, 8:35 pm
Perfect, looks like I'm due an update! Thanks again...
RIP Bill Withers
greenmark - April 3, 4:12 pm
"Lean on me" seems very poignant right now. Was never a 'genre' bunny and a lot of soul pa...


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