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Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Emmson - May 26, 6:22 pm
[quote=superfrank post_id=221750 time=1590516220 user_id=1712] Cummings did nothing wrong....
Australian racing
ShaunWhite - May 26, 6:16 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=221744 time=1590510833 user_id=19806] Fook!! I didn't realise how l...
Your perfect market
TraderFred - May 26, 4:22 pm
You write some good stuff, Kai. You seem to have a good knowledge of the international tr...
Today's Horse Racing
TraderFred - May 26, 2:17 pm
Not sure if the 8 race cards already include races divided into 2 divisions. If they don’t...
How to Make a Profit & Loss Spreadsheet?
MemphisFlash - May 26, 1:30 pm
How to add L2B column with automatic 30% green up
andyredshaw365 - May 26, 1:03 pm
basically i want an extra column on the one click screen where i can click on a horse inpl...
Bet Angel 'APING' error
jameegray1 - May 26, 9:48 am
Hi all. My first Bet Angel technical error. Cost me £££s too! Any idea what issue this mig...
How to scalp safely late in the game (attn Psychoff)?
stueytrader - May 26, 9:32 am
Another way to frame a key trappy issue with scalping is the simple question: why not make...
Daily weather markets on Betfair
Waterhouse - May 26, 7:51 am
I don't know if anyone else from Betangel is participating in the daily weather marketers ...
AFL Trading Australia
gazuty - May 26, 1:35 am
[quote=Naffman post_id=221656 time=1590391281 user_id=12237] [quote=Anbell post_id=221655 ...
Stuff to watch
Emmson - May 25, 8:49 pm
I have thoroughly enjoyed Leland Sklar's YT channel to which he has been uploading content...
Happy Corner
Derek27 - May 25, 5:56 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=221673 time=1590417490 user_id=14020] [quote=Derek27 post_id=221667 tim...
Advanced Charts
Trader Pat - May 25, 5:01 pm
[quote=malgilb post_id=221676 time=1590424626 user_id=19455] Thank you very much for your ...
Today's Football
firlandsfarm - May 25, 10:21 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=221659 time=1590400546 user_id=14766] 15 years ago tonight Liverpool...
US Presidential Election 2020
johnsheppard - May 25, 1:32 am
I'm curious, do any of you guys record long term markets like this? Not so sure screen cap...
How to calculate Green Up Stake for selection?
Anbell - May 24, 10:24 pm
re-up in case someone can help with this...
Betfair Liquidity
Anbell - May 24, 10:19 pm
some data here
Why do traders not make courses/teach it?
Kai - May 24, 6:49 pm
[quote=tiyoun post_id=221607 time=1590319834 user_id=16070]Could you point me in the direc...
How does the trailing stop loss work in practice?
Dallas - May 24, 2:56 pm
If you use offset bet with greening the trailing stop will then green up to if its trigger...
Super Fast Trading with Bet Angel Servants via a Gaming Mouse or Pad
Dallas - May 24, 1:12 pm
If you trade any sport in-play you will know speed and timing are two of the most importan...


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