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Backing at BSP - betfair starting price
Dallas - February 25, 1:43 pm
Today's Racing
Halliday - February 25, 1:32 pm
Ladbrokes offering the 16/1 ...!/race_details/226477...
Stop Indicator on Ladder
ShaunWhite - February 25, 12:44 pm
My other words were actually going to be RTFM but that seemed unnecessarily abrasive. ...
Is Betdaq taxfree for EU citizens?
SigmaDraconis - February 25, 11:44 am
Is Betdaq taxfree for EU citizens? On the web it says the are registered in St. Anne, Alde...
Stuff to watch
Dallas - February 25, 11:37 am
How cold will it be next week and where will it snow?
Historical BSP Data for the Draw
BigJ - February 25, 11:15 am
In case anybody would like to know has all historic bookie and exchange pri...
Tax Threats
Aarondewit - February 25, 2:13 am
Yes, it doesn't look promising. I'm planning to be done once is reach the Super PC level....
Today's Football
cyxstudio - February 25, 1:54 am
people, do betfair offer asian handicap market for premier league football? i saw some tha...
Betfair charts of the day
Cards37 - February 24, 11:56 pm
by pressing ,windows key> + print screen key> windows automatically makes a scre...
Identify the pre-match favourite
Jossy_79 - February 24, 10:36 pm
PART 2: Back the draw if favourite scores: - Rule type "Place Back Bet" - Applies to sel...
Using Excel for every race in a day
firlandsfarm - February 24, 6:53 pm
Thanks Mephis, good to know now i am in the groove :)...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
northbound - February 24, 6:03 pm
Iím in fourth place now but feel like Tom is uncatchable. Perhaps Simon can be caught thou...
Betdaq Excel Spreadsheet.
xtrader16 - February 24, 5:12 pm
Thanks for this. I was thinking I would need a Betdaq version of the template for some rea...
bimbi - February 24, 12:31 pm
Thanks Shaun...
Backing the first horse in-play at 2.0!!!!!
LinusP - February 24, 10:13 am
Tennis: Uneven Green Up
mcgoo - February 24, 9:48 am On another related note: So...
Lay the Draw Guardian Automation Bot for Football
skistef73 - February 24, 12:11 am
Alternative to" lay the draw",i,m trying to create a bot that backs home/away team where o...
Table Tennis
gutuami - February 23, 11:25 pm
England reaches semi-final in World Team Table Tennis Championships
Percentage Offsetting
ChrisF - February 23, 9:05 pm
Hi Dallas What the excel command for a percentage offset? Example: BACK OFFSET:1 What ...

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