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General Election 2019 (UK)
Naffman - December 14, 10:30 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=207190 time=1576287046 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark post_id=2071...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.54.0
sa7med - December 14, 9:30 am
Not sure what im missing but I can't seem to get stored value to send to excel. I ticked t...
BA v 4k
hedgeupgreen - December 14, 8:43 am
Morning, I know BA have said the demand for 4k does not merit the work needed, but here's...
Australian racing
Naffman - December 14, 6:02 am
[quote=PDC post_id=207197 time=1576302775 user_id=16427] [quote=Naffman post_id=207196 tim...
How do I compare lay price, 2nd best lay price etc?
whimsies - December 13, 11:06 pm
Would also like the answer to the OP, but think it can only be done in excel....
Sorted by order of Favouritism on ladder
jmnw15359 - December 13, 9:00 pm
Hi Can i default the ladder interface to "Sorted by order of Favouritism". The only way ...
New Greyhound Automation
ruthlessimon - December 13, 8:40 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=207168 time=1576268516 user_id=6339] But trading is about looking for...
Today's Horse Racing
Euler - December 13, 6:37 pm
[attachment=0]Bated Beauty_18705174_18_32_14.png[/attachment]...
Today's Football
Kai - December 13, 1:07 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=207139 time=1576240536 user_id=14766] Klopp signs deal to extend sta...
Would it be possible to automate the following?
Dallas - December 13, 12:32 pm
It is fairly striaght forward to set up and theres a few ready-made examples along these l...
Most profitable strategy
napshnap - December 13, 11:01 am
8-) :D [quote][b]Most[/b] profitable strategy[/quote] [img]
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
sa7med - December 13, 8:49 am
[quote=Naffman post_id=207131 time=1576225894 user_id=12237] [quote=sa7med post_id=207130 ...
Cost effective Excel / VBA developer available
jrmitchell - December 12, 8:02 pm
Hi Nigel "I would like to upload ratings to guardian via excel and bet automatically when ...
Where Am I Specifically Going Wrong With This Please?
wearthefoxhat - December 12, 6:46 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=206962 time=1576144857 user_id=14020] Baked her?? He hardly knew her :o...
DUTCH BET Exchange Formula
rosseaux - December 12, 6:29 pm
Good evening, my name is Giuseppe and I have just registered for your forum. I'm Italian ...
Back the home team automation
Dallas - December 12, 5:18 pm
Possibly is one somewhere, are you wanting to create an automation file to do that?...
Orbtix and Betangel
firlandsfarm - December 12, 1:19 pm
Not come across Orbit but just had a look at their website, I couldn't see a clear concise...
Choosing a horse by its last position
spreadbetting - December 12, 11:02 am
The API sends form figures so I imagine it's available somewhere within BA as other softwa... blacklisted by NETS in Denmark
Euler - December 12, 10:47 am
If they blacklisted us we will get in touch with them to see if we can get it removed. See...
Lay the field - Why is the price updating?
Dallas - December 12, 1:15 am
[quote=FiachraM post_id=206941 time=1576104757 user_id=25737] Ok, thanks for the quick res...


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