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Quad monitor advice needed.
marksmeets302 - October 22, 1:32 pm
A very practical tip: pay attention to the position of the buttons on the screens. I bough...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - October 22, 1:25 pm
Don't count me in that 'we', I couldn't disagree more. It totally depends on whether the...
Matched Bets Sound Alert Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - October 22, 12:11 pm
You would need apply it to all markets, once you have added the whole day into guardian...
Betfair horse racing from Denmark
Copenhagen trader - October 22, 12:00 pm
Hi I heard a rumour that the ban on BF racing will be lifted in 2018 after many years. Ca...
Trading in public place. Is it safe?
serik - October 22, 11:44 am
Thanx for all answers. Sure, I also fill confident in my own trading when nothing disturbi...
need help with signals prematch
cains - October 22, 10:30 am
Have attached my prematch.baf file. What i want is look at a market. If price on favorit...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
Westerner - October 22, 7:32 am
Got a feeling it won't be long before Peter is in amongst it! Just glad he forgot to pos...
Newbie Trading Q
ShaunWhite - October 22, 5:01 am
The 'cash out' option on the BF site? You will get a much better return using Bet Angel...
Today's Cricket
harsh - October 21, 9:15 pm
Zimbabve vs West indies Just missed the draw below @3.50 Two one day matches tommorow. Le...
Recommended football statistics sites
Sundance_Kid - October 21, 8:46 pm
Thanks Dallas, that is more for historical from what I can see. Is there a site for ac...
Why is WOM nearly always bigger on the lay side?
Bluesky - October 21, 8:13 pm
If you look at the WOM percentage figures that are calculated on just the first three m...
Champions Day 2017- Ascot
Derek27 - October 21, 7:24 pm
Good work ? :lol: or a complete waste of time? Seemed to be just gambling anaysis. I pre...
Using Automation Signals
Dallas - October 21, 6:30 pm
You will need to use numerous back bet rules within the same file so once you have the fir...
LTP before inplay
gutuami - October 21, 5:25 pm
thanks for your input Dallas. that was related to tennis markets. as I see tennis markets ...
Back or Lay Player if 2pts Behind on Serve Guardian Automation Bot
Covrich - October 21, 5:16 pm
Okay thanks, makes sense. Just wanted to be sure that its a rule that needs to be used ...
Green Up x seconds before event start
Treeny - October 21, 4:40 pm
Can somebody advise how the formula should look for greening up x seconds before an event ...
Problem with automation
simonv74 - October 21, 2:00 pm
Not sure how BA is dealing with this but your screenshot implies its not doing it correc...
Something to be concerned about?
simonv74 - October 21, 1:58 pm
Stop loss persistance
to75ne - October 21, 1:19 pm
could you not write a temporary guardian close trade rule on the fly and apply that while ...

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