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Efficiency of Horse Racing Markets on Betfair
Euler - December 18, 11:09 am
You often see two equally weighted horses in a handicap with the same rating, where there ...
SPOTY 2017
Dallas - December 18, 10:23 am
Mo Farah 83,524 Jonathan Rea 80,567 Jonnie Peacock 73,429 Anthony Joshua 73,411 Adam P...
SPOTY 2016
Dublin_Flyer - December 17, 11:16 pm
Wrong f#cking year :(...
Today's Football
Dublin_Flyer - December 17, 7:25 pm
Saw a picture of Robbie Bradys knee after surgery and it looks like Burnley will be withou...
Today's Racing
Derek27 - December 17, 5:53 pm
[/quote] Obviously. ;)...
A possible issue?
fabio1306 - December 17, 5:52 pm
Hi guys from your new Italian user. This is my 3rd thread opened on BetAngel forum, sorry ...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
Zenyatta - December 17, 5:04 pm
Most coins will fail, but there has to be one or two long-term winners - but which ones? ...
1000 Winner Conquest
LinusP - December 17, 2:19 pm
So where you on it?
Dutch football and their managers
Kafkaesque - December 17, 1:54 pm
This is such a weird thing to pop into one's head on a random Sunday afternoon :lol: But ...
2 ticks
Calumw81 - December 17, 11:40 am
Hi could you help please I trying to set an automation to back fav 5 seconds before off th...
My Daily Trading Results - Football Trading
Kafkaesque - December 17, 10:13 am
Agree, and said as much - or something similar - earlier. However: The biggest red ...
Green For A Stated Profit Figure via Excel
Empty Satchel - December 17, 9:24 am
Iím new to Bet Angel and Iíve created an automated spreadsheet to lay selections moments b...
Excel Spread does not fire Bet everytime active command given
ChrisF - December 17, 9:21 am
Actually I have now changed it to: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ...
Australia v England The Ashes 3rd Test - Australia 1st Inns Runs market not loading on BA
megarain - December 17, 3:57 am
Same happening on other API software. Betfair have allowed trap bettors to destroy the ma...
Best trading manual
Derek27 - December 16, 11:15 pm
Lucy, I was joking about doing a porn video. Besides, I would need a willing co-star. ;)...
Best live feed for horse racing? exc. at the races
Thedragons - December 16, 10:24 pm
New to the forum, see this is an old post. I am in Australia and trying to find live horse...
I need an explanation about an automation rule
Dallas - December 16, 9:20 pm
Thats around a similar time but not the actual race, in the log if you look for some bets ...
PW.. Why does a strategy fail the moment you use it?
Euler - December 16, 11:29 am
My strike rate and stake varies dramatically between strategies and markets so it's quite ...
Move Icons
Rightscore888 - December 16, 10:34 am
It would be good to be able to move icons around to save screen space. Would it be possibl...

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