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Football Data etc
Pom-in-perth - May 21, 11:34 pm
Thank you for the replies. My main concern is that the promoted teams I don't have any da...
Derek27 - May 21, 10:19 pm
I think you're having difficulty reading SB. I said [i][u]people like us who trade the low...
Today's Greyhounds
BetScalper - May 21, 10:00 pm
Its been said before so we will say it again, If your trading on Greyhounds in the UK then...
Betfair announce end of trading then delete tweet
JTEDL - May 21, 8:41 pm
Betdaq pre off pretty much ok, but in running shocking, just not worth risking it....
EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
Naffman - May 21, 8:10 pm
I reckon Theresa had a bet looking at the comments she made today, going to make people mo...
Today's Racing
northbound - May 21, 7:35 pm
Betdaq failed to turn in-play the Hexham 8-20 race....
Getting access to Stored Values from Excel
jimibt - May 21, 7:31 pm
[quote=JamieLeSueur post_id=188046 time=1558466708 user_id=16142] Thanks for your response...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
jimibt - May 21, 7:15 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=188042 time=1558465800 user_id=3492] I had this message waiti...
Cancelling lay bets but not the offsets.
Bakeman - May 21, 6:35 pm
Hi, I thought I would jump onto the end of this thread, because I'm also having a problem ...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - May 21, 6:07 pm
FFS the game has restarted, something heroic might save me yet but I will not be putting a...
Lay the Dog when break Fav serve bot
KippaxTaff - May 21, 4:16 pm
Hi - all I want this bot to do is place a lay bet on the dog if their price drops below 2,...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0 - Now on general release
Bet Angel - May 21, 4:01 pm
[quote=mambapeter post_id=188007 time=1558450659 user_id=23175] ....when i download new ve...
Unmatched bet at specific odd
gsa - May 21, 3:18 pm
Hello! I want to place a lay bet of GBP 10 at the best and 2nd best price, if a certian c...
Laying at BSP using Guardian
patmcc88 - May 21, 3:11 pm
Hi kniytd, I've had a quick look. I haven't tested this (and there might be a better way ...
Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 for Mac
northbound - May 21, 2:38 pm
Yep. Specific software settings can be a pain to reinstate when reinstalling....
Full market depth
BrianDee - May 21, 11:25 am
[b][i]> People like us who trade the low liquidity markets are lepers. ;)[/i][/b] Or.....
Money back if your horse comes second
spreadbetting - May 21, 10:02 am
There are formulas out there to work out the probabilities of being placed 2nd ,3rd etc fr...
Betfair transaction charges
Derek27 - May 20, 9:51 pm
[quote=TipTopTrader post_id=187957 time=1558369197 user_id=20936] Lol Derek, when you say ...
connect via excel - auto bet my selections
jimibt - May 20, 6:51 pm
[quote=liero1 post_id=187797 time=1558270977 user_id=22634] me again, found out how to do...
status cells delete
rain91 - May 20, 6:40 pm
Hi all, I need help, how should i delete status cells. Now i use this VBA codes: If Range...


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