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NZ weightlifter Hubbard to become first transgender athlete to compete at Games
gazuty - June 22, 3:16 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=269960 time=1624321629 user_id=19806] I wish I had a sex change whe...
In play - tracksiders, how do they do it?
ShaunWhite - June 22, 12:23 am
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=269952 time=1624314516 user_id=13159]... I sometimes have trou...
Do Betfair still charge for transactions over 1000 per hour?
Anbell - June 21, 11:13 pm
[quote=eatyourgreens post_id=269938 time=1624308523 user_id=20949] Hi, If allowable transa...
The Silk Run - June 21, 11:03 pm
#freebritney 23 June, BIG day. Love and support ......
Euro 2020
Derek27 - June 21, 10:52 pm
The winner of Croatia v Scotland qualifies. If they draw Ukraine qualifies....
Today's Football
andy28 - June 21, 10:48 pm
Anybody else having issue with the 2.5 goals market being suspended for the entire match? ...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
Zenyatta - June 21, 10:05 pm
Big plunge again now, nose-diving hard. I get the distinct impression that one day one if...
Today's Greyhounds
MemphisFlash - June 21, 9:30 pm
fully automated, no intervention. [attachment=0]Capture.JPG[/attachment]...
The beer garden
darchas - June 21, 9:06 pm
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=269877 time=1624268317 user_id=17002] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
darchas - June 21, 8:00 pm
oh wow! I entered then completely forgot about this! Looks like my 20/21 season redemption...
Estimate of correct price faller
stueytrader - June 21, 5:01 pm
Thanks Dublin and Derek, some very good points and examples to consider there. Yes, my wo...
Account Restrictions
Derek27 - June 21, 4:53 pm
I've become immune to "set deposit limits" or "when the fun stops stop". It's like an anno...
Today's Horse Racing
ANGELS15 - June 21, 4:25 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=269902 time=1624283109 user_id=6339] No Windsor this evening [/quote]...
multiple instances glitch ? hardware?
decomez6 - June 21, 4:07 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=269901 time=1624282777 user_id=16662] [quote=decomez6 post_id=26...
Batley and Spen By-Election 2021
Naffman - June 21, 4:06 pm
So after the Tories lost an almost unlosable seat in Chesham last week, they currently lea...
Signal For Favourite but only if certain trap
blaird52 - June 21, 3:57 pm
[quote=MemphisFlash post_id=163719 time=1533721147 user_id=13195] data mining.PNG i spent ...
Grid/Font Size
MobiusGrey - June 21, 3:37 pm
:geek: Cheers Dallas...
Multiple stakes in One click interface.
Dallas - June 21, 3:03 pm
[quote=onkargm post_id=269900 time=1624282422 user_id=18667] If this is the only solution ...
Live Football Scores & Goal Alerts in Guardian - Guardian Market List Layout
Dallas - June 21, 2:20 pm
This Guardian Market List Layout when imported and used will display live football scores ...
What is total volume matched telling me?
Brovashift - June 21, 1:57 pm
Hey Yall... I've lost my mojo today, think I'm too tired..! I'm struggling to commit to a...


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