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Lay Server Depending on a Previous Game Score Automation Bot
Dallas - September 23, 8:58 am
Yes on the 'General' tab of each rule type at the bottom change it to Applies to 'Guardia...
VBA Newbie
nigelk - September 22, 9:30 pm
just a matter of personal preference really. Do you need to look at the data or a summa...
automation files
weemac - September 22, 9:26 pm
Yeah, sure, we'll try and test for a decade just to give it away to you in a heartbeat. N...
Betfair chart of the day
Euler - September 22, 6:17 pm
Today's Racing
Euler - September 22, 6:16 pm
Best automation for horseracing
thebarra1 - September 22, 5:07 pm
Running more than one Automation Rule in a race/event.
malgilb - September 22, 5:01 pm
I want to limit the price i back or lay at. Is this possible ?...
Max price
Dallas - September 22, 4:20 pm
The 'Fixed odds condition' can be used with any rule if you dont want to trigger a back be...
The Difference Between Open-Minded and Close-Minded People
ShaunWhite - September 22, 2:58 pm
Open-minded AND gullible...sounds like the perfect blind date. ;)...
Lay the Server Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
Dallas - September 22, 1:48 pm
Just a few minor things needed changing, so give this a try (in practice mode to begin wit...
Back at % of SP
Dallas - September 22, 12:36 pm
There is no direct way to back at a % lower than SP (or lay at a % higher than SP) just ye...
Get rich quick schemes
to75ne - September 22, 12:32 pm
Match-fixing is Still a Big Issue in Tennis
THENUTS - September 22, 12:17 pm
"Anyway, only a few noticed that a couple of hours before the Dolgopolov match, something ...
Desk Location (Trading Teams)
stueytrader - September 22, 11:55 am
Like this posting/topic - prob resonates with anyone who has traded fairly seriously. The...
Back after Consistent IR Backing Guardian Automation Bot
MemphisFlash - September 22, 11:17 am
Thanks Dallas, Another new one to experiment with. :D...
Moving between sports/markets
stueytrader - September 22, 10:55 am
I think the fact that you played tennis to a reasonable level could well provide you wi...
Betfair Live info into excel scratching
lostdesper - September 22, 9:29 am
Hi, I'm newbie on this forum, as I'm newbie BA Proffesional User. Hello everyone :) I re...
How much money do you need to live with betfair?
Euler - September 22, 9:26 am
Ultimately any starting bank should be small and manageable and if you have an edge it wil...
Football Data (CSV, JSON) - UPDATED 16/08/17
Tenable - September 22, 8:18 am
Enjoying having a play about with this SB,, just wondering if your still going too add ...
Recommended football statistics sites
Bluesky - September 22, 7:07 am
If you read through this thread you will see lots of football sites mentioned. Try out so...

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