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New beta version of Bet Angel v1.59.0 - Now on general release
jamesg46 - May 28, 9:09 am
I’ve got an idea for this that I think is gonna be epic. This is possibly up there with th...
Australian racing
Anbell - May 28, 9:03 am
prepost was fantastic today too...
Today's Horse Racing
jamesg46 - May 28, 8:43 am
Today will run as smoothly as a jammed zip....
GameStop : GME
wearthefoxhat - May 28, 8:18 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=300714 time=1653679667 user_id=16457] [quote=wearthefoxhat post_id...
Can this be done?
Anbell - May 28, 6:47 am
Depending on how accurate you need it you could just use RF...
Run of favorites
andy28 - May 28, 3:13 am
Ok penny has dropped...
boris and rishi partygate fines
Derek27 - May 28, 1:21 am
I've been waiting for this market. I've read the rules and I'm not quite sure whether a vo...
Today's Greyhounds
MemphisFlash - May 27, 10:51 pm
Taaa Daaaaa!!! [attachment=0]Capture.PNG[/attachment]...
French Open 2022 Roland Garros
Dallas - May 27, 9:07 pm
[quote=swelay77 post_id=300719 time=1653683924 user_id=28729] Hi, just lost a bundle becau...
100 Million Matched
Emmson - May 27, 5:36 pm
Jos The Buttler is[size=200] King of the Castle. [/size] He should be in running for BBC ...
Mindless menace of violence
Derek27 - May 27, 4:34 pm
Fucking hell!! They're now saying after 4 minutes of heavy gunfire there was a belief that...
DOBing - Back & Lay at 50% Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - May 27, 3:02 pm
[quote=Roobetter post_id=300623 time=1653560900 user_id=31468] Copy and past the take gree...
Scalp the Fav During the First 25% of a Race - Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - May 27, 3:01 pm
[quote=r00ster76 post_id=300608 time=1653543342 user_id=12222] Hi Dallas, I was wondering ...
TPD Feedback and Issues
JA89 - May 27, 1:52 pm
Peter please delete if not appropriate to ask here (I do have a TPD licence through BA), b...
Betangel for pre race?
Euler - May 27, 11:34 am
There are lots of modications you can make, listed here: -
Derek27 - May 27, 6:02 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=300671 time=1653623574 user_id=19806] Cook for 2 minutes a side if ...
Where are all the jokes?
alexmr2 - May 27, 3:03 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=300669 time=1653618191 user_id=19806] You can crack a joke about an...
The beer garden
Derek27 - May 27, 12:16 am
Doing the housework whilst trading the o/u 0.5 is another benefit. :D...
I'm going to become a Betting Angel
ShaunWhite - May 26, 10:15 pm
Thx Peter, not far from what I thought. The only problem is finding enough time to get int...
Ukraine Crisis
alexmr2 - May 26, 8:17 pm
Looks like Putin's peace mission to stop the fighting is almost successful. BBC coverage h...


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